Thursday, January 31, 2008

31 January 2008, Thursday

8:45 AM - I woke up. Miguel was already up. I got dressed. I used the restroom. I walked up to him on the couch. I asked, “Are you okay?“ He said, “I am praying.” I jumped back in bed.

9:08 AM - Miguel turned on the TV for I Love Lucy on KCOP 13.

9:13 AM - I turned on the computer.

Miguel fell asleep during the second episode of I Love Lucy.

10 AM - The View

10:12 AM - Miguel woke up. He claimed I woke him up. The motor mouth Miguel video woke him up. I said, “Go to my bed to sleep.” He refused. It smelt like piggy!

10:18 AM - He grabbed the Malt O Meal box. He put up the clean dishes.

10:22 AM - I upload another video on YouTube.

motormouth miguel

I told him that he was a motormouth. He wondered why. I said, “Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, (deep breathe), talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.”

He said, “You don’t like me any more.”

10:36 AM - Miguel brought over the Malt O Meal. It was almost to the top of the bowl. I said, “It was too much.” He got mad and stormed off. He said, “I don’t do anything right. It was too much. It was too little. F you!” I said, “Don’t get mad at me.” He said, “Shut up and eat!” He sat down on the couch.

I ate Malt O Meal. It was good. Miguel haven’t touch his yet. It was 10:54 AM. A minute later, he started to eat.

10:59 AM - Miguel asked, “Do you want to cook tonight?” I said, “Yes, I can make tuna helper.” He laughed, “I knew it. You could make something else.” I said, “Mac and cheese!” He laughed again!

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

11:30 AM - I tried the rent for the umpteenth time! No luck again! I might as well pay the rent tomorrow.

Miguel fell asleep during the news.

11:53 AM - I had 12 emails from YouTube on AOL.

Noon - I turned off the TV. I watched a video. Miguel woke up, saying, “My show is on.” I said, “You was sleeping.” I continued to watch the videos. He went back to sleep.

1 PM- Days Of Our Lives - Shirley Jones debuted as Colleen Brady, Shawn’s supposedly dead sister!

1:30 PM - I ate the leftover rib and a piece of cake.

2 PM - I turned off the TV. I watched some Rosie videos. I haven’t been to her site in two months. I like her since The Rosie O’Donnell Show in the late 1990’s. She was much fun to watch on The View last year. I missed quite a few videos of her. They were entertaining. Some I didn’t like that much.

2:37 PM - Miguel woke up.

2:50 PM - Miguel wants to get some cream for his lips at Target. First, he will take a shower, then we will leave. He also want to buy next month's bus pass too. How soon he forget! We already brought them yesterday. I got them at Lucy's. I won't tell him at all. I will play around with him! LOL.

3 PM - I played few games of spades in the bed as Miguel took a shower.

3:30 PM - Miguel got dressed. I mentioned we can go to Target tomorrow. It was getting late. He doesn’t want to. He took a shower. He want to go now.

3:50 PM - Miguel wants some money for the bus pass. I said, “No. We don’t need them..” He couldn’t believed I refused him. Well, I brought the bus passes YESTERDAY. There was no need to give him the money for something we ALREADY have.

I made a video called "I Confronted Miguel." YouTube will have the two part video. It was 18.48. That is too long for YouTube. I cut it in two parts. Part one is "Alcohol Make Some People Absent Minded" Part two is "The Question Is..." My blog have the uncut version.

(long uncut version)

It is such a shame that Miguel started to drink again. He was doing so good this month and this year. He haven’t had a drop of alcohol till 30 January 2008, Wednesday. I was so disappointed in him again and time again! He is just like Britney Spears; both doesn’t want any help!

Alcohol make some people absent minded. He completely forgot I brought the bus pass yesterday.

