Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 February 2008 Sunday

10 AM - I woke up. I turned on ABC 7 news. I used the restroom. I jumped back onto bed. Io played spades.

10:37 AM - ABC 7 mentioned Daily Confessions web site. I will try it! I have lots of confess about! LOL.

Time to Confess...

Spill your guts, give till it hurts, tell till you can tell no more!

1] Select A Category For Your Confession:
I picked V. Thou shalt not kill

2] Enter A brief Title/Description of Your Sin Here:
“attempted murder.”

3] Enter Your Confession Here - Keep It Brief! [Extra Points For Brevity!]:

I tried to kill someone few years ago. It was something I need to do. Sometimes, we need to do BAD things.

I clicked on I confess.

11 AM - I turned off the TV. There was nothing on. I have 6 emails on AOL. Two emails was SPAM! Don’t you hate that! I watched some videos.

NOON - I fixed some toast for lunch. I haven’t had any breakfast. I turned on the heater. It is too damn cold! Miguel woke up. He claimed it was too hot! Hello! I just turned on the heater couple minutes ago. Miguel laid down on the couch again. I went to the desk with my toast. Miguel got himself a cup of water.

“Can I have some money for a bus pass?”
“Why don’t you stay home? At least, for the month.”
“I need it to find a job.”
“Stay home. Just stay home and relax. If you want one, I can buy one.”
Miguel laid down on the couch.
“No. I think I better wait for the tax refund.”
“You don’t want one.”
“I will visit my sister. I get the refund. I will buy a bus pass for two weeks.”

I’m glad that Miguel doesn’t want a bus pass right now. He doesn’t look that good to look for some work. It is best for him to stay home for a while. He need to recoup and gather himself. He is still a mess.

12:27 PM - Miguel turned on the TV.

12:50 PM - I told Miguel that we should go for the milk and such before it’s rain again. He told me that he got up about 5 and it was raining.
I opened the door. The sidewalk was wet. I told him. He checked for himself. Yeah, let’s get the stuff! I don’t want to wait at all. I want to go right now. We got dressed.

12:52 PM - I have no mail in the mailbox.

12:57 PM - Soon, we left. We stopped by Lucy’s for the bus pass. She wasn’t in; be back in 10 minutes. We went to the corner market. We got the water first. I gave him $1. He thought the other water cost more. Nope, the same price.

We went inside the store. We got milk, lettuce, cumcumber and bananas. I used the credit card. We went outside. This latino guy want to sell Miguel something. I asked him what. Miguel mentioned two silver dollar for one dollar. I mentioned it was a rip off; probably fake. No one will see REAL ones two for one dollar.

We walked by Lucy’s.
“What are you forgetting?”
“Nothing. You forgot the bus pass.”
“You buy the bus pass.”
“No. you can,” I said. I gave him $100.

For the first time in my life, NOTHING COST ME $62! Wow! Can you believe that?

I waited for a while in the cold by the gate. I checked on Miguel. He was still waiting in line. He pointed at a latino woman. She was getting something, I brought the stuff in. I waited at the first table.

Miguel came to me.

“It took so long,” he said.
“She got a money order. I mean she send money through Union Western.”
“She got her tax refund. $4,000.”
“And you didn’t rob her. Why?” I laughed.

I insisted to take the cart. Miguel took it instead. This time, I had the milk and the bananas. It was the two milk. We left Lucy’s and walked down the street. Miguel wanted to go the other way. Once again, where is his brain?
“We can’t.”
“The wind is cold. Let’s walk that way.”
“What are you forgetting?”
“The newspaper!”
“That’s right!”
We continued to walk down the street.
“What did you forget? Huh! The bus pass! What did you forget? Huh! The newspaper. What did you forget? Your brain!” I laughed.

1:39 PM - We came to 7/11.

“Miguel, don’t forget to buy back your brain!” I laughed again.
Miguel came back with the newspaper.
“I forgot the get the newspaper at the market. 7/11 charges taxes. The market doesn’t.”

We went home. I saw a neighbor with his cart. He have the same ideal; shop before it rains. He even have his umbrella on his cart.

1:49 PM - I opened the gate. The strap got stuck on the door knob. Miguel let it go. I unlock the door. We went inside.

“Want some hot cocoa. It is cold,” he said.
“No. not right now.”

I put the milk and the bananas on the counter. Miguel mentioned the wheels are dirty. There was tire tracks. He cleaned it up. I saw down on my chair. He turned on the TV; Carol Burnett was still on. We watched the rest of KOCE.

2:14 PM - Miguel came out of the restroom. I showed him the watch.

“Where did you find it?”
“In the couch,” I said.

Miguel looked at the newspaper.

2:23 PM - Miguel want me to find an address. I told him to give me it. 701 Stone Canyon Road. He wanted to know how to get there. I looked on MTA site. Surprising, MTA don’t have the directions at all. I even tried the yahoo map. No luck either! I told him I want to look at the address. Miguel tore the address out of the newspaper and gave it to me. I looked for the address on yahoo maps. He come over. Hotel Bel Air was near UCLA. There was no way to take the bus up there. It probably a mile from Sunset Blvd. I looked up their web site. The drive was two minutes from UCLA.

2:49 PM - Miguel cut a mango for me. He mentioned it was not that sweet.

3 PM - That Girl.

Miguel fell asleep during the fourth or fifth episode.

5:10 PM - I stopped the DVD at the sixth episode. I put the crackers and peanut butter away. The bathroom was warm enough. I jumped in the shower. I was soaping myself. the toilet seat dropped, I looked outside. Miguel was leaving. "Miguel!" He closed the door.

Miguel heard the messages at the desk. The TV was on to America’s Ballroom Challenge on KOCE 50.

I came out of the restroom.

"why don't you delete them?"
"I want you to remember how many times I beg you to let me in."
"Don't be that way."
"You are that way."

I went back to the bathroom. I did my ears. I sat down at my desk. The messages was still going on.

6:10 PM - Miguel changed it to Wild Things on KLCS 58.

6:15 PM - He changed it to a movie on KCOP 13.

6:17 PM - I changed it to ABC 7 news. The weather came on. We will have more rain tomorrow!

6:23 PM - Miguel started to make the salad. He cooked some corn too.

6:27 PM - I installed AOL on my computer.

6:30 PM - Frasier

6:45 PM - we ate our salad!

7 PM - Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

8 PM - America’s Funniest Home Videos.

9 PM - Meet The Fockers on ABC.

9:23 PM - Miguel turned off the heater.

10 PM - Look at Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills web site. Miguel got the phone number. He called the hotel. They don’t have a job line.

10:33 PM - Look at Thompson Hotels web site. Miguel will go there for a job. We looked at the maps. It is near Santa Monica Blvd. and Wilshire Blvd.

11:08 PM - ABC 7 News

Miguel washed the dishes.

I was reading about Chris Crocker on Wikipedia. Miguel saw his pic from Leave Britney Alone video. He claimed that Chris is my "new boyfriend."
Little does Miguel know, Chris posted Chris Crocker's Internet Boyfriend Search!" on YouTube earlier this afternoon.

Hmm! Maybe, Miguel is on to something. Chris and I. It could happen, but I don’t think it would happen at all.

11:42 PM - Oprah

12:25 AM - I stared at Miguel for a while. he won't even look at me. i moved closed to him.

what's wrong?
why are u mad at me?
I am not. I am mad at me
You will find another job.
I am thinking of suicide without hurting myself.

Will he do it? He is already killing himself with alcohol. I don’t see why not. His life is falling apart.

12:42 PM - Comics Unleashed on ABC 7.

1 AM - Good night!

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