Thursday, January 31, 2008

31 January 2008, Thursday

8:45 AM - I woke up. Miguel was already up. I got dressed. I used the restroom. I walked up to him on the couch. I asked, “Are you okay?“ He said, “I am praying.” I jumped back in bed.

9:08 AM - Miguel turned on the TV for I Love Lucy on KCOP 13.

9:13 AM - I turned on the computer.

Miguel fell asleep during the second episode of I Love Lucy.

10 AM - The View

10:12 AM - Miguel woke up. He claimed I woke him up. The motor mouth Miguel video woke him up. I said, “Go to my bed to sleep.” He refused. It smelt like piggy!

10:18 AM - He grabbed the Malt O Meal box. He put up the clean dishes.

10:22 AM - I upload another video on YouTube.

motormouth miguel

I told him that he was a motormouth. He wondered why. I said, “Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, (deep breathe), talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.”

He said, “You don’t like me any more.”

10:36 AM - Miguel brought over the Malt O Meal. It was almost to the top of the bowl. I said, “It was too much.” He got mad and stormed off. He said, “I don’t do anything right. It was too much. It was too little. F you!” I said, “Don’t get mad at me.” He said, “Shut up and eat!” He sat down on the couch.

I ate Malt O Meal. It was good. Miguel haven’t touch his yet. It was 10:54 AM. A minute later, he started to eat.

10:59 AM - Miguel asked, “Do you want to cook tonight?” I said, “Yes, I can make tuna helper.” He laughed, “I knew it. You could make something else.” I said, “Mac and cheese!” He laughed again!

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

11:30 AM - I tried the rent for the umpteenth time! No luck again! I might as well pay the rent tomorrow.

Miguel fell asleep during the news.

11:53 AM - I had 12 emails from YouTube on AOL.

Noon - I turned off the TV. I watched a video. Miguel woke up, saying, “My show is on.” I said, “You was sleeping.” I continued to watch the videos. He went back to sleep.

1 PM- Days Of Our Lives - Shirley Jones debuted as Colleen Brady, Shawn’s supposedly dead sister!

1:30 PM - I ate the leftover rib and a piece of cake.

2 PM - I turned off the TV. I watched some Rosie videos. I haven’t been to her site in two months. I like her since The Rosie O’Donnell Show in the late 1990’s. She was much fun to watch on The View last year. I missed quite a few videos of her. They were entertaining. Some I didn’t like that much.

2:37 PM - Miguel woke up.

2:50 PM - Miguel wants to get some cream for his lips at Target. First, he will take a shower, then we will leave. He also want to buy next month's bus pass too. How soon he forget! We already brought them yesterday. I got them at Lucy's. I won't tell him at all. I will play around with him! LOL.

3 PM - I played few games of spades in the bed as Miguel took a shower.

3:30 PM - Miguel got dressed. I mentioned we can go to Target tomorrow. It was getting late. He doesn’t want to. He took a shower. He want to go now.

3:50 PM - Miguel wants some money for the bus pass. I said, “No. We don’t need them..” He couldn’t believed I refused him. Well, I brought the bus passes YESTERDAY. There was no need to give him the money for something we ALREADY have.

I made a video called "I Confronted Miguel." YouTube will have the two part video. It was 18.48. That is too long for YouTube. I cut it in two parts. Part one is "Alcohol Make Some People Absent Minded" Part two is "The Question Is..." My blog have the uncut version.

(long uncut version)

It is such a shame that Miguel started to drink again. He was doing so good this month and this year. He haven’t had a drop of alcohol till 30 January 2008, Wednesday. I was so disappointed in him again and time again! He is just like Britney Spears; both doesn’t want any help!

Alcohol make some people absent minded. He completely forgot I brought the bus pass yesterday.

“See you later,” Miguel said.
“Do you want me to go with you?” I asked.
“Are you going to make up your mind? I‘ll be back. Can I….should I take the phone?” He asked.
“If you want,” I said.
“If I want,” He walked away to get the phone beside the bed.
“Do you want me to go with you? I can,” I said.
“No, I am going to stop by my friend, Richard.” Miguel folded the white shirt, “You never met Richard?”
“What?” I asked.
“Have you meet Richard?” He said.
“I think not,” I said.
“Yes, you did. Long long time ago. Oh, yes. You did,” he said.
“I did?” I asked.
“He does hair. He works at the salon by Circus Of Books. And you met him. Of course, you did. Remember that guy? The one time. That was long time ago,” he put his black shirt in the closet, “That long time. We went….we went to Smart & Final on Western. No. Smart & Final. What store was that? I try to remember.”
“You mean Western and Santa Monica.,” I said.
“Yes, Western and Santa Monica. It was that place,” he said.
“Yes,” I said.
“There was a couple in there. Do you remember? We talked for so long. You meet him and walked away. You was waiting for me,” he put on some lotion, “I knew Richard for a long time. Remember?”
“Yes,” I said.
“I looked for you. He was with his lover. And…I will ask him for $100 till I get my taxes. I don‘t like to be without money. I will call his house, then the salon. The last time I saw him when I was living right there. Michael live right there around the corner. He was like…he want to change place. He want to work somewhere else. I don’t know if he make up his mind. Damn it! Good. I felt so much better with the cream on my hands. It was so dry. All right. I’ll be back. You don’t want me to get the bus passes?” Miguel walked to the bathroom.
“No. We don‘t need them, Miguel,” I said.
I looked at the webcam, shaking my head.
“Come here,” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Come here,” I said again.
“No. I have the phone. I will call you later.”
“But…do not buy the bus pass. Okay.” I said.
Miguel turned off the kitchen light.
“Do not buy the bus pass.”
“No. I won’t. Bye.”
“Okay,” I said.
“Give me the money,” he demanded!
“We don’t have to buy the bus pass”
“I am going out. I can buy them.”
“Why not?”
“Why don’t you look at your thing, Miguel?”
“What thing?”
“Where you kept your bus pass.”
“Look. Look now.”
Miguel searched for his bus pass.
“Why?” he asked.
I turned on the lamp for him.
“Give me your bus pass,” I hold out my hand.
“For what? What do you want me to look at?”
“Miguel, give me that bus pass.?”
“For what?”
“I want to show you something, Miguel.”
He blabbers about the bus pass. He was still looking.
“Yeah. This is my bus pass. So? When it is due?”
I looked at the webcam and shook my head again. Miguel turned on the kitchen light.
“Oh! You brought them already. Ahhh! Baby, how come you didn‘t say that?”
“I gave it to you yesterday, Miguel.”
“I don’t remember. Did you?”
“So. The question is Why are u drinking again? Huh? Why are you drinking alcohol again?” I asked, angrily.

4:20 PM - Miguel left.

4:35 PM - I edited the new video. It took me over ninety minutes. Really, I wrote the transcript for the video. It is a pretty long transcript! That was only the first part. I still need to write the second part!

6:13 PM - I uploaded the first part of the video on YouTube.

alcohol make some people absent minded

6:30 PM - I ate some Pringles Pizza till supper time, whenever it may be.

6:35 PM - I watched more videos.

7:48 PM - Miguel called me. I switched on the webcam. I answered the phone. Yes, it was that drunk. He told me to let him in. I went outside. I opened the door. We went inside. I locked the door. He stood there by the sink. I told him to sit down on the couch. He refused. I told him again. He said, “No.” I guided him to the couch. I quickly used the restroom.