“See you later,” Miguel said.
“Do you want me to go with you?” I asked.
“Are you going to make up your mind? I‘ll be back. Can I….should I take the phone?” He asked.
“If you want,” I said.
“If I want,” He walked away to get the phone beside the bed.
“Do you want me to go with you? I can,” I said.
“No, I am going to stop by my friend, Richard.” Miguel folded the white shirt, “You never met Richard?”
“What?” I asked.
“Have you meet Richard?” He said.
“I think not,” I said.
“Yes, you did. Long long time ago. Oh, yes. You did,” he said.
“I did?” I asked.
“He does hair. He works at the salon by Circus Of Books. And you met him. Of course, you did. Remember that guy? The one time. That was long time ago,” he put his black shirt in the closet, “That long time. We went….we went to Smart & Final on Western. No. Smart & Final. What store was that? I try to remember.”
“You mean Western and Santa Monica.,” I said.
“Yes, Western and Santa Monica. It was that place,” he said.
“Yes,” I said.
“There was a couple in there. Do you remember? We talked for so long. You meet him and walked away. You was waiting for me,” he put on some lotion, “I knew Richard for a long time. Remember?”
“Yes,” I said.
“I looked for you. He was with his lover. And…I will ask him for $100 till I get my taxes. I don‘t like to be without money. I will call his house, then the salon. The last time I saw him when I was living right there. Michael live right there around the corner. He was like…he want to change place. He want to work somewhere else. I don’t know if he make up his mind. Damn it! Good. I felt so much better with the cream on my hands. It was so dry. All right. I’ll be back. You don’t want me to get the bus passes?” Miguel walked to the bathroom.
“No. We don‘t need them, Miguel,” I said.
I looked at the webcam, shaking my head.
“Come here,” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Come here,” I said again.
“No. I have the phone. I will call you later.”
“But…do not buy the bus pass. Okay.” I said.
Miguel turned off the kitchen light.
“Do not buy the bus pass.”
“No. I won’t. Bye.”
“Okay,” I said.
“Give me the money,” he demanded!
“We don’t have to buy the bus pass”
“I am going out. I can buy them.”
“Why not?”
“Why don’t you look at your thing, Miguel?”
“What thing?”
“Where you kept your bus pass.”
“Look. Look now.”
Miguel searched for his bus pass.
“Why?” he asked.
I turned on the lamp for him.
“Give me your bus pass,” I hold out my hand.
“For what? What do you want me to look at?”
“Miguel, give me that bus pass.?”
“For what?”
“I want to show you something, Miguel.”
He blabbers about the bus pass. He was still looking.
“Yeah. This is my bus pass. So? When it is due?”
I looked at the webcam and shook my head again. Miguel turned on the kitchen light.
“Oh! You brought them already. Ahhh! Baby, how come you didn‘t say that?”
“I gave it to you yesterday, Miguel.”
“I don’t remember. Did you?”
“So. The question is Why are u drinking again? Huh? Why are you drinking alcohol again?” I asked, angrily.

4:20 PM - Miguel left.

4:35 PM - I edited the new video. It took me over ninety minutes. Really, I wrote the transcript for the video. It is a pretty long transcript! That was only the first part. I still need to write the second part!

6:13 PM - I uploaded the first part of the video on YouTube.

alcohol make some people absent minded

6:30 PM - I ate some Pringles Pizza till supper time, whenever it may be.

6:35 PM - I watched more videos.

7:48 PM - Miguel called me. I switched on the webcam. I answered the phone. Yes, it was that drunk. He told me to let him in. I went outside. I opened the door. We went inside. I locked the door. He stood there by the sink. I told him to sit down on the couch. He refused. I told him again. He said, “No.” I guided him to the couch. I quickly used the restroom.

I heard a noise. I hoped it is NOT my webcam! He ate some cake. I sat down on my chair. I did the diary more. I noticed he had a towel on! As I type, Miguel tried to get the webcam from my desk. I shouted, “NO!” Miguel continued to eat all sorts of things - more cake, twizzles and Pringles - on the arm of the red couch.

8:02 PM - “Baby,” Miguel said. “What?” I asked. “Baby,” he said. He walked up to me. “Don’t kiss me.” He kissed me any way. He continued to repeat himself, “baby.” he ate some more. He turned off the light. He laid on the couch.

