Friday, January 11, 2008

11 January 2008, Friday

9 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the TV for I Love Lucy. I went online. Miguel soon woke up. He mentioned the mouse wasn’t caught. Maybe, it wasn’t a mouse. He cooked some eggs. He ate some cereal.

In the afternoon, we watched the first four episodes of Survivor: Borneo. We haven’t watch that season since the summer of 2000.

5 PM - We got dressed again, Miguel want to use the small cart for the milk and the water. Instead, I convinced him that we should go to Vons. I know we will buy more food. We walked to Vons. Miguel carried the cart with him. We got the water first, then shopped for the food.

Two times, Miguel stole someone’s cart for their food. I can’t believe it at all. He reminded of Carrie in that Thanksgiving episode of King Of Queens. Carrie asked this lady what foods she cook for thanksgiving. The lady refused because Carrie took her parking spot earlier. Carrie followed her around the store and get the same food. She missed something from the shelf. The lady was busy looking at a food, then Carrie stole her cart. That episode was pretty funny. We saw it yesterday.

Miguel checked the receipt outside. Something wasn’t right about the wieners. He took them back in Vons. I waited at the table. Miguel came back with some change. Those hot dogs wasn’t on sale. He got over $5 back. We were on the way home.

I mentioned we still need to get his clothes from the dry cleaners. We don’t know what time it was. I looked on the receipt at the corner. We had 15 minutes left. They close at 7 PM. We split up. I stayed on my side; Miguel crossed the street. We met up later at the corner. It took him a while. He left a shirt behind. They missed some spots on the shirt; he won’t have to pay for it.

We went home. I put up the food. Miguel cooked some pasta. We watched Keeping Up Appearances. We watched more TV shows. I went online and do today’s diary entry, then it is off to bed. That was our day.

Good night!

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