I heard a noise. I hoped it is NOT my webcam! He ate some cake. I sat down on my chair. I did the diary more. I noticed he had a towel on! As I type, Miguel tried to get the webcam from my desk. I shouted, “NO!” Miguel continued to eat all sorts of things - more cake, twizzles and Pringles - on the arm of the red couch.

8:02 PM - “Baby,” Miguel said. “What?” I asked. “Baby,” he said. He walked up to me. “Don’t kiss me.” He kissed me any way. He continued to repeat himself, “baby.” he ate some more. He turned off the light. He laid on the couch.

I got up. I put the cake container on the shelf. I grabbed his plate and the Pringles. I sat down again. I ate the Pringles. Miguel finally passed out on the couch.

8:20 PM - I went to the restroom. Miguel’s pants was on the floor. I looked at his pockets. He had two dollars and some quarters. I put the pants on the chair. I put the laundry basket on the ground. I went to the living room. I took out the camcorder. I filmed Miguel! Then I took his bag to the restroom. His bag was heavy to carry. I thought he has a bottle of alcohol.

I put the bag on the chair. I looked through the bag. Much to my surprise, there was NO alcohol bottle. Whoa! I saw the Target bag. It had two bags of chocolate candy and the cream for his lips. I found $5 in the bag. Yes, guys. I kept the 5. I saw my blackberry and put it on the chair. I looked at his change in the coin purse. I took six quarters. I left the Target bag out of the bag. I put the bag in the closet. I filmed the Target bag with the webcam. I opened up some candy. I took three pieces. I put the bag on the kitchen counter. I ate some candy.

9:04 PM - I watched a few YouTube videos! Then, I updated Today’s blog entry.

9:30 PM - Miguel was still passed out. I was bored out of my wits! I could watch some TV. Nah, forget about it. I may go to bed early about 10 or 11.

9:55 PM - I posted a bulletin on myspace. The nightmare is back with the latest video on YouTube.

9:58 PM - Miguel woke up.

“Baby,” He said.
I turned around.
“Hi! What?” I asked.
He didn’t answer me for a moment.
“Did you made supper for us?” He asked.
“No. You got home late.” I said.
“What time I got home?”
“9 O’Clock. It’s now 10 PM,” I lied.
“Are you going to throw me out?”
I turned around again.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
He was putting on his shorts.
"I am a bad boy."
"You can stay the night. Okay," I said.
"Tomorrow. Are you going to throw me out?"
"You can stay till you get your tax refund. Okay? When u get your tax refund, you can leave. Is that okay?"
I decided to take some pictures. I turned to the right and grabbed the camera.
"Miguel, smile! Smile. Look at me. Miguel. Look at me. Miguel. I want you to look at me. Say hi.," I took some pictures. "Do you want to eat?"
"Tomorrow, I will eat," He laid back down.
I took another pic.
I put the pics on the computer. I took one more pic. I put it on the computer. I can use the pics in this entry! Oh, yeah!

10:42 PM - I checked the phone log on the blackberry. Well, he called his old roomie/ex boyfriend, Mike, yesterday. I didn't knew that. I won't ask him about that. The moment he get his tax refund, he is outta here!

11:08 PM - Miguel woke up. He kissed me on the cheek.

“I win! I win! You didn’t cook! You didn’t cook.” he said.

He brought over the two bags of candy. He is so sweet. He used the restroom. He turned on the light. He made himself a sandwich. Alcohol makes him so hungry! He got a clean glass from the cabinet. He poured him some milk. He continued to eat. He walked to the couch with his sandwich and milk. Then, he went back to the kitchen to eat. He showed his sandwich and milk to the webcam. He continued to eat in the kitchen.

“Miguel, let’s talk.”

He didn’t say anything. He finished his sandwich. He brought his milk over. He put on “a drunken show” about the two bags of candy for the webcam. He opened up the other bag of candy. He unwrapped a piece. He stuck it in my mouth. He had one too. He finished off the milk. He put the blue glass in the sink. He turned off the light. He fell asleep again.

I decided to use a drunken show as my 4ooth video on YouTube. Why? It was very entertaining and funny!! I wasn’t expecting the drunken show at all. It was out of the blue. ROFL.

11:25 PM - I got up from the seat. I grabbed the candy. “I will brush my teeth,” I said to the webcam. Miguel heard me. I told him the same thing. He shook his head yes. I brushed my teeth.

11:29 PM - Miguel turned on NBC 4 news, then Friends on KTLA 5. I looked at Miguel. He pointed to the TV. “Friends is on.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 January 2008, Wednesday

7:45 PM - I woke up. I was surprised to see Miguel was already up. I thought he will sleep late. I used the restroom. He wondered how long it will take him. We checked the MTA site. It probably take him about 35 minutes. He fixed himself a bowl of cereal, Cheerios. He made me some hot cocoa.

8:07 AM - Miguel turned on the TV. Cory Gahan and his mother Patricia Johnston was on Good Morning, America. His father injected him with steroids few years ago. Hmm, the sins of the father. Now, the father is in prison.

8:13 PM - KTLA Morning News.

I gave him $60 plus $10 just in case. I will buy our bus passes for next month.

Miguel washed the dishes.

Kurt The Cyberguy talked about the newest digital cameras. He mentioned that Shutterfly has unlimited photo storage for free. Flickr on yahoo costs money yearly. I went to Shutterfly and immediately sign up.

9 AM - I Love Lucy

9:10 AM - Miguel left. I turned off the TV. I watched some videos.

10 AM - Shower time!

10:25 AM - YouTube videos again. I ate a bowl of Cheerios.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

11:14 AM - I tried the rent again. No luck whatsoever.

Noon - I turned off the TV. I uploaded another video.

There was once a guy

There was once a guy.
He has the world's greatest smile.
He made me happy.

12:25 PM - Miguel called me. I made a video of it. He missed the bus. He waited 45 minutes for the next one. He got lost. He took the wrong bus. He made his way to the place. He didn’t wait for that long. A lot of people was there. In five minutes, they saw him. He got there at 11:20 AM. The lady wasn’t there to do his stuff.; someone else did it. He mentioned that the $60 was for the new people. It was windy; he just left the place. The bus was coming.

first miguel's phone call of 2008

Miguel hung up the phone and call me back soon. He still want to go to the post office. I suggested this Saturday. We agreed Today. He said he will take the subway to Vermont. He changed his mind thou. He will take bus 2 or 4 to Alvarado. I will meet him there. I will bring some stamps for him. He hung up again. I got dressed and waited for his call.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives

I brushed my teeth. I opened the door. I checked the apartment manager. I didn’t went to the office. I just looked down his way. The door wasn’t open. He may be there. I will check right now. Nope! I saw a pink paper under his door. He haven’t come in today.

1:45 PM - I saw Miguel at the bus stop on Sunset/Alvarado. He claimed he was at Lucy’s. I doubt it. He was acting very strangely. I figured he had a drink somewhere. I bet he made up the story that he was lost. He was there so many times. He gave me back $20. I gave him his February bus pass.

Bus 704 came. We got on the bus. He thought he lost his bus pass. He found it in his pants’ pockets. We sat across from the side doors.

We went down Santa Monica Blvd. Now, he wants to go home. He kept on repeating himself. I said, “NO! We are going to the post office.”

