Friday, February 1, 2008

1 February 2008, Friday

8 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. It was cold. I jumped back in bed. I turned on KTLA Morning News.

8:50 AM - I noticed I have two new messages on the blackberry. It must be Miguel. Last night, I turned off the answer machine and the ringer on the black phone. I turned on the heater. I turned on the computer. I started today’s entry.

I saw I have a new comment on “Alcohol Make Some People Absent Minded

“Yeah. That’s what i say to my friend when they start it up again. " why are you drinking again"? They never really have an answer. do they?” - redshorty71.


They sure don't.

In the second part, Miguel refused to answer me.

I will NOT put up with his drinking any more.

Last night, I reached my boiling point.

He called me EVIL!

I kicked him out in the cold!

Now, that was EVIL!


9:25 AM - I deleted the last two entries of myspace blog. The dates was not in the correct order. It was Wednesday, then Tuesday! I kept my diary on blogger, myspace and live journal. The last two are behind. Blogger is my main blog.

9:40 AM - I ate some Cheerios with no milk!

10 AM - The View.

10:25 AM - I turned off the heater. I tried the rent again. He wasn’t in the office. I tried all week long.

10:30 AM - I put last night’s videos on the computer.

10:53 AM - I got up from the chair. My foot was caught in the wire. The camcorder fell down to the ground. DAMN! Few times, I do that!

11 AM - I filmed the messages from the blackberry. I was unsuccessful of receiving the voice mail. I tried about 20 minutes. I even try on my home phone. Even that failed! Oh well. I will never know what Miguel said on the voice mail. Then again, I don’t have to listen to it. I already know what he will say.

11:25 AM - I turned on the answer machine and the ringer. I don’t think I will answer his phone calls this weekend. We need some time apart. He need to hit rock bottom. I could do all I could do with him. I was there for him, but it wasn’t good enough. He must learn the hard way. He need to go down for the count!

11:34 AM - I got four new messages on the About forums. Two from Days Of Our Lives fans and two from Soap Opera Forum. I went to Days first. It was about The Bradys and The DiMeras. The family trees on that soap is confusing sometimes!

I went to Soap Opera Forum.

“Yup, I think we're very blessed to have been friends for such a long time.

E-mail is very convenient for staying in touch, but not everyone has a computer at their disposal, even in this day & age. If snail mail is the only way of keeping in touch, then that's what I do rather than losing out on the friendship altogether.” - Jermahon

She made an excellent point! Sometimes, the snail mail is the best way to go in the computer age! Like she said, not everyone have computers! Some doesn't have cell phones either. She have been friends with Al about 55 years. That is a long time to be friends. They met in the third grade!

11:55 AM - I posted a bulletin on YouTube - Alcohol Make Some People Absent Minded.

Noon - I Love Lucy on FOX 11.

I wrote down February on the rent check. I tried the rent again. No success. Oh, man! The rent is due today! I looked up to his apartment. The blinds was opened. I will leave the door open for a little while. I will try again after EastEnders.

12:14 PM - Someone was talking outside. I went outside. I couldn’t find them. The office was still closed. I walked toward my place. The people talked outside of the gate in the street somewhere.

12:30 PM - EastEnders.

I made a peanut butter sandwich. I closed the door. It was cold.

1:30 PM - I put the rent in a envelope. I walked to the office. I knocked on the door. There was no answer. I put the rent under the door. I went back to my place.

1:35 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

Claire was reunited with Belle and Shawn; the whole family was happy. John was about to stab Colleen. Marlena turned around. John hid the knife in his sleeze. Marlena dragged John over to see his grandkid. Bo let Colleen to have it big time. He wanted to press charges against her! Colleen admitted she tried kidnap Brady Black, John’s son, but Brady escape from her men before they kidnap him.

2 PM - I have 17 YouTube email on AOL.

2:42 PM - Miguel called me.

2:50 PM - I heard a noise outside. I went outside. It was the apartment manager, sweeping.

“Did you got my rent?”
“Yes. I got it from under the door.”
“Good. I wondered if you got it.”
“Your friend is here,” he said.
I looked at my right. Miguel stood against the building. I let him in.
“I thought you didn’t get it. I always give you the rent in person.”
He continued to sweep. Miguel was already in the place. I went in. He got himself some pants.
“Why don’t you take a shower?”

He refused to take one. He ate some food. He was very hungry. He almost passed out on the couch. He looked at me funny. He have that look in his eyes. He want to take a shower with me. I told him he can take one first. I don’t want one.

Miguel took a shower. I saw a alcohol bottle in the basket. I filmed it. I put it on the icebox. I put up the camcorder. Since Miguel was taking a shower, why not! I looked through his bag.

Oh, boy! I hit the jackpot! I found $400! Yes, I took the money. I know he will spend it on alcohol. Also, I found a jail bracelet and his arresting ticket. I took them to the desk and filmed it quickly.

4 PM - Miguel left again.

4:19 PM - Miguel called me on the intercom. I didn’t answer. Miguel called me on the intercom. He begged me to open the door. Please! No way.

4:25 PM - I uploaded my 400th video on YouTube.

$400 and a Jail Bracelet

4:40 PM - I deleted my 400th video. That video should be a RESPONSE to Zipster’s AA video. Miguel can relate to that video.

4:44 PM - I uploaded my 400th video on YouTube.

$400 and a Jail Bracelet

4:53 PM - Miguel called me. I didn’t answer. I looked through the window. He wasn’t there.

5:03 PM - Miguel called me. I didn’t answer.

5:07 PM - Miguel called me. I didn’t answer. I looked through the window. He wasn’t there.

5:11 PM - I checked the mail. I tossed it in the dumpster.

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