Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16 January 2008, Wednesday

8:30 AM - I woke up. I played spades on the blackberry.

9 AM - I took a shower. I played spades again. I lost two games. Drats!

10:40 AM - Miguel woke up. He said, “You didn’t wake me up.” I got up from bed . I turned on the computer. I started today’s journal entry. Miguel used the restroom.

11 AM - We got dressed, not from having hot passionate sex. LOL. We went to the bus stop for bus 2. We got off on Vermont/Sunset. We went to the bank. I put some money in the account. We walked to the subway. We took the subway to Universal City. We took bus 150 to Marshalls. We looked at some rugs. We like one a lot. It will look good in the bathroom. We were this close of getting it. We put it back. We didn’t know what size of rug we get for the bathroom. We only brought caps. Miguel also brought a Marshalls bag too. We went outside.

We used the restroom upstairs. We checked out a Sushi restaurant. EIW! It look awful. I just don’t like sushi at all. We will eat somewhere else. We went downstairs to the parking lot. I took some pics of Marshalls. We walked down the street. We jaywalked across the street; Miguel didn’t want to walk in the sun. We walked to Vineland for bus 156. I thought we will take the bus to the subway. Miguel explained 156 goes to Highland/Santa Monica. The subway will take longer.

Miguel went to the gas station for a quick snack. The bus was coming. He didn’t have time to get the snack. We got on the bus. It was now 2 PM. We were both hungry; we didn’t eat breakfast. We got off on Highland. We waited for the bus. We noticed the rapid bus stopped at the old stop. That was odd. Boy, howdy! The bus sign was not there. They moved the sign back to the old stop. We walked across the street. Miguel went to get a roll of quarters and two scratch offs. We both lost! We waited about twenty minutes for the bus. We should have walk to Target!

We got off the bus. Eat now or wait. We changed our minds about McDonald’s and Carl's Jr. We decided to eat pizza at Target. We shopped around. We got some valentine M&M’s. I looked at TV shows. Miguel was more interest in the movies. I wasn’t planning of getting some movies. I got The George Lopez Show, The Karate Kid Collection and Spiderman. He grabbed The Silence Of The Lambs, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Sleepless In Seattle.

We looked at some rugs for the kitchen. The one I like was still there. I put it in the cart. Miguel looked at some underwear. He put them in the cart. He looked at some black socks. He put them in the cart. We decided to put some movies back. We can get them the next time. He looked for some face wipes. He couldn’t find his brand. He got a different kind. Then, we paid for the stuff.

It was time to eat at Pizza Hut Express. I picked out a pepperoni pizza. I get us a table. He came with the food. He got himself a hot dog. I got us Dr. Pepper to drink. We ate our food. Couple of times, he stole my pizza from my hand. He loves the crush part. Me too! He went to the restroom. He came back to the table. I was about to go, but I can wait. I put some plastic bags on the rug - top and bottom, not the homosexual kind. LOL. We left Target. We went down the escalator. Miguel heard the bus. We ran to the bus 4. We caught the bus on time. We sat in the middle of the bus from each other. We got to Vermont. We moved to the front of the bus by the side door. We got off the bus on Rosemount. Miguel brought the newspaper and two Cella's Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries. He ate his right away. I waited till home to eat mine. It was good. We finally got home at 5 PM.

I watched some videos on YouTube. I checked my email from J&R. It is very disappointing. This is the email.

Dear Kazz Falcon

Due to difficulties we are having trying to verify information with the bank that issued the credit card on this order, we need you to fax/email a photo ID (drivers license, passport or student ID etc") we need a main work number & business name where you can be contacted to verify your order. This will allow us to continue processing your order.

Our fax number is 718.507.3150, and business hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST.

For further information please contact our Credit Department at 800-292-2635 or 718-340-0397.

That really sucks big time. I was looking forward to get the HP 750GB Personal Media Drive. I don’t know why they had a hard time with my credit card. I used it today at Target and Marshalls. The credit card is good enough. Yesterday, I looked at my account. The pending amount was gone. It was there for a few days. I think I let Brian to order it for me again. I don’t think I will send them my photo ID at all. I order from Amazon too. I have never had any problems with Amazon at all.

Miguel put down the new rug. It looked fabulous. We were quite pleased with the rug. It goes nicely with the couch in the kitchen. Miguel put some foil on the window and the door. No one can look through the window.

Of all sickening things Miguel did in the past, he drown my bunny in the bleach water over an hour! Damn him! How could he do such a nasty thing? That was so mean of him! Really, the bunny have never been wash before. He just hung by the front door’s window. He washed it quite good. The bunny smelt so wonderful. Miguel hung the bunny from a clothe hanger to his death! Hey! That reminds me of Jesus Christ! LOL

8 PM - Miguel fixed some sandwichs for supper. We also had fruit from a can. We watched American Idol again. Miguel read the newspaper. We watched TV till bed time. We went to bed about 1:45 AM during Will & Grace. Good night.

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