Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/14/08 pics

I was thisclose of NOT taking the pics tonight. I didn't feel like it. I think I stop at the end of the year. It was down to the wire. I had 30 minutes to spare. LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12/13/08 pics

thesmiths1013 xmas card

thesmiths1013 xmas card

Xmas card from the smiths!

You can see my PIGGY nose in the video.

Oink! Oink!


omg! blood!

omg! blood!
I'm bleeding from my ass!
Why am I bleeding?

worst night ever!

worst night ever!

Last night was the worst night ever!
I kept on waking up!
I'm tired and sleepy.
I don't want to take a nap during the day.
It will be hard to sleep at night.
I don't like naps.
I think I was too damn hot to sleep.
I had the blanket on me.
That made me hot during the night.
Man, the fan was on too.
I should have sleep like a baby.
Wah! wah!

Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/08 pics

mongoos150 crappy weather

mongoos150 crappy weather

Some of u won't get the joke!


Here's a clue.

Nick is leaving the crappy weather behind in Scotland.

Nick is facing crappy weather when he get home to Los Angeles soon.

Rain is coming this week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

special xmas card

special xmas card

I got a very special xmas card from my best friend.

That was so sweet.

I hoped he calls me soon.

It's too bad he can't come over.

Man, I will give him a BIG HUG and I will kiss him all over!

Yeah, man, yeah!

Bye, bye!

12/11/08 pics

I don't think I will take any more pics of my head; it won't remain still as I take pics. Tonight, I probably took over 70 pics! I kid you not! LOL

slap madrosed

slap madrosed

madrosed working hard - eyes are getting heavy though

Man, do you know what she needs?

scareykatt @madrosed Slap! wake up! Slap! clean house! Slap! Cook supper! Slap! Walk the dog! Slap! Wash dishes! Slap! Dirty laundry! Slap! NOW! ROFL!

Monday, December 8, 2008

12/8/08 pics

2008 december 8, monday

10:30 am - I haven't went to the eye doctor yet. I just woke up. Last night, I went to bed about 3:45 am. I'm still tired and sleepy. I haven't eat breakfast yet.

I got a bright ideal. I got a wire. I stripped off the white part. I used it for my glasses. It's much better than the toothpick. LOL.

I may not have to see the eye doctor. I can buy the mini screw driver glasses kit. I think Walgreens have it. If not, Rite Aid.

11:08 am - abc 7 news.

Noon - I Love Lucy.

I'm freezing my ass off. I need to turn on the heater like now, right now! At this moment in time. I need to eat something too. I missed breakfast. Toast will do great.

I muted the TV. I watched some videos. I ate four toast. Yummy. My tummy was full.

1 pm - Days Or Our Lives

america's white trash

Hi, guys.
I'm America's White Trash!
Yes, guys.
This is a toothpick.
America's White Trash!
I noticed something was wrong with my glasses.
I took off my glasses.
The right lens popped out.
I can't believe it.
It have never happen to me before.
The screw was missing from the glasses.
Not my screw lose.
The screw is still in my tiny tiny tiny brain.
That's why I'm using this toothpick.
Hmm, I am America's White Trash.
I have no ideal of when and where I lost it.
Not my screw lose up here.
I looked everywhere for it.
I looked on the carpet, the kitchen and the bathroom.
I couldn't find it any where.
I need to see the eye doctor.
One more time, I am America's White Trash!

aim strange talk

aim strange talk

I had a very strange talk on AIM. This one guy IMed me first. Later, he claimed I was someone else. Huh? All this time, I was talking as scareykatt, not someone else.