We stopped at Vermont. It was his chance to go home. He changed his mind. We was going to the post office.

2:15 PM - Miguel passed out. He woke up. I told him to show me his bag, which he did. Surprise! There was no alcohol at all. He drank it before I saw him at the bus stop. I still can smell the alcohol on his breathe.

Miguel tried to see what I was typing on the blackberry. I quickly saved it. I showed him a different date. He couldn’t see it. His eyes was bad.

2:25 PM - We arrived at Highland, then La Brea couple minutes later.

I asked, “Did I gave you the bus pass?” He looked. It was behind January bus pass. He put it in front of January. I put it back. We only have two days left in January. He doesn’t need the February bus pass right now.

He wanted to kill himself. I asked, “When?”

2:30 PM - Fairfax Ave.

2:35 PM - La Cienega Blvd.

I moved back to the bus. We were by 24 Hrs Fitness. The bus wasn’t moving. Miguel came to me.

2:38 PM - We got off the bus. He need to use the restroom at Rage. I want him to go at the police station. He went to Rage. I took some pics of the post office. I wanted outside of Rage. There was no sign of him. I continued to type on the blackberry. Miguel scared me. I didn’t see him to walk out. He said, “Let’s go!” I wasn’t expecting that.

2:50 PM - We went to the post office. He wanted a pen from me. I didn’t have one on me. He found one in his bag. He wrote down my address. I took a quick pic of the post office again. I went back in. He was finished. I put stamps on the envelopes. We mailed them outside.

3:02 PM - Two 704 came. We got on the second bus. He asked, “Did you mail them?” Of course, I did. The bus driver asked to see his bus pass. He didn’t show it the first time. I hold his folder. He showed his bus pass. I gave him the folder.

3:09 PM - He dropped his folder on the floor. He picked it up. We arrived at Fairfax.

3:13 PM - He dropped his folder again. I offered to hold it, but he refused. We arrived at La Brea. I grabbed the folder at Highland.

3:45 PM - We got off the bus. We went straight home. It was cold and windy.

3:55 PM - We were home! We put on different clothes. We ate some cake. He drank some milk.

I noticed the time on the blackberry was wrong. I was five minutes off. I fixed the clock.

4:06 PM - Miguel passed out on the couch.

I had another piece of cake.

5 PM - I turned off the TV. Miguel was still passed out.

5:19 PM - YouTube videos.

6 PM - I checked the mail. Spam! Spam! And more spam!

6:25 PM - I tried Matthew Lush’s room again. That room was so boring. I left in five minutes! It was that bad! ROFL.

I deleted some subscriptions on YouTube. They hardly make videos any more. I went from 123 to 99. I may delete some later on. I don’t know when thou.

7:14 PM - I was about to videotape Miguel. He was passed out. Then, he woke up and saw me with the camcorder. He turned over on his stomach. Oh well. This time, I can’t! Drats! Double Drats! I put a TV dinner in the microwave oven. Miguel put on a T shirt. He got up. He asked, “Want me to make the ribs?” I told him no. It was getting late. He said, “Not for me.” He used the restroom. He put the ribs in the icebox.

Well, the microwave rang! Miguel took out the TV dinner. Man, it looked so terrible. I even took a pics of TV dinner. He fixed us some ribs for supper.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune.

7:43 PM - The fire alarm went off. Miguel tried to burn down my place! How could he? Is that how he treat me after I help him a great deal? That was so cold of him.

I jumped on the bed. I took down the fire alarm. The damn noise stopped. I put it back on. The noise started again. This time, I put it under the pillow! I opened the door for a while. I turned on the fan too. Few minutes later, he closed the door and went back to cooking again. The alarm remained hidden.

8 PM - American Idol.

We ate ribs, potatoes and a small salad. I had water; Miguel had milk.

9 PM - The Moment Of Truth.

9:50 PM - Miguel fell asleep.

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

I checked my AOL email. I have 18 emails from YouTube. I always get my YouTube mail on AOL.

10:35 PM - I turned off the TV. I put another video on YouTube. First Miguel's Phone Call Of 2008.

11:10 PM - Miguel woke up. I told him to turn off the heater. It have been on a few hours. He kissed me on the head, not that head! LOL. He used the restroom.

Miguel was worry about his taxes again. He put the right address and two stamps on each envelope.

11:15 PM - Miguel turned on the TV. The Simpsons was on.

Miguel saw this unpublished entry in the blog, “11:20 PM - I brushed my teeth. I put up the meat. We forgot to put it up after we eat earlier tonight.”

He said, “You didn’t put up the meat.” I said, “I was about to. I was going to before you woke up!” Miguel put up the meat instead.

11:20 PM - Miguel started to wash the dishes. I grabbed a toothpick. I used it in the mirror. There was some meat stuck in my teeth. I brushed my teeth. I walked up to him, hold and kiss him. He told me the dry off a big pan from the oven. I dried it off and put it in the oven.

11:30 PM - TMZ.

Miguel finished washing the dishes. He cleaned up the stove. That reminds me of…I still need to put in the fire alarm. It was under my pillow.

11:43 PM - Miguel ate some cherry jell-o. He gave me a bite! He gave me another bite. He finished off the jell-o. He put up the bowl in the sink. He got some twizzle.

11: 51 PM - I put up the fire alarm in the ceiling. I walked near the end of the bed. I fell down onto the couch. I hurted my right knee. Miguel started to laugh! That was cold hearted of him! He tried to find me with a flashlight! He pulled down my pants and kissed the moon!

Midnight - Married...With Children.

Miguel was cutting an orange for himself. I was about to turn off the desk lamp. He claimed he didn't need the light. The TV was bright enough for him. I went to sleep. Good night.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

29 January 2008 Tuesday

7:15 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I went back to sleep.

8:45 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the computer. I watched some videos.

9:20 AM - I can upon the new Pancakes video. Pancakes II: Pancakes for your face was pretty awesome. Those kind of videos I can’t do at all. GiR2007 does awesome and creative videos.

During the middle of the video, Peter called me. I didn’t use the speakerphone. Miguel was sleeping. We haven’t talk since last Tuesday. He told me some bad news. He was in another car accident with Brian and Brian’s mother in the new car Brian got few months ago. The mother’s back was hurt. The car is in the shop.

I told Peter about the new Pancakes video. Peter was the first guy to tell me about the first Pancakes video couple years ago. That prompted me to be on YouTube. Pancakes was the first video I ever watch on YouTube. I sent Peter and Brian a link in a email. They would watch to see that video.

10 AM - The View

Elisabeth mentioned The New Kids On The Block is back together. They were quite popular in the late 1980's. They even had a Saturday morning cartoon on TV. I loved their songs.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

I checked my AOL email. Oh, boy! I got some messages from fabulouslove. She let me have it big time! Sadly, she have no clue about the situation. She is one stupid bra!

fabulouslove need to change her name to fabulousstupid. LOL.

Here are her messages.

Naked Miguel Is On The Floor.

What the hell? Did you find some person who isn't english to pick on to make you feel all mighty. Too bad retards like you end up DEAD! Treat others the way you want to be treated. Miguel would probably be a great person if it wasn't for YOU. YOU are probably why he drinks. Fat, retarded, bastard.

You don't know what u are talking about, dumbass!
I am NOT forcing Miguel to drink.
HE is doing it on his own!
HE have the problem!
Not me!