I got up. I put the cake container on the shelf. I grabbed his plate and the Pringles. I sat down again. I ate the Pringles. Miguel finally passed out on the couch.

8:20 PM - I went to the restroom. Miguel’s pants was on the floor. I looked at his pockets. He had two dollars and some quarters. I put the pants on the chair. I put the laundry basket on the ground. I went to the living room. I took out the camcorder. I filmed Miguel! Then I took his bag to the restroom. His bag was heavy to carry. I thought he has a bottle of alcohol.

I put the bag on the chair. I looked through the bag. Much to my surprise, there was NO alcohol bottle. Whoa! I saw the Target bag. It had two bags of chocolate candy and the cream for his lips. I found $5 in the bag. Yes, guys. I kept the 5. I saw my blackberry and put it on the chair. I looked at his change in the coin purse. I took six quarters. I left the Target bag out of the bag. I put the bag in the closet. I filmed the Target bag with the webcam. I opened up some candy. I took three pieces. I put the bag on the kitchen counter. I ate some candy.

9:04 PM - I watched a few YouTube videos! Then, I updated Today’s blog entry.

9:30 PM - Miguel was still passed out. I was bored out of my wits! I could watch some TV. Nah, forget about it. I may go to bed early about 10 or 11.

9:55 PM - I posted a bulletin on myspace. The nightmare is back with the latest video on YouTube.

9:58 PM - Miguel woke up.

“Baby,” He said.
I turned around.
“Hi! What?” I asked.
He didn’t answer me for a moment.
“Did you made supper for us?” He asked.
“No. You got home late.” I said.
“What time I got home?”
“9 O’Clock. It’s now 10 PM,” I lied.
“Are you going to throw me out?”
I turned around again.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
He was putting on his shorts.
"I am a bad boy."
"You can stay the night. Okay," I said.
"Tomorrow. Are you going to throw me out?"
"You can stay till you get your tax refund. Okay? When u get your tax refund, you can leave. Is that okay?"
I decided to take some pictures. I turned to the right and grabbed the camera.
"Miguel, smile! Smile. Look at me. Miguel. Look at me. Miguel. I want you to look at me. Say hi.," I took some pictures. "Do you want to eat?"
"Tomorrow, I will eat," He laid back down.
I took another pic.
I put the pics on the computer. I took one more pic. I put it on the computer. I can use the pics in this entry! Oh, yeah!

10:42 PM - I checked the phone log on the blackberry. Well, he called his old roomie/ex boyfriend, Mike, yesterday. I didn't knew that. I won't ask him about that. The moment he get his tax refund, he is outta here!

11:08 PM - Miguel woke up. He kissed me on the cheek.

“I win! I win! You didn’t cook! You didn’t cook.” he said.

He brought over the two bags of candy. He is so sweet. He used the restroom. He turned on the light. He made himself a sandwich. Alcohol makes him so hungry! He got a clean glass from the cabinet. He poured him some milk. He continued to eat. He walked to the couch with his sandwich and milk. Then, he went back to the kitchen to eat. He showed his sandwich and milk to the webcam. He continued to eat in the kitchen.

“Miguel, let’s talk.”

He didn’t say anything. He finished his sandwich. He brought his milk over. He put on “a drunken show” about the two bags of candy for the webcam. He opened up the other bag of candy. He unwrapped a piece. He stuck it in my mouth. He had one too. He finished off the milk. He put the blue glass in the sink. He turned off the light. He fell asleep again.

I decided to use a drunken show as my 4ooth video on YouTube. Why? It was very entertaining and funny!! I wasn’t expecting the drunken show at all. It was out of the blue. ROFL.

11:25 PM - I got up from the seat. I grabbed the candy. “I will brush my teeth,” I said to the webcam. Miguel heard me. I told him the same thing. He shook his head yes. I brushed my teeth.

11:29 PM - Miguel turned on NBC 4 news, then Friends on KTLA 5. I looked at Miguel. He pointed to the TV. “Friends is on.”

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