Monday, January 28, 2008

28 January 2008 Monday

9:15 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played spades.

10 AM - The View.

10:25 AM - The View was boring. Al Sharpton was on! Forget about that! I turned off the TV.

I saw a comment from a new subscriber, mymoosejaw, from Canada. This is his comment.

“You are one serious blogger. Very in depth - I just have to sub, I find it interesting over here J .”

I left a message on his channel. I said, “Thanx for subscribing. There is SOMETHING for everyone, even the damn haters! LOL”

I checked out his video, Jan 27, 2008 - Blog.

If I like someone’s videos, I will subscribe to them. They must have good interesting funny videos; not in that order!

I watched some videos.

10:40 AM - I heard some noise outside. It must be the apartment manager. I can pay my rent now. I looked for him outside. Man, it wasn’t him at all. It was some coin guy for the laundry. I checked the office. He wasn’t there. I went home.

10:48 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom.

10:53 AM - I noticed I got my first comment on World’s Worst Writer. It was from…..drums roll, please…..mymoosejaw, the new subscriber from Canada.

Dave Nicholson said... “I have never seen a more in depth blog in my life. Very cool.”

Ain’t that the truth!

I looked at his Blogger profile. Something caught me attention.

“As well I am disabled and living with pain. But this is not what defines me - I am able to create so I do so, is what defines me.”

I wished I learn that in my childhood. That is inspiration words to live by.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

Miguel made some eggs, toast and hot cocoa for me. He eve sliced up an apple too. He had his cereal.

11:40 AM - Miguel gave me the fifth season of Good Times. The fifth season? I told him to get the first season instead! He haven’t watch that season yet.

Noon - I Love Lucy on FOX 11.

12:10 PM - I looked at the dates. January 31st is this Thursday. I told Miguel that we need to buy our bus passes this Thursday. He thought I was talking about today. He mentioned I have the money. We can buy the bus passes at Lucy's. Thursday is the day!

12:23 PM - I tried the rent again. He wasn’t in the office.

12:30 PM - Miguel fell asleep during the second episode of I Love Lucy.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

1:35 PM - I put 200 Subscribers video on YouTube. I made it couple days ago. Now, I have 204.

2 PM - I turned off the TV. Miguel is still sleeping. I played Warcraft 2.

3:15 PM - Miguel woke up.

3:25 PM - I tried the rent once more. This is the last time too. No luck again. I checked the mail. It was mostly junk. The TV was on. Miguel gave me some mango.

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KLCS 58.

3:55 PM - Good Times.

I continued playing Warcraft 2.

4:30 PM - Someone knocked on the door. He hide in the bedroom. I answered the door. It was a neighbor about a fax machine. I told her I don’t have one.

5:20 PM - Shallow Grave.

Miguel have never see Shallow Grave at all. He really enjoyed the movie. He wondered when I see it first. I told him about 10/11 years ago. I first saw it when I was homeless. Tom Face rented that movie from Blockbuster. I used to have the soundtrack too. The music is awesome too.

7 PM - YouTube videos.

Miguel made a salad for me. He had the leftovers.

7:20 PM - I eat my salad. I turned on the TV! We watched the rest of Frasier.

7:30 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

Wheel Of Fortune wasn’t on tonight. We watched The Simpsons instead.

8 PM - Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann on ABC.

8:23 PM - I put the show on the other TV on the left. I don’t think Miguel can see the other TV that well. He need some glasses. So do I!

9 PM - Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56.

9:30 PM - Get Smart on KDOC 56.

Well, Get Smart is on for one hour starting tonight. I thought The Partridge Family was on.

9:43 PM - I finished my Warcraft 2 game. It was my second game of the day.

10:12 PM - I started a new game. It lasted til 11:47 PM.

10:30 PM - The Twilight Zone on KDOC 56.

11 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

11:30 PM - TMZ on FOX 11.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

I uploaded A car blindsided me video on YouTube.

a car blindsided me

A car blindsided me.

I could not stand up at all.

The pain was so great.

12:30 AM - Still Standing on FOX 11.

1 AM - FOX 11 Ten O’clock news.

Miguel finally came out of the restroom. He was there for a while. I put away the fingernail clippers. He caught me! Ooohhhh! Really, he hated my nails so much. I bite them a lot. He put some lotion on my nails, just like last night. He mentioned if I have the urge to bite the nails, put on some lotion.

Miguel didn’t want to watch the news. Hello, Miguel! We didn’t watch it at 10 PM or 11 PM! Most times, we watch the news at ten.

1:20 AM - Good night! I am going to bed!

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