Bloody Miguel.

I think the best thing would be for you two to be over. He can't live like this. I wish I could rescue him. He doesn't to live under a retard who beats him.

fat chance.
u can't rescue him!
miguel will NEVER EVER leave me!
he is stuck with me!

Miguel's Phone Call.

I hope he can move on. He deserves more.

move on?
he likes living with me!

I Could Have Been Murder.

Make you feel powerful to toture someone?! JERK!

being powerful is the key to SUCCESS!

11:40 AM - I used the restroom. I grabbed the jell-0 from the icebox. it is my breakfast. I went to my bed. I put on my socks. Miguel woke up for a minute. He asked, "What are you doing?" I couldn't speak. I had jell-o in my mouth. I sat in my chair. He saw I was eating jell-o. He went back to sleep.

Noon - I Love Lucy.

I uploaded I am an artist video on LiveVideo. I hardly use that site for my videos. I have 23 videos on LiveVideo. I have 394 videos on YouTube. YouTube is the one for my videos. YouTube is much better.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives

1:25 PM - I finally finished the jell-o. I used the restroom.

1:51 PM - Miguel woke up.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O

2:15 PM - I muted the TV. Miguel called someone about the W2 form from his old job. He called another old job.

Miguel sliced up a pear. He served it on the plate for me.

2:38 PM - Miguel turned on the volume of the TV. We watched Hawaii Five-O.

Miguel washed the dishes. He put the second pack of Twizzles in the cookie jar. I finished off the rest. He made some strawberry jell-o.

3 PM - Maya & Miguel on KCET 28.

3:15 PM - Miguel started to bake a butter pecan cake. 4 PM is the time.

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KOCE 50.

I showed Miguel the new pic of Chris Crocker. He hated it. Chris is so sleazy in that pic. It is so tacky of him! I agreed with him.

Miguel finished off the last two pieces of cakes. Yes, guys. He is such a piggy. Oink! Oink!

3:45 PM - I played Warcraft 2. It lasted till 5:40 PM.

4 PM - ABC 7 news

4:25 PM - Miguel changed the channel to Reba. We watched the second episode too. Miguel fell asleep.

5 PM - King Of The Hill.

5:45 PM - I played another Warcraft 2 game. It lasted till 7:36 PM.

6 PM - The Simpsons.

6:15 PM - Miguel woke up. I checked the mail. He got something.

6:30 PM - TMZ

6:40 PM - I looked for a address on the MTA. Miguel noticed I wrote about him. He claimed I don’t respect him! Hello, Miguel! I can write about anyone and anything in my diary! He wrote down the directions to the place. I returned to my game.

7 PM - Malcolm In The Middle.

7:30 PM - The Simpsons.

8 PM - American Idol.

We ate barbecue chicken and pasta. The supper was very tasty. Miguel pigged out on the butternut cake. He had three BIG pieces! I only had one. I am not a pig like him, but he always call me piggy!

I uploaded a video on YouTube.

go to hell, you creep

Go to hell, you creep.
You was my living nightmare.
You deserve to die.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy

Miguel called the tax people again. He forgot what time they open. It was 10 AM. He was surprise it went up from $40 to $60. H&R Block cost more than they do. I asked, “Do you have the money?” He said, “You have it. I gave you $40.” I will give him the rest.

Mork & Mindy was messing up. It kept on going back and forth to the black screen. I was about to tape it thou.

9:30 PM - Get Smart

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

10:42 PM - Miguel changed it to The Twilight Zone. A commercial came on. He switched it to Seinfeld. It was a recap episode. I brushed my teeth.

11 PM - George Lopez

11:10 PM - I went on myspace. I saw that Matthew Lush is doing a LIVE cooking show on Stickam. I signed on Stickam and went straight to his chat room.

Miguel came back from the restroom. He ate another piece of cake. That’s his forth piece!

11:18 PM - I saw Matthew Lush wear a black t shirt. It said, “Fur Is Dead.” I said something in the room - “I agreed with Matthew…Fur Is Dead…let’s all wear the FUR!” Some dude, British, kicked me off the room. He can’t do that. I was speaking my mind. That fool got some nerves!

I checked out his profile. There was nothing at all. I left him a comment on his profile.

You got some nerves for kicking me out Matt's room!

I was speaking my mind.

After all, I agreed with Matthew Lush.

Fur is dead.

Let's all wear the fur!

11:30 PM - South Park.

I haven’t see that show in a few months.

Midnight - Bed time!

1:45 AM - I woke up. Miguel was still awake. He watched Will & Grace on KTLA 5. I used the restroom. I slept again.

3:30 AM - I woke up again. Miguel watched Spanish TV. I told him to turn it off. He need to get up early. He turned it off. I used the restroom again. I grabbed an ice cube. I jumped back into bed. I used BB for the diary.

Good night!

Monday, January 28, 2008

28 January 2008 Monday

9:15 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played spades.

10 AM - The View.

10:25 AM - The View was boring. Al Sharpton was on! Forget about that! I turned off the TV.

I saw a comment from a new subscriber, mymoosejaw, from Canada. This is his comment.

“You are one serious blogger. Very in depth - I just have to sub, I find it interesting over here J .”

I left a message on his channel. I said, “Thanx for subscribing. There is SOMETHING for everyone, even the damn haters! LOL”

I checked out his video, Jan 27, 2008 - Blog.

If I like someone’s videos, I will subscribe to them. They must have good interesting funny videos; not in that order!

I watched some videos.

10:40 AM - I heard some noise outside. It must be the apartment manager. I can pay my rent now. I looked for him outside. Man, it wasn’t him at all. It was some coin guy for the laundry. I checked the office. He wasn’t there. I went home.

10:48 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom.

10:53 AM - I noticed I got my first comment on World’s Worst Writer. It was from…..drums roll, please…..mymoosejaw, the new subscriber from Canada.

Dave Nicholson said... “I have never seen a more in depth blog in my life. Very cool.”

Ain’t that the truth!

I looked at his Blogger profile. Something caught me attention.

“As well I am disabled and living with pain. But this is not what defines me - I am able to create so I do so, is what defines me.”

I wished I learn that in my childhood. That is inspiration words to live by.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

Miguel made some eggs, toast and hot cocoa for me. He eve sliced up an apple too. He had his cereal.

11:40 AM - Miguel gave me the fifth season of Good Times. The fifth season? I told him to get the first season instead! He haven’t watch that season yet.

Noon - I Love Lucy on FOX 11.

12:10 PM - I looked at the dates. January 31st is this Thursday. I told Miguel that we need to buy our bus passes this Thursday. He thought I was talking about today. He mentioned I have the money. We can buy the bus passes at Lucy's. Thursday is the day!

12:23 PM - I tried the rent again. He wasn’t in the office.

12:30 PM - Miguel fell asleep during the second episode of I Love Lucy.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

1:35 PM - I put 200 Subscribers video on YouTube. I made it couple days ago. Now, I have 204.

2 PM - I turned off the TV. Miguel is still sleeping. I played Warcraft 2.

3:15 PM - Miguel woke up.

3:25 PM - I tried the rent once more. This is the last time too. No luck again. I checked the mail. It was mostly junk. The TV was on. Miguel gave me some mango.

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KLCS 58.

3:55 PM - Good Times.

I continued playing Warcraft 2.

