Monday, February 4, 2008

4 February 2008, Monday

8 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I played spades.

8:45 AM - I turned on the computer. I watched some videos.

I saw dreamer74fem’s video, Update on my excitement. She mentioned she have a new pussy. Her name is Fluffy, just like Miguel’s dog. I made a Fluffy video, dedicated to Stacey.

9:40 AM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He went back to sleep.

10:20 AM - I uploaded my Fluffy video! Stacey will love it!


10:45 AM - I had 14 AOL emails from YouTube.

11:30 AM - I haven’t seen any new slider9012 videos in a while. That was odd. I looked at my subscriptions. He wasn’t on the list. I went to his page. I clicked on subscribe again. OMG! He blocked me! Huh? Why? I have no ideal. I did nothing wrong to him. I just don’t understand.

11:45 AM - I checked cruise4ass email. I had 53 emails. Most of them was junk. I was down to 11 from Adam.

Noon - I Love Lucy on FOX 11.

I signed on AOL. I signed on Yahoo email. I signed on to Adam. I haven’t been to site since December.

12:13 PM - Charles Borromeo sent me a IM on yahoo.

Charles Borromeo: hey
cruize4ass: hi
Charles Borromeo: how r u
cruize4ass: just fine and u?
Charles Borromeo: horny. What’s up?
cruize4ass: me too. I made a date for 1. I need to leave soon for Long Beach thou
Charles Borromeo: your headed to lbc to fuck someone
cruize4ass: he want me to meet him at the bath house in long beach.
Charles Borromeo: oh cool
Charles Borromeo: how about later
cruize4ass: sure. I will let u know
Charles Borromeo: ok cool
Charles Borromeo: what time
cruize4ass: no ideal yet. I will keep u posted. see u later
cruize4ass: bye for now

I have no ideal who Charles is. I looked at his profile. His name is bi_guynheat. He has a pic. He is very good looking. I put his pic on the computer.

12:27 PM - I became invisible on yahoo.

12:29 PM - I signed off yahoo and went invisible as kattalien.

12:32 PM - I have three new Adam emails. I signed off.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

I baked a lemon cake. Miguel wanted a piece of cake last night. I didn’t make one. It was getting late.

1:25 PM - I put the cupcakes in. It will be done in 25 minutes.

1:30 PM - I ate a peanut butter sandwich.

1:55 PM - I took out the cupcakes.

2:05 PM - I put in the last patch in the oven.

2:07 PM - Miguel woke up.

2:09 PM - I tasted the lemon cupcake. It was quite good.

2:23 PM - Miguel turned the TV on to Hawaii Five-0.

2:35 PM - I saw dreamer72fem’s new video of her new pussy, Fluffy! The pussy looked cute.

3 PM - Maya & Miguel on KCET 28.

Miguel fell asleep during the second episode on KLCS 58.

4 PM - ABC 7 news.

5:33 PM - I have 109 YouTube emails on AOL. Most of them are my video responses to the Fluffy video! 97 emails was from me! LOL.

5:47 PM - Miguel woke up.

5:52 PM - Miguel ate a cupcake. It was really good. He really like it! That’s good to hear. I haven’t make any cupcakes in a while. He baked lots of cakes!

6 PM - The King Of Queens.

7 PM - That 70’s Show.

7:30 PM - Wheel Of Fortune.

8 PM - Dance War

9:10 PM - Miguel made some jello.

9:30 PM - 20/20 Special

9:45 PM - I have 6 YouTube emails on AOL.

11 PM - ABC 7 news.

11:30 PM - Friends.

11:31 PM - I uploaded My Girl Marry Me video on YouTube.

my girl marry me

Midnight - Married…With Children.

12:30 AM - Bed time.

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