Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 november 30, sunday

It was a NOTHING day again. I did nothing.

I didn't feel like going to church. I haven't been to this gay church in a long long time. That was few years ago when Pastor Nancy gave up the church took over and another pastor took over. I wouldn't say Pastor Nancy gave up; she got an promotion within the church orginization. I forgot what the promotion was.

When my old friend, Milton, visited me on the Barrack winning election day, I learned the church moved to a new location in Hollywood, near me, about 15 minutes on the bus. All this time, I have no ideal MCC moved to Hollywood. I figured they will stay in the gay neighborhood. They was right by the main clubs on Santa Monica Blvd.

I like Pastor Nancy very much. It wasn't the same with the new pastor. It didn't felt right. Pastor Nancy brought so much to the church.

Here is Rev. Nancy talking at the 40th Anniversary on October 6, 1968.

I did the same thing I did yesterday - watch videos! Ooohh! Very exciting!

11/30/08 pics

Saturday, November 29, 2008

2008 november 29, saturday

I didn't do that much today. I didn't have breakfast. I brought a bus pass at Lucy's. I exited Lucy's on the side and walked through the parking lot. I stood on the sidewalk for a little while. I didn't know what to do with myself. There was nothing to do.

I hardly have any friends to hang out with. Brian & Pete lives in the valley. They are very busy with their own lifes. Miguel is long gone; I killed Miguel last month. I don't have to put up with the alcohol problem. Killing Miguel was the best thing I ever did this year. Those three are my main friends. I lost touch with the other friends. I haven't see Mike or Taylor in years. Robert died from cancer about two years ago.

It is just me at the moment. Sadly, with no life at all. I am so dead right now. I wished I have more friends to hang out with.

I had frosted flakes with milk for lunch. I had pasta for supper.

All day long, I watched videos on youtube. I hardly watch TV on the weekends till Sunday night. There is nothing to watch. Sometimes, I will watch DVDs.

I found an subscription on youtbe. I couldn't think of his name for a few months. I realized watching the road trip videos, it may come back to me. Which it did an hour later! The name came to me out of the blue. It was lifejourneyguy. I enjoyed his videos very much. You guys will like his videos too. While you are at it, please subscribe to him.

11/29/08 pics

Friday, November 28, 2008

11/28/08 pics


police & bloody pants


Realistic is the key.

There's no wonder that the OTHER video site banned me!

To be a successful artist, u need to show the emotions as THAT person.

Just like the actors.

The art must be as good as the actors - very REALISTIC.

police & bloody pants

police & bloody pants

I have a message on November 24, 2008, my birthday.

He said, "You killed Miguel, You are going to prison forever. The police have been called and they have all of the information and all the videos. They will be coming to get you soon. Good bye Kazz, have fun in San Quentin..."

Man, I don't believe that.
The police will not arrest me.
It have been a few days since November 24.
By now, the police would have come to my place.
Have they?
That tell me one thing.
The police does not have any evidence.
I'm in the clear of any wrong doing.
Then again, I must get rid of the bloody pants before the police stop by.
See all the blood.
Man, I can not let the police get their hands on the bloody pants.
I will throw them away.
I can toss the pants in the ocean.
They will sink down to the bottom of the ocean.
Man, that is a great ideal.
Then, the police can not arrest me.
I will be free, free, free forever.
This pants right here.
I need to throw them away soon before the police come here.
Man, this is the only thing I need to get rid of.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25/08 pics

It have been one FULL month since I cut my hair.

I have never thought I will last this long.

Couple of times, I didn't want to keep on.

Monday, November 24, 2008

funny birthday ecard

My friends, Brian & Pete, sent me a funny birthday ecard. It was very cute.

Text for Ecard since it's hard to read on blue.

Dear Kazzanova,
Happy Birthday!!!....Wheew, we made it just in time!
Love, Peter & Brian

Click on this link.

I love the BONE candle the best.

He will eat the bone, instead the cake.


madrosed @scareykatt Happy Birthday - Hope your day is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

scareykatt @madrosed Thanx, guys! My birthday have been really nice. I did nothing today, except I made cupcakes. 39th year is off to a great start!!

thesmiths1013 - Happy Birthday Kazz, I wish you many more!!!!

(Sadly, some friends forgot my birthday.)

Thanx for all the birthday wishes, EVERYONE!

I really appreciated it very much.

It means the world to me.

I had a great birthday.

My 39th year on planet earth is going great.

I made some spice cup cakes.

There were very tasty; I have lots to eat for the next couple of days.

In closing, I do NOT celebrate birthdays AND holidays.

They are just another day for me.

11/24/08 pics

happy birthday

happy birthday

I can be 18 again on my TODAY'S birthday!

I gotta to love being 18 again.

