Saturday, October 11, 2008

11 October 2008, Saturday

5 AM - I woke up. The TV was on. I used the restroom. I took a close look at Miguel. He was sleeping. I turned off the TV. I went back to bed.

5:30 AM - I heard Miguel drinking from his bottle. No, folks. It was NOT a liquid bottle! Miguel used the restroom. He turned on the TV again. Oh, man! I got up from bed. I turned the fan back on him. He woke up and got scared for a moment. Miguel didn't know I stood over him with a KNIFE! Really? A knife?

I went online. I started today's journal entry. Miguel fell asleep.

5:44 AM - I saw this on twitter.

Toddly00 has many roads to choose having a hard time deciding which one to take

In a way, my ROAD is hard to take. I always take Miguel back every single time he messed up. Man, I need to stick with my guns!

I replied to Todd!

scareykatt @Toddly00 I already DECIDED what road I want to take. Everyone thought the New York lady is bad! Man, it is time to TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

7:13 AM - I heard Miguel laughed. He watched an cartoon.

Hmm, hopefully soon, I can kick him out for good. Yes, I'm having second thoughts!

Miguel fell asleep again. I think I do it later this day when he is WIDE AWAKE!

9:15 AM - I turned off the TV.

I uploaded some pics on myspace.

10:25 AM - Miguel turned on the TV. "Miguel, did I woke you up?" I asked. "Nope. I woke up myself."

11 AM - Miguel ate a bowl of peaches and sweet bread.

He wants to order some pizza. I declined. I want no pizza. He "invited" me. Well, I uninvited him to my place.

please another week

I had the talk with him. I explained to him that "he won't stop coming over to my place drunk; I don't want him to stay here any more."

Miguel begged for another week. No thanx! Why shoud I give him a chance? He won't stop coming over drunk!

He wanted to stay till he goes to work. That's fine by me. He have this time to find another place. He have enough time.

He went to the restroom for a little while. I got my secret weapon from my bag. For him, it is the end of him for once and for all. He came out of the restroom and sat down on the couch.

I mentioned that I'm in big trouble. He don't think it's a big deal. Yes, it is. I could lose my place. Hopefully, he would take it serious. This is not a game.

Miguel claimed he is sorry. Whatever! He is NOT sorry at all. If he is truly sorry, he would have get help long time ago. His sorry means NOTHING for me. It is just an empty word.

11:35 PM - Mama's Family.

Noon - I took out the trash and checked the mail. I gave him his mail. I told him it was trash.

We continued to watch Mama's Family. I laid on my bed.

12:22 PM - I fell asleep.

12:53 PM - I woke up.

He asked to get his suitcase for him. I got it from the bathroom. I emptied it. I put it by the couch. "Would u take it to work?" He said he will. I don't think it will be a good ideal. The co workers will think something is up.

12: 55 PM - I stopped the DVD. He started to pack up his stuff. he used the restroom. I turned on the cam. I put the dishes in the water. I will wash them shortly. He sorted out his stuff. He said he will give me my green bag back. I said he can have it. I brought another one last month. He need the bag. I searched for my bag. It was in the closet. I showed it to him. I put it on the white table.

By 2 PM - Miguel was done packing. He ate his last meal, frosted flakes. He claimed no one likes him, not even his family. Well, if...that is a BIG if.....if he stop drinking, everyone will like him. what a shame.

He turned on the TV. I plugged in the headphones.

2:30 PM - Miguel decided to look for an hotel room right now. He does not want to take his suitcase to work. He got dressed. He turned off the TV.

2:39 PM - Miguel left!

4:30 PM - Miguel showed up as I finished washing the dishes. He found a room in Hollywood, near Franklin and Caquena. It cost $220 weekly. He mentioned he always find a place.

4:48 PM - Miguel turned on the TV.

I was online. I came upon old Passions clips. I started with season one highlights. It's good to see Timmy again! Oh, how much I missed him!

6:07 PM - Miguel turned off the TV. He saw my watch by the oven. He asked me about it. He needed one. I gave it to him. I hardly use it any way.

6:27 PM - Miguel took a shower.

Much to my suprise, I found a full episode of Passions in the season 7 highlights. The Big One! Yes, an earthquake struck harmony. MY GOD! This is the longest earthquake EVER!

7 PM - Miguel will call me once in a while. He wants to make sure he change his address to another po box soon.

7:12 PM - Miguel blow dry his hair.

7:20 PM - Miguel got the rest of his things...not all of it thou. He have too much stuff to take.

7:27 PM - Miguel finally moved out of my place and, hopefully, my life.

farewell, miguel

9:30 PM - Once again, Earth Journal. I did November and December 2003

10:42 PM - The dreadful word verification was back.

11:15 PM - I'm done with October 2004. I can start the journal again tomorrow.

11:25 PM - Good night!

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