Tuesday, January 22, 2008

22 January 2008 Tuesday

Yes, I am still sick with the cold.

10:10 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played Spades.

10:30 AM - I checked my Amazon order. It is on the way now. I checked outside. There was no sign of UPS. I went back in. I got some jello from the icebox. Miguel was awake. I told him about UPS. He played with me, "Or tomorrow." I wanted to sock him with the spoon. LOL.

Miguel weigh himself; 141. I was 204.

11 AM - ABC 7 news.

11:30 AM - Matlock on KDOC.

Miguel asked.,“Do you tip UPS often?” No, I don’t. Miguel claimed I do whatever pleases me. Miguel said I don’t respect him because I have not delete his pic.

Noon - Perry Mason on KDOC. Miguel was sleeping.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives on NBC.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O on KDOC.

I played Warcraft 2. I started a new game. I finished the other game earlier today.

3 PM - Maya & Miguel on KCET.

The phone rang. Yes, it was about time! The UPS guy came with the package. I buzzed him in and meet him outside. He didn’t want no tips. I went inside from the cold. I opened up the package. I am quite pleased. I finished the game an hour or two later.

I put all thirteen scandisks on the computer, then the HP Personal Media Drive. All I can say…the Media Drive is a good profit. Everyone should get one. With the scandisk, I had 675 GB free.

Miguel took an shower. He made some bad awful terrible muffins! I wouldn’t eat them. One bite was good enough for me. It was the worst muffins I ever tasted. He even agreed with me! He cooked some burritos and made a salad. We watched Wheel Of Fortune.

8 PM - American Idol on FOX.

I put the last two scandisks on the computer, then the drive. In all, there are fifteen scandisks. That is way too many! I am so happy I ordered the drive. Now, I am at 669 GB free.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy and The Partridge Family on KDOC.

10 PM - FOX 11 news.

Miguel washed the dishes. I tried to to get something to download the videos from YouTube. I looked for it. I downloaded various files. I finally found my favourite, save2pc. I couldn’t remember the name at first. It took me a while on the web. Well, I can’t use save2pc as WMV videos, that part is not free. The search continues.

Midnight - my cold is bothering me. I am off to bed.

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