IronedCoho (10:42:14 PM): Hey.
scareykatt (10:42:26 PM): hi
IronedCoho (10:42:50 PM): whats up?
scareykatt (10:43:05 PM): listening to ricky martin. what about u?
IronedCoho (10:43:13 PM): lol, ricky martin?
IronedCoho (10:43:39 PM): starting to get ready for bed.
scareykatt (10:43:45 PM): u betcha. i like his music.
scareykatt (10:44:15 PM): it is only 10:44 pm in LA
IronedCoho (10:44:32 PM): why are you in la?
scareykatt (10:45:18 PM): i gave up my cowboy hat for a hollywood star!
IronedCoho (10:45:50 PM): ridiculous.
scareykatt (10:46:48 PM): it is my weird sense of humor.
IronedCoho (10:49:18 PM): so are you in hollywood?
scareykatt (10:49:58 PM): yes. i am in silverlake, near hollywood
scareykatt (10:51:25 PM): i hoped i am not keeping u from your beauty sleep
IronedCoho (10:51:43 PM): nope, im normally up for a couple more hours anyway
scareykatt (10:52:14 PM): me too. i go to sleep about 1.
IronedCoho (10:52:18 PM): god damn interactive male commericlas
IronedCoho (10:52:22 PM): commercials*
scareykatt (10:52:57 PM): i wouldn't know. i hardly watch tv on the weekends. there is nothing to watch till sunday night
IronedCoho (10:53:10 PM): what do you watch on sunday?
scareykatt (10:53:55 PM): simpsons, king of the hill, family guy, american dad and desperate housewives
IronedCoho (10:54:05 PM): gotcha
scareykatt (10:54:34 PM): if i miss them, i watch it online
IronedCoho (10:54:48 PM): yeah
scareykatt (10:55:06 PM): how was your weekend??
IronedCoho (10:55:20 PM): eh, it was alright
scareykatt (10:55:34 PM): mine was peaceful
IronedCoho (10:55:51 PM): good deal, what'd you do?
scareykatt (10:56:03 PM): artist
scareykatt (10:56:07 PM): and u?
IronedCoho (10:56:20 PM): no, i mean, what'd you do this wekend
IronedCoho (10:56:23 PM): weekend*
scareykatt (10:56:55 PM): listen to music all weekend shopping
IronedCoho (10:57:15 PM): heh
scareykatt (10:57:38 PM): what about u?
IronedCoho (10:58:02 PM): worked
scareykatt (10:58:30 PM): it sucks on the weekends. all work and no play. lol
IronedCoho (10:59:49 PM): so, i wasnt smart enough to figure this out on my own... who are you?
scareykatt (11:00:36 PM): i wondered the same thing as u. i wouldn't even reply back
IronedCoho (11:00:56 PM): i like trying to figure things out and talking to new people
scareykatt (11:00:56 PM): u can call me pussy! lol
scareykatt (11:01:34 PM): i hardly talk on aim that much.....
IronedCoho (11:01:46 PM): i prefer aim.
IronedCoho (11:02:09 PM): and i imagine its really difficult to figure out who i am.
scareykatt (11:02:34 PM): AOL chat rooms are very boring as one wants to talk. they wants to be SEEN, not heard
IronedCoho (11:02:54 PM): i dont have aol, and ive never tried using aim to go into chat rooms
IronedCoho (11:02:59 PM): i just go with the good old IM
IronedCoho (11:03:13 PM): i can be entertained talking to one person at a time
scareykatt (11:03:21 PM): aim changed a lot.
IronedCoho (11:04:00 PM): i dont use it for anything else, though
IronedCoho (11:04:15 PM): ok, so we've gotten one thing almost out of the way -
IronedCoho (11:04:22 PM): i'm chris, and you are...
scareykatt (11:04:24 PM): i hardly use AOL either. with DSL, i have no need for AOL
scareykatt (11:04:27 PM): pussy!
scareykatt (11:04:29 PM): LOL
scareykatt (11:04:33 PM): kaz
IronedCoho (11:04:43 PM): kaz?
scareykatt (11:04:57 PM): yes, kaz is my name
IronedCoho (11:05:16 PM): is kaz short for anything??
scareykatt (11:06:00 PM): Kazanova
scareykatt (11:06:17 PM): as in casanova!!
IronedCoho (11:06:42 PM): lol
IronedCoho (11:06:45 PM): nice.
scareykatt (11:06:51 PM): hehe
scareykatt (11:07:01 PM): where u are?
IronedCoho (11:07:18 PM): new york/
IronedCoho (11:07:22 PM): upstate.
scareykatt (11:07:44 PM): kewl
IronedCoho (11:07:57 PM): so where'd you get my sn?
scareykatt (11:08:03 PM): my friend live there
scareykatt (11:08:20 PM): I never did. We have never talk before.
IronedCoho (11:08:53 PM): but you IMed me. so did you just type a random sn?
scareykatt (11:09:22 PM): u IMed me first this evening.
IronedCoho (11:09:33 PM):
scareykatt (11:09:35 PM): i thought u was a spam bot
IronedCoho (11:09:55 PM): " [01:42:43] AlchemicalCoho: Hi!
[01:42:43] *** Auto-response sent to AlchemicalCoho: i dont really like making art nouveau.
[01:42:50] ChrisTopPh34r: hi!
[01:42:50] AlchemicalCoho: hi
[01:43:13] ChrisTopPh34r: whats up?
[01:43:29] AlchemicalCoho: listening to ricky martin. what about u? "

