Saturday, October 4, 2008

Video Tracking

I'm keeping tracks of the videos I posted in this blog.

January 2008

this car is awesome
supper #1
100.4 temperature
102.0 temperature
i am an artist
i am sick of you
2oo subscribers
how come he loves me
a car blindsided me
go to hell, you creep
there was once a guy
first miguel's phone call of 2008
alcohol make some people absent minded
motormouth miguel

February 2008

$400 and a Jail Bracelet
my girl marry me
stupid talk
violent with miguel

March 2008

miguel's girlie pants
lost homeless puppy
can I have some clothes please?
miguel is on AOL
bloody disturbing pictures
handcuffs for miguel
fuck you
bloody head again

April 2008

miguel stole money from me
poison talk
die, miguel, die
miguel will be dead
double yolk egg pictures
fingernails on the right hand
Seung-Hui Cho
cheap bastard pete

May 2008

there are some videos I missed for May.

this way or that way
thursday morning
the other way
fingernails on the left hand
big head
5 questions for you

June 2008

worst neighbor
bad news
new laptop
hateful emails
bad singing
three kisses
HIV bareback sex
webcams battle
mark twain hotel

July 2008

drunk singing miguel
meeting with the boss
miguel's job update
do u use condoms?
big fight - no respect
youtube account warning
5.8 earthquake

August 2008

sexual harrassment
squirrel massage
madonna's birthday & vloggerheads
tom is illegal.
excite email sucks
miguel's big surprise
big surprise update
miguel's family visit
another pregnant man
turn on the CA

September 2008

I want my life back
5¢ phone bill
how would u like to die??
$45 richer!
2008 September 22 Phone Calls
let miguel die
jaywalking ticket
home drunk home
is it WRONG?
this is MY life

October 2008

no outsiders
AOL hometown - scareykatt
MTA lost & found
moving, copy & paste
no bag cussing
plead for help
gay marriage
alvarado sunset
drunk once again
spree surprise


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