Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 October 1 Wednesday

6 AM - I woke up. I took a shower. I hid the money. I supposed to give Miguel some money for the new monthly bus pass. Last night, he wanted $200 from me. HUH? I don't have that kind of money. Besides, I won't get him that much money. It's Miguel's turn to pay the rent this month.

I upload the cloud pictures on the computer. I took some pics this past two days. I love the clouds.

I checked vloggerheads. Oops! What happened to vloggerheads? The time is 6:59 AM. Yes, I made a quick video about it! You bet I did.

Do u see what I see?
This social network has been taken offline by its owner.
I thought Paul and Tom said the outsiders will take a peak starting today at 6AM.
The time is 6:59 AM.

no outsiders

7 AM - Well, I'm restarting the journal once again. I haven't written in a few monthes. I mostly put videos through youtube. Since my videos can NOT play on the blog, I uploaded the videos on the blog. Yesterday, I made huge process with the blog. I replaced most non working youtube videos. It's getting pretty awesome. The updated blog is the bomb.

7:30 AM - Miguel just got home. I mentioned that I will get the bus pass for him at 10 AM.

While I made some scrambled eggs, Miguel found a old bathhouse reciept on top of the TV. He wondered what it was. I told him that I found the old receipt. He think I still go there. "Don't you trust me?" I said. "Why should I?" he said.

Miguel plugged the headphones to the TV and turned it on. He took off his work clothes. He watched the TV on the couch. I gave him his breakfast. I put some jello on mine. I hate it plain. He mentioned no more sugar! I looked at the jar. There was no zero fat! I sat at the computer and ate.

One of my favourite youtubers, whatthebuck, is in NY Post. Buck Starts Here was a great article. "Smile with your eyes. Don't waste the magic." i really LOVE that quote!

8:45 AM - Prison Break on Hulu! Man, that show is very intense. It keeps u on your toes, just like 24. I don't watch that show on Monday. I watch Dancing With The Stars instead. Miguel likes DWTS.

9:42 AM - Vloggerheads is online again. I posted no outsiders video!

10 AM - I went to Lucy's. They didn't have the monthly bus pass; they ran out. Now, I have to get from MTA in downtown. It is extremely hot! I will wait till 11 AM.

11 AM - I went to the bus stop. It was very hot. I felt like to pass out. I think I waited a good 20 minutes in the hot sun. Then, I got on the bus. I saw a old friend, Ompie. (bad speller here.) I forgot his name. I have not seen him in a long time. We caught up with old times and new times too.

He mentioned he was invited to live at Waterloo. He didn't want to. He felt like death was there. He was right about that. It creep him out. So far, i think three people died at Waterloo. Some deaths I even didn't know about it. I didn't know Edna died long time ago. I haven't seen her in ages. Few monthes ago, Gaberial mentioned she killed herself. She recently lost her sister; she couldn't take it. All this time, I thought she moved away.

Ompie mentioned he is going to fashion school from Noon to 5:30 PM. he said that fashion is not that easy. they need to know the measurements. I didn't know he wanted to be a designer. It have been his dream for the longest time. I mentioned I have no life. Nothing is happening. He suggested I volunteer. That's a good ideal.

My stop was coming. I got up. My water bottle fell to the ground. I picked it up. I went straight to the subway. The train came quick. Then, I got off and saw the line was pretty long. I think I waited about 20 minutes. The MTA worker gave me a plastic TAP card. I have never use one before. She said it is good every month.

I went back to the subway. I didn't know how to use the TAP. I may use it wrong. I waited for the train. I travelled to Santa Monica and waited for the bus in the hot sun. Bus 4 came. I was the last one to get on. I used the TAP. It works perfectly. I think MTA want to get rid of the paper pass. Saving money on paper that way.

I arrived him before 1 PM. Miguel woke up. Damn! He use the orange things and he still woke up. I was not that loud. I was quite as a mouse. I told him about the TAP. He mentioned he knew about it. I put the TAP with his stuff. He went back to sleep.

2 PM - I woke Miguel up. He need to call some people. I need to pay the rent! It looks like I need to pay the rent tomorrow. The apartment manager is out for the day. I went back to my place. Miguel finally got up. He looked through his papers for the number.

Miguel asked for his change. Change? What change? I don't ole him any money, let alone some change. I have no ideal how much change he is talking about. I mentioned that the rent is paid for. (Which is tomorrow.) He don't have to worry about the rent this month. I can pay the rent in November! Hey, why not!

2:25 PM - Miguel wanted to use my credit card again! This time, it is $35. See? I'm a nice guy! LOL. Miguel really want to get this done as sson as possible. He need the certific for the court. He started a course online.

4:45 PM - I turned off the AC. It was getting too cold. It was on since the morning.

6:10 PM - Miguel finally finished his financial management course. It took him over three hours to complete it. He did great on the tests. 12 chapters and 12 tests. He called them back to confirm he finished the tests. They will fax the papers to her and send him a copy at home.

7 PM - Miguel cooked some meat for me with a salad. The meat was so tasty. I ate the whole meat. It was very big. He will eat later at the hotel.

7:30 PM - Then, Miguel took a shower.

8 PM - America's Funniest Home Videos on KDOC 56. Love Bob Saget!

I found out that AOL Hometown will be history by the end of the month! Damn! I had their web site since the late 1990's. That is a big surprise. Then again, yesterday, I found out the AOL Journal will be history on October 31. DAMN! I like their journals. Now, I need to find a new journal and home page for my stuff. I may start tonight. I may start a new blog on blogger and put everything under their screen names.

9 PM - It was the season finale of America's Got Talent. Opera singer Neal E. Boyd is America’s Got Talent’s Best New Act.

Miguel picked Neal to win. So did I. Long time ago. The moment I saw Neal sing, I had a feeling that he will win! Man, I was right!

Neal reminds me of Paul Potts. They came from the same background.

1o PM - Miguel went to work. I copy and paste my stuff on the emails. It is the best way. I will have all my stuff in a email! I need to finish tomorrow.

11:30 PM - Bed time.

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