I am 18 for life.

Happy birthday, KAZ

Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23/08 pics

2008 november 23, sunday

scareykatt Debating of where to go. DVDs at Target or milk at Vons. I have TINY milk left. I want That 70's Show 6-8. I saw 6 & 7 is on sale yesterday.

9:25 am - I left for the bus stop.

9:30 am - Bus 4 came. No thanx. It's a good thing I waited. Rapid 704 came couple minutes later. I was on the way.

I arrived at Best Buy. Yes, Best Buy. I checked out the TV shows. There was nothing I want.

Now, for the moment of truth. I ended up at Target! I checked out the TV shows. Family Guy was no longer on sale. Man, they have lots of second season of Family Guy. Yesterday, there was none. I looked at my list. I don't have That 70's Show 2, 6-8. I got 6 & 7. Season 8 was not on sale. I have two more seasons to get. Seasons 2 & 8. I might as well get 8. I didn't give the new guy, Randy, a chance in the original run. I thought Randy was a poor replacement for Eric &Kelso; I didn't find him to be that funny the first time around.

I checked the $5 movies. Superman Returns was there. I haven't see that movie. Therefore, it was a blind buy! ROFL. I heard it was good. I looked at the cups. I need one when I brush my teeth. I want a cup with a handle. I was on the way to the cashier. I heard a lady mentioned toothpaste. I realized I need to buy some toothbrushs. I gave my friend my last toothbrush last week. There was four in a pack; I got two of them! I paid for my stuff. I waited for the bus. I sat down for a while. My foot was killing me. I caught rapid 704. I went home.

11:24 am - HOME! I put up the dvds. I put a new toothbrush out and throw away the last two ones in the trash. I took off the shoes. I turned on the laptop. I was getting hungry. I haven't eat breakfast.

12:30 pm - I left for Vons.

1:10 pm - HOME.

1:50 pm - Toast for lunch. I missed breakfast.

1:53 pm - Family Guy on dvd.

I fell asleep couple of times during Family Guy. I was that tired. I watched Seinfeld first season. Love Seinfeld! I believed I fell asleep one time.

I checked the TV guide. 24 movie is on tonight at 8. I forgot about it. 24 wasn't even on last season because of the writer's strike. I had time to watch an episode of Saturday Night Live. Richard Pryor was the host. He was pretty funny. I love the Exorcist skit the best. The demon girl landed the bed on Richard's foot. Richard screamed, "The bed is on my foot!" That was classic.

7:13 pm - I put it on Fox. King Of The Hill was on. I already watch those episodes. I muted the TV till 24 comes on.

I ate a peanut butter sandwich for supper.

8 pm - 24.

10 pm - Fox 11 News.

11 pm - TMZ.

all evening long, I felt like I'm catching a cold. I don't feel that great either. I will go to bed soon. Hopefully, the cold would go away. Then again, the rain is coming tomorrow night. It may get worst before it gets better.

good night!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

11/22/08 pics

2008 november 22, saturday

All morning long, I worked on the next phase. Since vloggerheads blocked me, I have to go to a different direction for the time being. Craig is a likely choice. I got a new yahoo account, then I signed up for Craig. We need a email to post on Craig. I don't want to use my regular email.

Do you know what so damn funny? Vloggerheads convicted me as a murderer and banned me from the site. Man, what happen to innocense until proven guilty?? It's the opposite for Vloggerheads. Vloggerheads is the judge AND the jury, all role up as one.

All I can say...Vloggerheads made a BIG mistake! It will bite them in their ass! Of course, I will use it as my advantage. Vloggerheads won't get away with it. I promised!

1:23 pm - I left my place. I waited for the bus for a little while. I caught bus 4. I got off on Los Palmas. I went straight to the cybercenter. Oh, no! It was close. The hours was 9 to 1. Huh? I checked the web site before I left. the hours was 1-5 pm on Saturday. I didn't stick around. I left the building. The trip wasn't wasted. Target was an ideal! I need something from them any way.

This black guy asked for some change to buy something to eat. Nope! I don't carry any money on me. I looked down the street. It looks like the bus was coming. I sat at the bus stop. I got on rapid 704. I got off the next stop. I went to Target.

I looked TV shows. They got good deals. Some prices was $12.98. The O.C., Friends, The Simpsons, and others. Hmm, Family Guy is on sale too! I thought about getting some shows. I checked out the keyboards. I got a cheap one. I really don't need an expensive one. Hopefully, the keyboard can fix the monitor! For some reason, the old one can't fix the monitor. I tried lots of times. I decided a new keyboard may do the trick.

