Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 december 8, monday

10:30 am - I haven't went to the eye doctor yet. I just woke up. Last night, I went to bed about 3:45 am. I'm still tired and sleepy. I haven't eat breakfast yet.

I got a bright ideal. I got a wire. I stripped off the white part. I used it for my glasses. It's much better than the toothpick. LOL.

I may not have to see the eye doctor. I can buy the mini screw driver glasses kit. I think Walgreens have it. If not, Rite Aid.

11:08 am - abc 7 news.

Noon - I Love Lucy.

I'm freezing my ass off. I need to turn on the heater like now, right now! At this moment in time. I need to eat something too. I missed breakfast. Toast will do great.

I muted the TV. I watched some videos. I ate four toast. Yummy. My tummy was full.

1 pm - Days Or Our Lives

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