4:30 PM - Someone knocked on the door. He hide in the bedroom. I answered the door. It was a neighbor about a fax machine. I told her I don’t have one.

5:20 PM - Shallow Grave.

Miguel have never see Shallow Grave at all. He really enjoyed the movie. He wondered when I see it first. I told him about 10/11 years ago. I first saw it when I was homeless. Tom Face rented that movie from Blockbuster. I used to have the soundtrack too. The music is awesome too.

7 PM - YouTube videos.

Miguel made a salad for me. He had the leftovers.

7:20 PM - I eat my salad. I turned on the TV! We watched the rest of Frasier.

7:30 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

Wheel Of Fortune wasn’t on tonight. We watched The Simpsons instead.

8 PM - Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann on ABC.

8:23 PM - I put the show on the other TV on the left. I don’t think Miguel can see the other TV that well. He need some glasses. So do I!

9 PM - Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56.

9:30 PM - Get Smart on KDOC 56.

Well, Get Smart is on for one hour starting tonight. I thought The Partridge Family was on.

9:43 PM - I finished my Warcraft 2 game. It was my second game of the day.

10:12 PM - I started a new game. It lasted til 11:47 PM.

10:30 PM - The Twilight Zone on KDOC 56.

11 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

11:30 PM - TMZ on FOX 11.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

I uploaded A car blindsided me video on YouTube.

a car blindsided me

A car blindsided me.

I could not stand up at all.

The pain was so great.

12:30 AM - Still Standing on FOX 11.

1 AM - FOX 11 Ten O’clock news.

Miguel finally came out of the restroom. He was there for a while. I put away the fingernail clippers. He caught me! Ooohhhh! Really, he hated my nails so much. I bite them a lot. He put some lotion on my nails, just like last night. He mentioned if I have the urge to bite the nails, put on some lotion.

Miguel didn’t want to watch the news. Hello, Miguel! We didn’t watch it at 10 PM or 11 PM! Most times, we watch the news at ten.

1:20 AM - Good night! I am going to bed!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 January 2008 Sunday

This was a very slow day.

6 AM - I woke up coughing. I used the restroom. I jumped back in bed. I couldn’t sleep again. I played spades.

7:55 AM - I turned on the computer. I have no email. I played Warcraft 2.

12:40 PM - Miguel woke up.

Miguel wanted to take a walk in the rain. No thanks. I still have a cold, Miguel! We have never did that before. Some other time thou.

3 PM - The Nanny.

Miguel fell asleep during the second episode.

4:15 PM - I played Warcraft 2 again.

5:15 PM - Miguel woke up.

5:50 PM - Shower Time! Miguel made grape jell-o.

6:15 PM - ABC 7 news.

7 PM - We had hot dog sandwich and potatoes. I didn’t finish mine.

7:55 PM - Cheers on KDOC 56.

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

Miguel washed the dishes, like always.

11 PM - That’s So Hollywood on FOX 11.

11:30 PM - In The Life on KCET 28. Margaret Cho is the guest.

I put How come he loves me video on youtube.

how come he loves me?

How come he loves me?

Soon, I had a bad feeling.

He is obsession.

Midnight - Charlie Rose on KLCS 58. Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin are the guests.

Miguel put some cream on my fingers. Why? I was biting my nails.

1 AM - Will & Grace on KTLA 5.

Miguel want to see The Nanny. He fell asleep earlier this afternoon. He missed some episodes. We will watch it tomorrow.

Miguel wondered if I tape EastEnders this morning. I told him I watch it on Friday. I won’t miss it for the world.

Miguel want a job. There was nothing in the Sunday paper. Except for one. It is very far by the airport. It is for the Marriot.

Time for bed time! Sleep tight!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

26 January 2008 Saturday

8:50 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I went back to sleep.

10:35 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played spades.

10:45 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He turned on the TV.

11 AM - Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive on ABC.

Man, oh, man! I haven’t watch that show since the 1990’s. Miguel fell asleep. I turned on the computer.

Noon - Once again, I did the system restore. It will take a while thou. I fixed me some cinnamon toast for breakfast......oops, lunch! I watched some videos on the laptop. The laptop is a lifesaver for me!!

12:35 PM - Miguel woke up. He wondered I had some breakfast. I told him toast. He asked how come you didn't make him none. Hello! He was sleeping! I ask what kind of toast I had? He said white. I asked him again. He said white! That was the WRONG answer, Miguel! He knows I like white bread. That's besides the point!

Miguel cleaned his face. He is turning into a typical woman. He wants to be so beautiful. Well, beautiful is skin deep.

1:30 PM - Miguel made some hot cocoa for me. He had some cereal for lunch. He turned on the TV. Man, why? There is nothing to watch on the weekends.

1:55 PM - What’s Happening.

Miguel fell asleep during the second episode.

3:35 PM - I turned off the TV. I watched more videos.

3:50 PM - Miguel woke up.

4 PM - I Love Lucy on FOX 11.

I upload I am sick of you video on YouTube.

i am sick of you

I am sick of you.
Your drinking is out of hand.
Please go to rehab.

5 PM - I reinstalled the webcam on the computer. This time, it works! Finally!

6 PM - Channel 7 news.

I installed Warcraft 2. Love that game!

6:45 PM - Miguel went grocery shopping.

7:20 PM - Miguel came home, just in time from the rain.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

We ate an salad for supper.

8 PM - Keeping Up Appearance on KOCE 50.

I continued to play Warcraft 2. Yeah! I beat the game!

8:30 PM - The Sixth Sense.

10:20 PM - FOX 11 News.

I muted the TV. I videotaped a milestone for me. I have 200 subscribers now. It took me a while. I may put it up tomorrow on YouTube or on this blog tonight. Miguel took a shower.

200 subscribers

11:30 PM - George Lopez on KCAL 9.

12:30 AM - Saturday Night Live - Bon Jovi.

1 AM - Bed time. I am so sleepy!

Friday, January 25, 2008

25 January 2008 Friday

9:45 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the computer. I checked my YouTube email on AOL.

10:10 AM - I jumped back into bed!

11:10 AM - Miguel woke up. He got ready. I gave him my post office key. He can pick up my mail today. I am still under the weather with the nasty cold. I drawn him a map of the post office too; the exact location of my box. He will make some copies of his resume too. Miguel wanted me to wash the whites when he is gone. Fat chance!

11:40 AM - Miguel left the building.

12:30 PM - EastEnders on KOCE 50.

I did the system restore on the Vista computer.

3:19 PM - Miguel was on his way home. He just got off the bus at 7/11. He asked about the whites. No yet. I was waiting for him. I let him in the gate. He had a target bag with him. He gave me my mail, mostly junk. The medicare card came! Oh yeah, the phone bill came too.

I uploaded I am an artist video on YouTube.

i am an artist

I am an artist.
The paintings with words suits me.
I will be famous.

3:40 PM - He sorted out the clothes. I put the whites in the washing machine. Then, I went back in the place. He told me that he have another load. I waited and waited and waited till he was finished with his dry cleaner coat. Wouldn’t you know it? All this time, a neighbor used the other washing machine. I told Miguel that he was late. I didn’t like that. I like to wash loads at the same time. Now, it took me twice as longer to wash the clothes.

Miguel put away the stuff he got from Target. He got some twizzles, three different kinds of Pringles and Ritz. We had one roll of Ritz. I haven’t that in a long time. We watched Ellen’s 50th birthday on her show. I went back to the laundry room. The other guy was four minutes behind me. I put the whites in the dryer and the next load in the washing machine. I went back to my place.

