Monday, March 31, 2008

Bloody Head Again

bloody head again

Couple days ago, I was so angry.
I lost control big time.
I beat him up very badly.
I busted up his head.
He recieved four staples.
Count them.
Some people never learn.



Yes, I admitted defeat!
It is a losing battle with the alcoholic, Miguel.
Rehab is NOT a option for him.
Let him kill himself.
That is what he want!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


fuck you

I asked Miguel to leave.
He got extremely upset at me.
He had the killer look in his eyes.
He wanna...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Handcuffs For Miguel

handcuffs for miguel

The plan is slowly coming along.
All I have to do is wait.
Wait till the next time Miguel drink.
I will put the handcuffs on him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Weekend

bloody disturbing pictures

My weekend was peaceful.
I saw him at the laundrymat on sunday night.
Miguel have a bloody cut on the back of his head.
For the fool I am, I let Miguel back in.
It didn't feel right to leave him HOMELESS with a bloody head.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Miguel Is Mad

miguel is on AOL

I made an video called "Miguel Is On AOL."
Miguel watched it with me.
Halfway through, he got pist off.
He believed I gave out his AOL screen name in the video.
He stormed off.
He didn't watch the rest of the video.
I told him that I didn't give out his AOL name.
He didn't believe me at all.
Just watch the video yourself.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Once Again

Once again
Miguel came home drunk.
Ain't you guys sick and tire of this?
I know I am!
Miguel hid the bottle in the laundry which I immediatly found.
I told him to leave.
He refused.
He jumped on the couch.
I waited for him for a while.
I jumped on him for good measure.
It prompted him to leave.
He couldn't go far.
No bus pass.
No money.
He has nothing on him at all.
I stole them from his pants.
He came back.
I didn't pick up the phone.
That was the tiresome lifecycle!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the twilight zone


Miguel wanted me to spend the day with him.
I have other plans.
We don't have to do EVERYTHING together.
I still need to buy the bus pass and picked up my mail.
His plans were hair cut, the bank and get some clothes.
We went to Lucy's.
They didn't have the bus pass.
Miguel mentioned I can get it on Santa Monica/La Brea.
We took bus 704.
He got off at Vermount.
I got off La Brea.
I got the bus pass.
I didn't wait long for the bus.
I got some mail at the post office.
I hopped on the bus to Target.
I brought some cups, Connect Four, Yahtzee and the third season of The Golden Girls.
Connect Four and Yahtzee have a new design.
I will post pics of the old design and the new one.
The Golden Girls was on sale.
3 down and four to go.
I went straight home.
I got home about 11:24 AM.
I put the new cups in the soak soapy water.
Miguel called me about Noon. I told him I will be home by noon. I didn't picked up the phone. I didn't want to talk with him. I want some time for a little while.
Throughout the day, Miguel called me many times.
The last phone call, he called me from the chinese restaurant. he ordered some food.
I met him outside.
He got us some thia tea.
We went home.
Yes, guys, he was drunk!
No suprise there.
He was in the restroom.
I went through his bag.
I found the beer bottle.
It was still COLD!
I didn't mention it to him.
We ate our food.
We watched american idol.
Then, he model his new USED clothes.
He brought them at Goodwill.
He always find great clothes.
He knows his clothes.
I made a video about his girlie pants.
He saw the video.
He didn't want his face on the video.
I lied that i would cut his face off.


He fell asleep during the twilight zone.
The episode was so intriguing!
I couldn't stop watching that show.
I wasn't able to watch some videos on youtube.
This lady lived with her hateful uncle.
They despised each other.
He wondered why she stay with him.
She confessed that she is waiting for the day he die!
She knew everything will be hers too.
They have a big fight in the basement.
She wanted to know his latest lab work.
She was very curious.
She grabbed his cane.
He fell down the steps and hurts his back.
She didn't want to help him.
She let him die.
At the reading of the will, he left her everything with one stipulation in order to keep everything.
She needs to take care of his latest creation.
The lawyer and she didn't know what was IT!
It turned out that it was a robot with the uncle's personality.
She didn't like it one bit.
She demanded the keys from him.
"No! the door will remain lock!"
She pushed the robot down the stairs.
This time, the uncle survived!
The hateful relationship continues.
In a way, that episode reminds me of Miguel and me.

Miguel's Girlie Pants

miguel's girlie pants

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tax Refund & Job


Miguel looked for a job at Beverly Hilton.
One top dog knows Miguel's former employer quite well.
He was impressed by his resume.
It looks like Miguel is not going anywhere soon.
Forget Las Vegas and Idaho.
Miguel got home in the evening time.
He fell asleep.
I checked the mail.
He finally got his tax refund.
I gave it to him.
He was very ecstatic!
Damn! He was on cloud nine.