Tuesday, February 5, 2008

5 February 2008, Tuesday

6:45 AM - Miguel was awake when I woke up. The TV was on too. I used the restroom. I went to bed. I played spades. He changed it to KTLA Morning News.

7:20 AM - Miguel made some Malt O Meal. it was pretty good.

7:44 AM - Miguel changed it to Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Miguel wants to read the diary. I was busy reading the entertainment news on TV Guide site. He laid down on the couch and watched TV.

8 AM - Curious George on KCET 28.

8:30 AM - Clifford The Big Red Dog on KCET 28.

Miguel fell asleep.

8:53 AM - Miguel wanted to go to the post office tomorrow. I thought so.

9 AM - I Love Lucy on KCOP 13.

Miguel fell asleep.

9:30 AM - YouTube videos.

10:05 AM - The View on ABC.

11 AM - ABC 7 news.

11:19 AM - I decided to separate the journal dates. Kazz’s dairy was getting too long. I put all dates in their own document. Now, it’s easy to track all the dates.

Noon - I turned off the TV. I was about to watch I Love Lucy, but I changed my mind.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives.

1:11 PM - Miguel woke up. He used the restroom. He laid on the couch again. He think there is something wrong with him; he slept all the time. Hello! He watched TV all night long!

2 PM - I turned off the TV.

2:39 PM - I had the pasta leftover from last night. I watched some videos.

2:42 PM - I paused Stacey’s new video; they was cleaning outside of my apartment. I couldn’t hear the video.

3:08 PM - Miguel woke up.

3:22 PM - Miguel turned on the TV to Super Why on KOCE, then other TV shows.

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KOCE.

It was a repeat. We saw it yesterday. Miguel changed it to a Spanish talk show. Then, Maya & Miguel on KLCS 58.

4 PM - Reba on CW.

4:09 PM - I have 12 YouTube emails on AOL.

Miguel fell asleep.

4:54 PM - I looked for the TV controls on Miguel. Miguel woke up and scared me. I scared him too.

“What are you doing?”
“The controls.”
“I don’t have it.”
“I found it. It was beside you.”
He went back to sleep.

5 PM - ABC 7 News.

5:15 PM - Miguel woke up.

5:30 PM - Miguel decided to take a shower before me! Drats! He mentioned I can take one while he cooks. I got the pot above the sink. He need to use it for the microwave. He mostly use the stove. This time, the microwave! He jumped in the shower. I muted the TV. I watched more videos!

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