I reinstalled the webcam. I have some problems. It isn’t working right at all. I did it again. The same problem happened. I put the whites out of the dryer. I put the next load in. I went back to the place with the clean clothes. I gave Miguel his dry cleaner coat. he was pleased with his coat. He folded the clothes. We watched the news.

Miguel fell asleep during the Andy Griffith show. I went to the laundry room again. I had about four minutes left. I went back to my place for the keys. I checked the mailbox. We got some mail. I got the last of the clothes and went back to the place. Miguel was still sleeping. I woke up him. I gave him his mail. I folded the clothes. I dealt with the webcam again. Once again, it wasn’t a success. I may use the wrong disk for the webcam. I tried it three times! Miguel woke up from his nap.

7:35 PM - Miguel heated up the soup. He sorted out his clean clothes I left on the bed. He put the clothes in the closet. He cooked the shrimp separately. He put the shrimp in the soup and called it “shrimp soup.” It was formerly known as chicken soup!

8 PM - Keeping Up Appearances on KOCE 50.

We ate out soup. During the second episode, I noticed I have no sound on the Vista computer. I have no ideal. I tried to fix the problem. Then again, I don’t know how. I am not a computer expert! I need to call Brian tomorrow. He always help me with my computer problems. It used to be Robert!

9 PM - Diff’rent Strokes.

10 PM - FOX 11 news.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

24 January 2008 Thursday

9:45 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the TV.

10 AM - The View on ABC.

I had some leftover food for breakfast.

Noon - YouTube videos.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

1:20 PM - Miguel woke up.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O on KDOC 56.

Miguel wanted to get some aqua. I told him that it is raining. He still want to go out. I told him that they may ask questions if he go out alone.

I helped Miguel with his job resume. I tried to print it. For some reason, it won’t print at all. Maybe, I need a new copy machine.

2:48 PM - Miguel went to get some aqua for us.

I reinstalled the disk on the computer. I tried to print again. This time, it said, “could not start print job.” I turned off the TV at 3 PM. Now, the print symbol is gone. It only have the STUPID FAX! Hello, I don’t want the damn fax. I want the print! I have no ideal of why the copy machine won’t work. I have never had the problems with it before.

3:30 PM - Miguel came home with the groceries and the water. I told him the resume didn’t print. We may have to print at the library. It sure look like I need a new copy machine. I checked the mail; all junk. It started to rain again.

Miguel gave me apple and orange slices on a plate. I didn’t eat it all. It was too much. I only ate the apple and two orange slices. I will eat the orange later.

4:15 PM - Miguel turned on the TV for Reba on KTLA 5.

4:50 PM - I finally fixed the copy machine. It took me a while thou. I did the system recovery on the old computer first, then I reinstalled the disk on the computer, then I hooked up the copy machine.

I made a copy of the resume. It didn’t turned out that great. I need new black ink. I looked for the ink on top. Miguel mentioned it was behind the dog. Yes, I found it. I put the new ink in the copy machine. I made another copy. This time, the resume looked perfect. Then again, I need to move the resume up on the paper. I fixed the resume. I made a copy. Miguel was very pleased with the new resume. We did a great job.

5 PM - King Of The Hill on FOX 11.

5:30 PM - Andy Griffith on KDOC 56.

6 PM - Cheers on KDOC 56.

Miguel made another cake. HE cracked some eggs. One of them was double yolk. That is our third double yolk.

Miguel explained the cart rolled over by the lump of tree at the sidewalk. The food got out and he left it behind. A guy yelled for him. “You forgot your food, slut!” Really, a guy was getting out of the car. Miguel picked up the food. That nice guy offered him a ride home. He declined the ride. The guy explained he was going that way too.

Miguel won’t tell me anything any more. He claimed I distorted the truth on the web.

7 PM - Frasier on KDOC 56.

Miguel heated up the chicken soup from yesterday.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

We ate the chicken soup and some toast. The soup was pretty good.

8 PM - Ugly Betty on ABC. We watched it together on the couch. We haven’t watch that show in a few months.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56.

Miguel washed the dishes.

9:30 PM - Miguel took a shower. I turned off the TV. I watched some videos.

10:35 PM - Miguel wanted me to take a shower. We could leave early in the morning. I went in the restroom. He was clipping his toes nails. I told him I don’t want to go out tomorrow. I still have the nasty cold. It will be cold tomorrow. Most of all, we will have more rain too. I don’t want to make the cold worst or get another flu. I had the flu this past weekend. Then, I got this nasty cold. Therefore, I am staying home tomorrow. Also, I don’t want to miss my favourite soap, EastEnders!

11 PM - I gave Miguel the controls. He put it on The Simpsons on FOX 11. It was coming on soon. I told him to put it on CW 5 for Friends. Miguel wanted to watch Diff’rent Strokes. I didn’t want to watch that show. I won’t watch it. I am too busy on the computer. Maybe, we watch Diff’rent Strokes tomorrow or tonight.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

Time for bed time. I still have the cold. The cold is acting up again. Good night!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23 January 2008 Wednesday

8:30 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. Miguel scratched himself in his sleep on his right shoulder. I playfully scratched him. He complained I don’t wash my hands. He demanded me to washed my hands. I washed them.

8:40 AM - KTLA Morning News.

9 AM - I Love Lucy on KCOP 13.

Miguel feel asleep. He want to be very late last night. 5 AM!

10 AM - The View on ABC.

10:20 AM - I took a shower. I grabbed some jello for breakfast! Yes, jello! I watched some videos on YouTube.

11:25 AM - I heard Gabriel’s laugh outside. I decided to pay next months’ rent. I went to his office. He wasn’t there. He must be home; his shades was open. I went back to my place. Miguel was awake. I told him I will check the mail. I have three mail - Columbia House, Best Buy and J&R Music World. I put Columbia House in the dumpster. I went to my place.

I told him he has nothing in the mail. I opened up J&R’s letter. Well, I won’t do any business with J&R in the future. It doesn’t make any sense. HP Media Drive came yesterday. I will get my stuff from Amazon. I got some Best Buy coupons!

Miguel turned on the TV for Matlock. Once again, he fell asleep.

12:10 PM - Miguel woke up during Perry Mason.

12:15 PM - Miguel changed it to I Love Lucy for a little while, back to Perry Mason. I changed it back to Lucy. Miguel watch I Love Lucy all the time. I gave him back the controls after he rolled his eyes at me. He put it back to Perry Mason.

12:40 PM - Miguel is fixing some eggs for me. I walked by him. He mentioned there was double yolk egg again. It was from the same eggs. He said it was another patch. I used the restroom. I checked for Gabriel again. He was in his place. The broom and the thing was outside. He finished cleaning the sidewalks. Well, more rain is on the way. Black clouds are moving in!

1 PM - Miguel looked at some face products olyforyou site. He didn’t find what he was looking for.

Miguel came upon kattalien site. He should have notice the Miguel links. I told him let’s watch a movie or a TV show. He just laughed. He went to the couch. He said, “No.” I tried to convince him again. He wanted to watch the rest of Survivor. I popped in the DVD. I went to bed.

4 PM - Miguel started to make the chicken soap.

4:40 PM - Miguel turned on the other TV for Ellen.

