Saturday, February 2, 2008

2 February 2008 Saturday

3:45 AM - Miguel’s phone call woke me up. I went into the restroom. Miguel knocked on the door. I closed the bathroom door to use it. I walked in the kitchen. He called me again. I peaked through the window. He opened the door.

3:52 AM - I checked my 400th video. There was no new messages.

3:55 AM - I went back to sleep.

5:30 AM - I got up from the bed. I couldn’t fall back to sleep.

Miguel was on my mind.
Stacey was on my mind.
YouTube was on my mind.
Stickam was on my mind.
Suicide was on my mind.
Medication was on my mind.
Fame was on my mind.
Even the tabloids was on my mind.

5:33 AM - I watched some videos.

6:AM - I signed up for Twitter after seeing CountryComesToTown’s video, VLOG about Blogs, Vlogs, Twitter, Micro Blogging, Social.

6:10 AM - I am so bored! The story of my life! LOL.

I changed my home page on YouTube from Tripod to my blog. I want more people read my newest blog. No one hardly go to the Tripod web site.

6:16 AM - I got 11 new emails on AOL.

6:18 AM - Fabulouslove responded to my comment. I don’t want to deal with her. She is too hateful; she claimed I am no good for Miguel. Then again, I may read her message and tell her about my 400th video!

“Go get yourself locked up in an insane assylum.” - fabulouslove on I Could Have Been Murder.

no thanx.
I am having too much fun stealing money from Miguel!
watch my 400th video!
"$400 and a Jail Bracelet"

“But, he deserves BETTER than you. Poor kid is blinded by you.” - fabulouslove on Miguel's Phone Call.

are you that STUPID?
Miguel is NOT blinded by me.
His life is out of control.
He need to go down for the count!

6:33 AM - I was getting hungry now. I might as well eat breakfast.

6:37 AM - I fixed myself a bowl of Cheerios and some milk in a glass.

7 AM - Miguel called me on the intercom. Foolishly, I let him in. I noticed Miguel didn’t have his bag with him. He mentioned that someone stole it last night. I saw Ken upstairs going out with his dogs. Miguel and I went in. He continued to talk. He admitted he was in jail two nights ago. He forgot his coat at the police station.

7:30 AM - Miguel turned on the TV.

7:44 AM - Miguel used the restroom.

8:20 AM - Gimmie A Break.

Miguel fell asleep.

8:48 AM - I am getting sleepy. I think I sleep for a while. At least, try to.

11:10 AM - Miguel was already awake when I woke up. He turned on the TV to PBS 58. European Journal was on.

11:15 AM - “Do you want to watch a movie?” I asked. He didn’t answer. There is nothing to watch on TV right now. He fell asleep again.

11:27 AM - I turned it to KCET 28. Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies was on. I mentioned that he was on next. He saw an elephant. “That’s not me,” he said. “I say NEXT,” I said. A monkey ran across the field and up the tree. “That monkey is a clue.”

11:30 AM - Curious George.

“You! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey,” I continued, “Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!”
“You are the monkey,” he said.

Noon - ABC 7 News.

12:30 PM - Antique Roadshow.

Miguel walked up to my bed.
“Hi,” he said.
“My nose is bothering me.” He walked away, touching my feet. He laid down on the couch.

I tried to fall asleep. No luck.

12:53 PM - I got up from the bed and sat in the chair.
“I heard your paws.”
“My what?”
“I heard your paws,” he demonstrated with his hands. We both laughed.

1 PM - Road Trip With Huell Howser -Encinitas

2:50 PM - I looked at a movie site. They have good movies to watch. I turned off the TV. Meet The Robinson looks good. It is from Walt Disney.

3 PM - Meet The Robinsons.

4:50 PM - Halloween

The movie was in French! Hiss, hiss! We looked at more movies. They had Enchanted in Google video. Nah, it wasn’t full version and full screen. We settled on Date Movie. Even that movie was in another language. I thought I Love Lucy was on. TMZ was.

5:06 PM - ABC 7 news.

5:27 PM - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. 2:17.

7:44 PM - Wheel Of Fortune.

8 PM - Keeping Up Appearances.

I cooked mac & cheese. It was good.

8:30 PM - Friends.

Miguel fell asleep.

9 PM - Family Guy

9:45 PM - Miguel woke up. He ate some mac & cheese. I turned around. “Oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink, oink,” I said. He slapped me! Miguel used the restroom. He grabbed the last bagel. He ate more mac & cheese.

10 PM - The King Of Queens

11 PM - Mad TV

I have 14 emails on AOL.

“effing retard...I'm not watching any more of your nonsence...Miguel should have videos of his own where he can let out how he feels about everything.” - fabulouslove on I Could Have Been Murder.

You won't watch any more videos????
Thank goodness.
Then, I won't hear your hateful mouth!
There is a GOD!

one more thing thou.
the video i told u about.
"$400 and a Jail Bracelet"
I stole $400 from Miguel!
I am so sneaky!
He won't call the police on my ass!
I won't stop stealing from him either!

11:45 PM - I brushed my teeth. I took some pics and filmed my messy hair.

Midnight - George Lopez.

I went to bed. Good night.

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