Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008 december 6, saturday

I need some bread again. I lost the last one on the way home yesterday. Also, I need MILK too. I may get a new CART. I won't lose anything again. LOL

I better leave before I get too damn lazy to go anywhere!

11:49 am - Leaving! I waited for bus 4. I got off on Western/Santa Monica. I went to the 99 cent store, not the brand name one. I took down the pink cart. Yes, guys. I like PINK! The cart looked really nice and big enough. I brought it.

I went across the steet to Smart & Final. I put the cart in the shopping cart. I went inside to the cereal section. I grabbed a Frosted Flakes box. I put it inside the cart. That's great! The box can fit into the pink cart. I got one Rice Krispies and two Frosted Flakes. I waited in line. This one lady admired my pink cart. I told her where I got it. I showed her the address. She want to get one for her mother. I brought the stuff. I went outside. A guy begged for some money; he was hungry. I just walked away from him; I didn't want to give him some money.

I waited for the bus. Another lady admired my pink cart. I told her where I got it. I showed her the address. Soon after, another lady likes it too. I told her where I got it. The bus came. I was the last person to get on the bus. Suprising, the bus wasn't that full. The bus left. I saw my chance to get back to the bus. The bus stopped. I went to the back across from the door. I got off at my stop.

1:18 pm - Home.

2 pm - I ate doritos. It was my first time to eat all day.

I listened to music videos for the rest of the day. I hardly watch any TV on the weekends like u didn't know that already. LOL. There's no wonder the major networks stop showing originals on Saturday nights. Only Fox is still striving with the same lineup - Cops and America's Most Wanted - over ten years.

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