I was playing with Miguel. He wondered what would with me. I said, “LEAVE!” he said, “You would be sorry to not to have me in your life.” He want someone new and young. Hey, guys! He wants some jailbait meat! LOL

5 PM - The Andy Griffith Show on KDOC 56.

6:30 PM - We ate our chicken soap. It was that good. We watched two episodes of Diff’rent Strokes. I always love Gary Coleman on that show.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

8 PM - American Idol on FOX.

We ate some valentine M&M’s.

9 PM - The Moment Of Truth on FOX.

10 PM - Fox 11 news.

10:30 PM - The Twilight Zone on KDOC 56.

11 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

11:30 PM - TMZ on FOX 11.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

12:30 AM - Miguel washed the dishes. I watched YouTube videos! Miguel watched some TV.

2:20 AM - We finally went to bed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

22 January 2008 Tuesday

Yes, I am still sick with the cold.

10:10 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played Spades.

10:30 AM - I checked my Amazon order. It is on the way now. I checked outside. There was no sign of UPS. I went back in. I got some jello from the icebox. Miguel was awake. I told him about UPS. He played with me, "Or tomorrow." I wanted to sock him with the spoon. LOL.

Miguel weigh himself; 141. I was 204.

11 AM - ABC 7 news.

11:30 AM - Matlock on KDOC.

Miguel asked.,“Do you tip UPS often?” No, I don’t. Miguel claimed I do whatever pleases me. Miguel said I don’t respect him because I have not delete his pic.

Noon - Perry Mason on KDOC. Miguel was sleeping.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives on NBC.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O on KDOC.

I played Warcraft 2. I started a new game. I finished the other game earlier today.

3 PM - Maya & Miguel on KCET.

The phone rang. Yes, it was about time! The UPS guy came with the package. I buzzed him in and meet him outside. He didn’t want no tips. I went inside from the cold. I opened up the package. I am quite pleased. I finished the game an hour or two later.

I put all thirteen scandisks on the computer, then the HP Personal Media Drive. All I can say…the Media Drive is a good profit. Everyone should get one. With the scandisk, I had 675 GB free.

Miguel took an shower. He made some bad awful terrible muffins! I wouldn’t eat them. One bite was good enough for me. It was the worst muffins I ever tasted. He even agreed with me! He cooked some burritos and made a salad. We watched Wheel Of Fortune.

8 PM - American Idol on FOX.

I put the last two scandisks on the computer, then the drive. In all, there are fifteen scandisks. That is way too many! I am so happy I ordered the drive. Now, I am at 669 GB free.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy and The Partridge Family on KDOC.

10 PM - FOX 11 news.

Miguel washed the dishes. I tried to to get something to download the videos from YouTube. I looked for it. I downloaded various files. I finally found my favourite, save2pc. I couldn’t remember the name at first. It took me a while on the web. Well, I can’t use save2pc as WMV videos, that part is not free. The search continues.

Midnight - my cold is bothering me. I am off to bed.

Monday, January 21, 2008

21 January 2008, Monday

9:30 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played spades on the blackberry. I got sleepy again.

10:30 AM - I feel asleep.

11:45 AM I woke up. I used the restroom. I watched the news. Miguel woke up.

Noon - I Love Lucy was on FOX 11.

Miguel made Malt O Meal for breakfast. Really, for lunch. LOL

1:10 PM - We watched The Talented Mr. Ripley. I grabbed the Tylenol from the small table. I dropped two on the floor. I didn’t know that Miguel put them back in their slot. I picked them up. Yeah, I took them too!

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KLCS 58.

4 PM - I ate some chicken soup. Miguel had rice pudding. We watched Three’s Company.

5:40 PM - ABC 7 news.

7 PM - Dr. Phil on KCAL 9.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

8 PM - Dance War on ABC.

9:30 PM - The Partridge Family on KDOC 56.

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

Midnight - I went to sleep. At least, try to. I couldn’t sleep.

12:30 AM - I got up and watched Still Standing with Miguel. I installed Warcraft 2 on the computer. I played that game till 3 AM. We went to bed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

20 January 2008, Sunday

I am still sick. I haven't check my temperature today. I took some Tylenol.

I took out the trash.

10 AM - I looked for two dollars. Miguel wants the Sunday paper. Miguel woke up. I told him I will buy the paper. He didn't want me to; I am still sick. He offered to buy the paper. Nah. I can go. I took my camera with me. I wanted a pic of 7/11 for the blog. I left my place. I took a pic of the church and K9 Store. Then I took a pic of 7/11.

This Mexican guy accused me of taking a pic of his daughter. He got some nerves! I told him no. Then he told his wife, who was going out of 7/11. I went in and brought the newspaper. I went home. Miguel was sleeping again.

11:28 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He put up the dishes away. He ate his cereal.

We watched the next four episodes of Survivor: Borneo. Miguel started to cook the chicken soup during the fourth episode. He read the newspaper for a while. I watched some videos on YouTube.

4: 30 PM - We ate the chicken soap. We watched three episodes of One Day At A Time.

6 PM - We watched the news on ABC 7. Miguel fell asleep.

7 PM - We watched America’s Funniest Home Videos. Yes, guys! That show is still on! Miguel bake a chocolate cake and some cupcakes.

8:30 PM - We watched five more episodes of One Day At A Time.

10:45 PM - Miguel went through my medicine cabinet. He found some expired drugs. He told me that the drugs won’t work any more. One was expired in 2004. He tossed it in the trash.

Miguel put up the cake and cupcakes. He think the cake didn’t turn out that great. It was flat as a doornail. I think the cake is good. I had two cupcakes earlier this evening. It tasted wonderful. He had some too.

11 PM - Miguel fixed some Mango for me. He brushed his teeth.

11:30 PM - I brushed my teeth. I went back to my desk. Miguel was curious about something. How come I mention he drank last month? Why is there are videos of it too? I gave him the brush off; let’s watch Silence Of The Lambs. I was not in the mood to talk about it. We watched the movie. Then, we went to sleep.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

19 January 2008, Saturday

This is a very short entry.

I have been sick all day long. Miguel took good care of me. He made me some scramble eggs with a bagel. We supposed to go to YouTube Hollywood Gathering from Noon to 5 PM. I didn’t felt like going at all. My temperature was 99.1 in the morning.

We watched Spiderman in the afternoon. We haven’t watch that movie. Last year, I saw Spiderman 3 with Brian and Peter. Spiderman 3 is the only Spiderman movie I ever saw. Now, I need to watch Spiderman 2.

I took my temperature in the evening time. It was 100.4. Miguel made some popcorn. I made a video of my temperature.

100.4 temperature

Miguel wanted to make a salad. I want a sandwich instead.

At night, I took my temperature. It was 103.1. I made a video in the restroom again. In the video, it was 102.0.

102.0 temperature

Friday, January 18, 2008

18 January 2008, Friday

8 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I stayed in bed for a little while. I went online. I watched some videos. I checked my AOL email. I got seven YouTube emails. I response to a few.

9:45 AM - I ate Rice Krispies for breakfast. Most times, I don’t use milk in my cereal.

10 AM - I watched The View. I put up some yesterday’s pics on myspace.

11:50 AM - Miguel finally wake up.

Noon - I Love Lucy came on FOX 11. Miguel washed the dishes.

