Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23 January 2008 Wednesday

8:30 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. Miguel scratched himself in his sleep on his right shoulder. I playfully scratched him. He complained I don’t wash my hands. He demanded me to washed my hands. I washed them.

8:40 AM - KTLA Morning News.

9 AM - I Love Lucy on KCOP 13.

Miguel feel asleep. He want to be very late last night. 5 AM!

10 AM - The View on ABC.

10:20 AM - I took a shower. I grabbed some jello for breakfast! Yes, jello! I watched some videos on YouTube.

11:25 AM - I heard Gabriel’s laugh outside. I decided to pay next months’ rent. I went to his office. He wasn’t there. He must be home; his shades was open. I went back to my place. Miguel was awake. I told him I will check the mail. I have three mail - Columbia House, Best Buy and J&R Music World. I put Columbia House in the dumpster. I went to my place.

I told him he has nothing in the mail. I opened up J&R’s letter. Well, I won’t do any business with J&R in the future. It doesn’t make any sense. HP Media Drive came yesterday. I will get my stuff from Amazon. I got some Best Buy coupons!

Miguel turned on the TV for Matlock. Once again, he fell asleep.

12:10 PM - Miguel woke up during Perry Mason.

12:15 PM - Miguel changed it to I Love Lucy for a little while, back to Perry Mason. I changed it back to Lucy. Miguel watch I Love Lucy all the time. I gave him back the controls after he rolled his eyes at me. He put it back to Perry Mason.

12:40 PM - Miguel is fixing some eggs for me. I walked by him. He mentioned there was double yolk egg again. It was from the same eggs. He said it was another patch. I used the restroom. I checked for Gabriel again. He was in his place. The broom and the thing was outside. He finished cleaning the sidewalks. Well, more rain is on the way. Black clouds are moving in!

1 PM - Miguel looked at some face products olyforyou site. He didn’t find what he was looking for.

Miguel came upon kattalien site. He should have notice the Miguel links. I told him let’s watch a movie or a TV show. He just laughed. He went to the couch. He said, “No.” I tried to convince him again. He wanted to watch the rest of Survivor. I popped in the DVD. I went to bed.

4 PM - Miguel started to make the chicken soap.

4:40 PM - Miguel turned on the other TV for Ellen.

I was playing with Miguel. He wondered what would with me. I said, “LEAVE!” he said, “You would be sorry to not to have me in your life.” He want someone new and young. Hey, guys! He wants some jailbait meat! LOL

5 PM - The Andy Griffith Show on KDOC 56.

6:30 PM - We ate our chicken soap. It was that good. We watched two episodes of Diff’rent Strokes. I always love Gary Coleman on that show.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune on ABC 7.

8 PM - American Idol on FOX.

We ate some valentine M&M’s.

9 PM - The Moment Of Truth on FOX.

10 PM - Fox 11 news.

10:30 PM - The Twilight Zone on KDOC 56.

11 PM - The Simpsons on FOX 11.

11:30 PM - TMZ on FOX 11.

Midnight - Married…With Children on FOX 11.

12:30 AM - Miguel washed the dishes. I watched YouTube videos! Miguel watched some TV.

2:20 AM - We finally went to bed.

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