Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 January 2008, Wednesday

7:45 PM - I woke up. I was surprised to see Miguel was already up. I thought he will sleep late. I used the restroom. He wondered how long it will take him. We checked the MTA site. It probably take him about 35 minutes. He fixed himself a bowl of cereal, Cheerios. He made me some hot cocoa.

8:07 AM - Miguel turned on the TV. Cory Gahan and his mother Patricia Johnston was on Good Morning, America. His father injected him with steroids few years ago. Hmm, the sins of the father. Now, the father is in prison.

8:13 PM - KTLA Morning News.

I gave him $60 plus $10 just in case. I will buy our bus passes for next month.

Miguel washed the dishes.

Kurt The Cyberguy talked about the newest digital cameras. He mentioned that Shutterfly has unlimited photo storage for free. Flickr on yahoo costs money yearly. I went to Shutterfly and immediately sign up.

9 AM - I Love Lucy

9:10 AM - Miguel left. I turned off the TV. I watched some videos.

10 AM - Shower time!

10:25 AM - YouTube videos again. I ate a bowl of Cheerios.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

11:14 AM - I tried the rent again. No luck whatsoever.

Noon - I turned off the TV. I uploaded another video.

There was once a guy

There was once a guy.
He has the world's greatest smile.
He made me happy.

12:25 PM - Miguel called me. I made a video of it. He missed the bus. He waited 45 minutes for the next one. He got lost. He took the wrong bus. He made his way to the place. He didn’t wait for that long. A lot of people was there. In five minutes, they saw him. He got there at 11:20 AM. The lady wasn’t there to do his stuff.; someone else did it. He mentioned that the $60 was for the new people. It was windy; he just left the place. The bus was coming.

first miguel's phone call of 2008

Miguel hung up the phone and call me back soon. He still want to go to the post office. I suggested this Saturday. We agreed Today. He said he will take the subway to Vermont. He changed his mind thou. He will take bus 2 or 4 to Alvarado. I will meet him there. I will bring some stamps for him. He hung up again. I got dressed and waited for his call.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives

I brushed my teeth. I opened the door. I checked the apartment manager. I didn’t went to the office. I just looked down his way. The door wasn’t open. He may be there. I will check right now. Nope! I saw a pink paper under his door. He haven’t come in today.

1:45 PM - I saw Miguel at the bus stop on Sunset/Alvarado. He claimed he was at Lucy’s. I doubt it. He was acting very strangely. I figured he had a drink somewhere. I bet he made up the story that he was lost. He was there so many times. He gave me back $20. I gave him his February bus pass.

Bus 704 came. We got on the bus. He thought he lost his bus pass. He found it in his pants’ pockets. We sat across from the side doors.

We went down Santa Monica Blvd. Now, he wants to go home. He kept on repeating himself. I said, “NO! We are going to the post office.”

We stopped at Vermont. It was his chance to go home. He changed his mind. We was going to the post office.

2:15 PM - Miguel passed out. He woke up. I told him to show me his bag, which he did. Surprise! There was no alcohol at all. He drank it before I saw him at the bus stop. I still can smell the alcohol on his breathe.

Miguel tried to see what I was typing on the blackberry. I quickly saved it. I showed him a different date. He couldn’t see it. His eyes was bad.

2:25 PM - We arrived at Highland, then La Brea couple minutes later.

I asked, “Did I gave you the bus pass?” He looked. It was behind January bus pass. He put it in front of January. I put it back. We only have two days left in January. He doesn’t need the February bus pass right now.

He wanted to kill himself. I asked, “When?”

2:30 PM - Fairfax Ave.

2:35 PM - La Cienega Blvd.

I moved back to the bus. We were by 24 Hrs Fitness. The bus wasn’t moving. Miguel came to me.

2:38 PM - We got off the bus. He need to use the restroom at Rage. I want him to go at the police station. He went to Rage. I took some pics of the post office. I wanted outside of Rage. There was no sign of him. I continued to type on the blackberry. Miguel scared me. I didn’t see him to walk out. He said, “Let’s go!” I wasn’t expecting that.

2:50 PM - We went to the post office. He wanted a pen from me. I didn’t have one on me. He found one in his bag. He wrote down my address. I took a quick pic of the post office again. I went back in. He was finished. I put stamps on the envelopes. We mailed them outside.