12:30 PM - I watched EastEnders. Miguel joined me on the couch for the second episode.

1:40 PM - We walked to Vons. Miguel said something unbelievable; he haven’t drink in five whole months. Please! I know better! Whatever! He claimed I put him down for not believing him. My videos proved otherwise. The last time he drank was last month.

I took some pics. We got the glacier water first outside. I gave him the change. We went inside. We got two loaves of bread, bananas, tomatoes and milk. Miguel gave me $5. It costs $11.02.

2:15 PM - We went straight to the dry cleaners. I took some pics. He picked up his coat. This time, they did a great job. They didn't remove the two spots the last time. They didn't charge him for it. Since last fall, Miguel always go to that dry cleaners by my place.

2:25 PM - We got home. I am tired and hot.

Miguel wished he was dead. He doesn’t want to live any more. He had enough.

2:40 PM - Miguel turned on the TV. He took out the last pork chops from the freezer for tonight’s supper. He cut up the mango for me. It wasn't that good. I ate it any way. I had some crab meat.

I upload the Supper #1 video on YouTube. I haven’t put up a video in a few days.

supper #1

4:45 PM - Miguel turned on the heater for me. I waited for a while. I took a shower soon after. I felt so good now. A shower does it every time! I am freshly clean for my baby.

6:15 PM - Miguel started to cook. I will make a video of it!

7:40 PM - We ate the pork chops with corn and tomatoes on top. The rice was on the side. We watched Wheel Of Fortune and Keeping Up Appearances.

9 PM - I watched Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56. Miguel washed the dishes. David Letterman was on Mork & Mindy. I told Miguel about that! Miguel made some Jell-o and pudding.

I told Miguel about the Hollywood YouTube Gathering tomorrow at Hollywood/Highland mall. He is interest of going with me. I’m glad that he is going. I will have someone to hang out with. He is my first choice. We would have lots of fun. There are some tubers I am looking forward of seeing. I want to see GayGod. I talked with him a while back on Stickam. I don’t think Matthew Lush would remember. It have been so long. Of course, Cory aka Mr. Safety. He did the Mean Kitty song last year. That song was catchy. GayGod and Cory comes to my mind. Hmm, who else will be there?

12 Midnight - I watched Married...With Children. I went to bed. Good night!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

17 January 2008, Thursday

6:55 AM - I woke up. I heard the mouse in the bathroom. This time, I didn’t scare him. I said,” I’m coming! I’m coming!” The mouse went straight to the couch. I used the restroom. I went back to bed. I was still sleepy.

7 AM - Miguel asked, “Can I turn on the TV?” Sure, it won’t bother me. Almost every night, I fell asleep during the TV. It wasn’t that loud . I fell sleep again.

8:15 AM - I woke up. I got dressed. I started Today’s diary entry. Miguel gave me a cup of strawberry milk. We watched the news for a while. He changed the TV to Clifford The Big Red Dog on PBS. Sometimes, we watched that show in the morning.

8:40 AM - I asked, “You don’t want me to use your name?” Miguel said, “No. Everyone will read it.” Yeah, right. Not everyone know about the online journal. He wants to be call “The other half, lover, boyfriend, sweetheart and baby.” I mentioned Miguel is NOT a baby. He got upset by that. He believed that he is not MY BABY! Wah! Wah! I want my bottle! Wah! Wah! For crying out loud, He is an adult.

9 AM - I Love Lucy came on KCOP 13. Miguel fell asleep again.

11:40 AM - Miguel woke up.

Noon - I washed clothes. We watched I Love Lucy on FOX 11. Miguel washed the dishes. Miguel cooked a cake. It will be done by 1:15 PM.

12:45 PM - I put the clothes in the dryer. I gave Miguel his black socks.

1:15 PM - I checked the cake. It wasn’t done yet. Five more minutes.

1:20 PM - The cake was done. It smelt yummy.

Since the order fell through with J&R, I looked at Amazon for HP 750GB Personal Media Drive. I checked to be sure it was the right media drive. It sure was! It cost me $236.34 on Amazon. This time, I would get it next week. I can’t wait!.

1:50 PM - The clothes was done in the dryer. I put them on my bed. Miguel folded the clothes. He put the clothes away.

We had two pieces of cake. It was pretty tasty. Miguel sure know how to bake a cake!

3 PM - We watched Maya & Miguel on PBS. Once again, Miguel fell asleep.

3:50 PM - Miguel woke up.

4 PM - We watched the news on ABC 7. We checked out the Los Angeles Gay Center web site. He wants to find a job at the place. They will help to find him a job. He decided to go this Saturday.

He changed his mind at the last minute. We got dressed. We had a small fight. I wanted to change shirts. Miguel took it wrong. He was pist off at me. He demanded me to stay home. I explained I want to wear the green stripe shirt with my new hat. I looked fabulous with it.

5:10 PM - We left my place. Miguel almost pushed me in front of a moving car on Marathon. We waited for bus 2. He laughed about it on the bus. He admitted he tried to kill me. He said he would do it right the next time. He promised. He continued to laugh.

6 PM - We went to the gay center. Miguel looked for a job on the bulletin board. No luck. I took some pics of the gay center outside. I went back in. He came out of the restroom. I used it too. We went to Hollywood Blvd. Bus 217 was coming. The light turned green. We ran across the street. We caught it. We traveled down the street. El Capitan held Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. We couldn’t see any stars on the red carpet from the bus. There was a limousine thou. We got off Santa Monica/Fairfax.

6:30 PM - The ambulance zoomed down Santa Monica Blvd. We caught bus 704 to Highland. We went to the Village. Miguel looked at the bulletin for jobs. This time, he was successful. He got some phone numbers for the jobs. He was off to a good start.

7 PM - We left the Village. We saw bus 4 at the corner. We were about to jaywalk across the street. The police car just turned right on Santa Monica. We walked to the corner and crossed the street. We went home.

7:45 PM - We got home. I checked the mailbox. I ran down the stairs. I gave it to him. He asked about it earlier. Yes, we made a video. I opened the envelope. I got my bus ID. It was pretty fast. I applied for it about two weeks ago. Miguel made some mac and cheese and toast.

8 PM - We watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s. We never see that movie before. I looked up the movie on the web. That same movie paved the way for Buddy Ebsen to get on The Beverly Hillbillies. I found that movie rather boring. It didn’t hold my interest at all.

10 PM - We watched the FOX 11 news. Miguel fell asleep. I turned down the volume on the TV. I turned off the TV. There was nothing to watch.

11:05 PM - Miguel woke up. He ate some jell-o. He fed me some.

We watched Live Video Chat with Christine Devine on FOX 11 site. It was quite interesting. She worked for FOX 11 news for 17 years at night. She does the Wednesday's Child for 12 years. Here is a interesting adoptive fact about her. She was adoptive in a way. Her mother raised her with her step father, who adopted her. She doesn't want any kids right now. It won't be fair to the kids; she works at night. She is engaged to a musician.

Rick Garcia and her met at collage. She interned at the station Rick worked for. She sent him her audition tips for advice. Everyone get along with each other. Mark Thompson and Carlos Amezcua showed up too.

We watched some videos on YouTube. Miguel did the control thing. Nope, that was not the magic word. He said, “Please.” I gave the control to him. He turned on the TV. He watched Friends and Married…With Children.

12:30 AM - I went to bed. Miguel stayed up to watch more TV.