Monday, December 8, 2008

america's white trash

Hi, guys.
I'm America's White Trash!
Yes, guys.
This is a toothpick.
America's White Trash!
I noticed something was wrong with my glasses.
I took off my glasses.
The right lens popped out.
I can't believe it.
It have never happen to me before.
The screw was missing from the glasses.
Not my screw lose.
The screw is still in my tiny tiny tiny brain.
That's why I'm using this toothpick.
Hmm, I am America's White Trash.
I have no ideal of when and where I lost it.
Not my screw lose up here.
I looked everywhere for it.
I looked on the carpet, the kitchen and the bathroom.
I couldn't find it any where.
I need to see the eye doctor.
One more time, I am America's White Trash!

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