Friday, January 18, 2008

18 January 2008, Friday

8 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I stayed in bed for a little while. I went online. I watched some videos. I checked my AOL email. I got seven YouTube emails. I response to a few.

9:45 AM - I ate Rice Krispies for breakfast. Most times, I don’t use milk in my cereal.

10 AM - I watched The View. I put up some yesterday’s pics on myspace.

11:50 AM - Miguel finally wake up.

Noon - I Love Lucy came on FOX 11. Miguel washed the dishes.

12:30 PM - I watched EastEnders. Miguel joined me on the couch for the second episode.

1:40 PM - We walked to Vons. Miguel said something unbelievable; he haven’t drink in five whole months. Please! I know better! Whatever! He claimed I put him down for not believing him. My videos proved otherwise. The last time he drank was last month.

I took some pics. We got the glacier water first outside. I gave him the change. We went inside. We got two loaves of bread, bananas, tomatoes and milk. Miguel gave me $5. It costs $11.02.

2:15 PM - We went straight to the dry cleaners. I took some pics. He picked up his coat. This time, they did a great job. They didn't remove the two spots the last time. They didn't charge him for it. Since last fall, Miguel always go to that dry cleaners by my place.

2:25 PM - We got home. I am tired and hot.

Miguel wished he was dead. He doesn’t want to live any more. He had enough.

2:40 PM - Miguel turned on the TV. He took out the last pork chops from the freezer for tonight’s supper. He cut up the mango for me. It wasn't that good. I ate it any way. I had some crab meat.

I upload the Supper #1 video on YouTube. I haven’t put up a video in a few days.

supper #1

4:45 PM - Miguel turned on the heater for me. I waited for a while. I took a shower soon after. I felt so good now. A shower does it every time! I am freshly clean for my baby.

6:15 PM - Miguel started to cook. I will make a video of it!

7:40 PM - We ate the pork chops with corn and tomatoes on top. The rice was on the side. We watched Wheel Of Fortune and Keeping Up Appearances.

9 PM - I watched Mork & Mindy on KDOC 56. Miguel washed the dishes. David Letterman was on Mork & Mindy. I told Miguel about that! Miguel made some Jell-o and pudding.

I told Miguel about the Hollywood YouTube Gathering tomorrow at Hollywood/Highland mall. He is interest of going with me. I’m glad that he is going. I will have someone to hang out with. He is my first choice. We would have lots of fun. There are some tubers I am looking forward of seeing. I want to see GayGod. I talked with him a while back on Stickam. I don’t think Matthew Lush would remember. It have been so long. Of course, Cory aka Mr. Safety. He did the Mean Kitty song last year. That song was catchy. GayGod and Cory comes to my mind. Hmm, who else will be there?

12 Midnight - I watched Married...With Children. I went to bed. Good night!

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