3:02 PM - Two 704 came. We got on the second bus. He asked, “Did you mail them?” Of course, I did. The bus driver asked to see his bus pass. He didn’t show it the first time. I hold his folder. He showed his bus pass. I gave him the folder.

3:09 PM - He dropped his folder on the floor. He picked it up. We arrived at Fairfax.

3:13 PM - He dropped his folder again. I offered to hold it, but he refused. We arrived at La Brea. I grabbed the folder at Highland.

3:45 PM - We got off the bus. We went straight home. It was cold and windy.

3:55 PM - We were home! We put on different clothes. We ate some cake. He drank some milk.

I noticed the time on the blackberry was wrong. I was five minutes off. I fixed the clock.

4:06 PM - Miguel passed out on the couch.

I had another piece of cake.

5 PM - I turned off the TV. Miguel was still passed out.

5:19 PM - YouTube videos.

6 PM - I checked the mail. Spam! Spam! And more spam!

6:25 PM - I tried Matthew Lush’s room again. That room was so boring. I left in five minutes! It was that bad! ROFL.

I deleted some subscriptions on YouTube. They hardly make videos any more. I went from 123 to 99. I may delete some later on. I don’t know when thou.

7:14 PM - I was about to videotape Miguel. He was passed out. Then, he woke up and saw me with the camcorder. He turned over on his stomach. Oh well. This time, I can’t! Drats! Double Drats! I put a TV dinner in the microwave oven. Miguel put on a T shirt. He got up. He asked, “Want me to make the ribs?” I told him no. It was getting late. He said, “Not for me.” He used the restroom. He put the ribs in the icebox.

Well, the microwave rang! Miguel took out the TV dinner. Man, it looked so terrible. I even took a pics of TV dinner. He fixed us some ribs for supper.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune.

7:43 PM - The fire alarm went off. Miguel tried to burn down my place! How could he? Is that how he treat me after I help him a great deal? That was so cold of him.

I jumped on the bed. I took down the fire alarm. The damn noise stopped. I put it back on. The noise started again. This time, I put it under the pillow! I opened the door for a while. I turned on the fan too. Few minutes later, he closed the door and went back to cooking again. The alarm remained hidden.

8 PM - American Idol.

We ate ribs, potatoes and a small salad. I had water; Miguel had milk.

9 PM - The Moment Of Truth.

9:50 PM - Miguel fell asleep.

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

I checked my AOL email. I have 18 emails from YouTube. I always get my YouTube mail on AOL.

10:35 PM - I turned off the TV. I put another video on YouTube. First Miguel's Phone Call Of 2008.

11:10 PM - Miguel woke up. I told him to turn off the heater. It have been on a few hours. He kissed me on the head, not that head! LOL. He used the restroom.

Miguel was worry about his taxes again. He put the right address and two stamps on each envelope.

11:15 PM - Miguel turned on the TV. The Simpsons was on.

Miguel saw this unpublished entry in the blog, “11:20 PM - I brushed my teeth. I put up the meat. We forgot to put it up after we eat earlier tonight.”

He said, “You didn’t put up the meat.” I said, “I was about to. I was going to before you woke up!” Miguel put up the meat instead.

11:20 PM - Miguel started to wash the dishes. I grabbed a toothpick. I used it in the mirror. There was some meat stuck in my teeth. I brushed my teeth. I walked up to him, hold and kiss him. He told me the dry off a big pan from the oven. I dried it off and put it in the oven.

11:30 PM - TMZ.

Miguel finished washing the dishes. He cleaned up the stove. That reminds me of…I still need to put in the fire alarm. It was under my pillow.

11:43 PM - Miguel ate some cherry jell-o. He gave me a bite! He gave me another bite. He finished off the jell-o. He put up the bowl in the sink. He got some twizzle.

11: 51 PM - I put up the fire alarm in the ceiling. I walked near the end of the bed. I fell down onto the couch. I hurted my right knee. Miguel started to laugh! That was cold hearted of him! He tried to find me with a flashlight! He pulled down my pants and kissed the moon!

Midnight - Married...With Children.

Miguel was cutting an orange for himself. I was about to turn off the desk lamp. He claimed he didn't need the light. The TV was bright enough for him. I went to sleep. Good night.

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