Saturday, January 12, 2008

12 January 2008, Saturday

8:30 AM - I woke up. I turned on the computer. I looked at some videos on YouTube. I noticed I am #1 on two lists. This is my first time to be #1 on TWO LISTS! The video is This Car Is Awesome!

#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - UK

#1 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - UK

I just made a video about that! Yes, folks! Hey, it was a milestone for me on YouTube!

this car is awesome

I looked at HP 750GB Personal Media Drive. I still want to get that. I called Brian on his cell phone. There was no answer. He must be in bed. I ordered the drive, but I didn’t push submit yet. I want Brian’s feedback before I do. I called Brian again. Brian was at work. He thought it is great for me. He wanted to product code. I txt him the code. I am waiting to hear back from him. Miguel woke up after 10:15 AM. Miguel cleaned the restroom.

11:30 AM - We watched Three’s Company. I always love that show since I was a lad. We watched the whole season; there were six episodes. Miguel fell asleep during the last one. I watched more videos.

I tried to find the mouse hole in the bathroom. I removed the containers from the storage area. There was no mouse hole at all. Miguel cleaned the kitchen. He cleaned under the sink too. There was a hole. He figured the mouse could have come from that hole. He set the glue trap by the hole.

After 3 PM - Brian finally called me back. He said that HP 750GB Personal Media Drive is the big one. I told him that HP wanted $303.09. He mentioned that I should go to Shopzilla for a cheaper price. J&R have them for $239.99. That is a great price for me. I ordered it from J&R. I saved about $40. I don’t think I will order from the main site any more. Most times, the main site will sell their stuff at the regular price.

I explained to Brian that I have over 14 Scandisk Memory Sticks; that is way too many! The Media Drive is perfect for me. I will only put my videos on the drive. I will use the scandisk for my pictures and music.

Miguel cooked some chicken legs and pork chops. He thought the pork chops was chicken. Oops, his mistake. He didn’t check it quite well. He fixed a salad too. Like always, the supper was delicious. We watched Good Times, The First Season on DVD.

Miguel washed the dishes. Most times, he does it. I don’t complain at all. He is very helpful around the apartment. He basically do everything. He put the chicken legs in the plastic bag. I made some room for him. I put up the chicken in the freezer.

That was our day. We supposed to look at some rugs at Marshalls. We didn’t want to. It was past 1 PM. We just stayed home for the day.

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