IronedCoho (11:10:00 PM): you were the first IM.
scareykatt (11:11:38 PM): I have never talk or heard of ChrisTopPh34r. that person is not me
IronedCoho (11:11:46 PM): >.<
IronedCoho (11:11:49 PM): that's me.
IronedCoho (11:12:02 PM): you are apparently alchemicalcoho
scareykatt (11:12:21 PM): and i am not Alchemicalcoho
IronedCoho (11:12:32 PM): [02:12:45] AlchemicalCoho: and i am not Alchemicalcoho
IronedCoho (11:12:35 PM): then who are you
scareykatt (11:12:42 PM): i am talking to u as Scareykatt
scareykatt (11:12:48 PM): scareykatt
IronedCoho (11:12:57 PM): no you're not
scareykatt (11:13:08 PM): yes, i am scareykatt
IronedCoho (11:13:48 PM): it doesnt matter. anyway
IronedCoho (11:13:52 PM): whatcha doin
scareykatt (11:14:11 PM): listening to ricky martin and what about u?
IronedCoho (11:14:20 PM): still?
scareykatt (11:14:30 PM): of course!
IronedCoho (11:14:33 PM): ricky martin?
scareykatt (11:14:50 PM): yes, ricky martin
IronedCoho (11:15:04 PM): which song
scareykatt (11:15:30 PM): cup of life
scareykatt (11:17:12 PM): brb....someone is at the door
IronedCoho (11:17:18 PM): k
scareykatt (11:18:22 PM): g2g. it was nice talking to u. i have a visitor
IronedCoho (11:18:37 PM): um.. okay?
scareykatt (11:19:01 PM): have a great week. bye

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/7/08 pics

2008 december 7, sunday

2008 december 7

My sunday have been great so far.
The cops was here earlier.
First, I thought they was here for me.
Hmm, I wondered why.
It look like they arrested a guy for breaking into a apartment or what not.
I've no ideal.
I didn't stick around to find out.
I went to get some bread, milk and cookies.
Other than that, it's a peaceful day.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12/6/08 pics

I took my daily pics early. I usually do it at night. Why not early? I've nothing else to do. I'm still handsome as the druggie before. LOL

2008 december 6, saturday

I need some bread again. I lost the last one on the way home yesterday. Also, I need MILK too. I may get a new CART. I won't lose anything again. LOL

I better leave before I get too damn lazy to go anywhere!

11:49 am - Leaving! I waited for bus 4. I got off on Western/Santa Monica. I went to the 99 cent store, not the brand name one. I took down the pink cart. Yes, guys. I like PINK! The cart looked really nice and big enough. I brought it.

I went across the steet to Smart & Final. I put the cart in the shopping cart. I went inside to the cereal section. I grabbed a Frosted Flakes box. I put it inside the cart. That's great! The box can fit into the pink cart. I got one Rice Krispies and two Frosted Flakes. I waited in line. This one lady admired my pink cart. I told her where I got it. I showed her the address. She want to get one for her mother. I brought the stuff. I went outside. A guy begged for some money; he was hungry. I just walked away from him; I didn't want to give him some money.

I waited for the bus. Another lady admired my pink cart. I told her where I got it. I showed her the address. Soon after, another lady likes it too. I told her where I got it. The bus came. I was the last person to get on the bus. Suprising, the bus wasn't that full. The bus left. I saw my chance to get back to the bus. The bus stopped. I went to the back across from the door. I got off at my stop.

1:18 pm - Home.

2 pm - I ate doritos. It was my first time to eat all day.

I listened to music videos for the rest of the day. I hardly watch any TV on the weekends like u didn't know that already. LOL. There's no wonder the major networks stop showing originals on Saturday nights. Only Fox is still striving with the same lineup - Cops and America's Most Wanted - over ten years.

miguel best friend

miguel best friend

Hi, Charlie's mom.
This is my best friend, Miguel.
My best friend and I went through some rough patches.
It hurts big time.
I killed Miguel.
It was great to get rid of him like that.
I don't have to put him with his alcohol problem.
I can't wait for the second coming of Miguel.
We can start anew.
I missed having Miguel in my life.

Friday, December 5, 2008

oops! the bread!

oops! the bread!

Hi, Fluffy.
This morning, I went shopping at Vons with this cart.
I brought pop tarts, doritos, cookies and chips.
Man, there is one thing missing.
When I got home, I realized I lost the bread on the way home.
The bread was with the doritos.
I didn't know the bread was missing from the bag, Fluffy.
Oops. I forgot to tie the plastic bag.
Miguel ALWAYS told me to tie the bag.
I didn't look for the bread.
It was long gone, Fluffy.