I went back to the tv shows. I saw the price tag. It was a good thing I came to Target. Today was the last day for Family Guy dvds. I got the first and third volume. The second volume was already sold out. I got in line. The cashier caught my attention. She scanned my stuff. She asked if the lipstick was mine. Nope. The lipstick was already there. I got my stuff.

I went outside for the bus stop. I noticed the bus was coming. It was the rapid. The other bus was still far away. I was planning to walk up the next block to catch it; lots of people was waiting for the bus. I started to walk. Rapid 704 stop and let the people off. KEWL! I was the first one on the bus. I wasn't expecting that. Everyone walked up to the same bus too.

I got off the bus on Alvarado/Sunset. I got the crackers out of my bag. I ate them on the way home.

3:20 pm - HOME! I turned on the laptop. I was still eating the crackers. I listened to the music videos from Nirvana, Guns N Roses and REM.

5 pm - Youtube Live!

7:05 pm - TV supper.

Friday, November 21, 2008

OMG! Vloggerheads banned me!

vloggerheads banned me

Huh? What the hell? I did nothing wrong at all. I don't understand.

This is the last thing i said...

scareykatt - The truth to be known...Miguel is dead four weeks ago.

I got rid of him for good.

I covered up my tracks; no one suspect a thing at all.

The police can't do anything about it.

I'm looking forward to the second coming of Miguel, just like Jesus Christ.

11/21/08 pics

2008 november 21, friday

breakfast - cheerios with a cup of milk.
lunch - crackers
dinner - two hamburgers.

Another slow day. I think I do nothing today, except web and TV. The weather is great today. It's sunny!

10:40 am - I posted beating up miguel on lisanovalive; linked to i beat up miguel.

i noticed a comment on my post, i killed miguel.


are you kidding me? I come over here from another site to find out you killed your boyfriend?

This is my response.

It was worth it.

Miguel is not in pain any more.

I won't have to put up with OUR alcohol problem.

The nightmare is dead and buried.

One of these days, i will see him again. This time, it will be HEAVEN!

11 am - ABC 7 news.

11:30 am - Y&R

12:30 pm - B&B

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives

2 pm - Hawaii Five-O

3 pm - I watch some videos.

4:50 pm - Shower time. I forget to put the towel on the shower pole. I stepped out. I grabbed the towel and put it on the pole. The shower pole accidentally came down! I think I pulled it down! Oops! I tried to fix it. It wasn't in the same spot. oh well. I can't fix it. I was dripping wet. I took the shower.

I dried myself off. I had trouble of fixing it. I realized what I went wrong. I screwed it the wrong way; it was quite tight. I fixed the pole. I watched the news for a little while. I muted the TV; I was busy online and watching videos.

6 pm - Family Guy.

The TV was still muted from 6 pm and beyond! I listened to the music videos on youtube.

7 pm - Two Men And A Half.

8 pm - Keeping Up Appearances.

8:35 pm - I checked my email. I deleted few of them. I got some email from vloggerheads. Kewl! More response from the Miguel Is Dead post. I went to vloggerheads.

Wouldn't you know it?


9 pm - As Time Goes By.

10:05 pm - Five minutes late for Are You Being Served; I finished listen to New Order.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008 november 20, thursday

breakfast - frosted flakes with cup of milk. I finished it off.
lunch - peanut butter sandwich.
supper - salad.

This morning, I watched all last week's Y&R episodes. I missed the first thirteen minutes of Y&R. That's okay. I figured I won't make it on time with last week's episodes.

Man, Y&R is pretty awesome this month. I hoped it stays that way. Sadly, it won't.

12:30 pm - B&B.

1 pm - Day Of Our Lives.

I unstalled yahoo messenger, aim, webcam, aol and norton from the laptop. I restarted the computer. I installed everything again except Norton. It's nothing but trouble for the laptop. Norton is a huge waste of money. I should have listen to Brian few months ago. I will wait for a while till I install Norton again. The laptop runs smoothly without it.

I watched some TV and videos on the web.

I read on Perez Hilton that Kelly Osbourne gave a homeless guy some money. I know that HOMELESS GUY! No kidding!

I left two comments on Perez.



I know that homeless guy.

I saw him many times before.

He carried two HUGE BAGS everywhere he go.


As long I saw him around, he have been HOMELESS for a long, long, long time.

Probably, over ten years.

Most times, i see him on the bus with his bags.

8 pm - Ugly Betty.

Another great episode!

I noticed a blog post, Miguel is dead? There was no comments yet. I wanted to be the first one with a comment. I carefully thought about what I wanted to say. As a writer, I need to word it right. You know, make it believable. That is a great way to get everyone's attention with the writing. All artists must do that always.

I didn't want to miss Ugly Betty. I put off my own response till the show was over. I had tears again. Ugly Betty does that. Justin wanted to see a broadway show with his friend, Randy. At school, Randy acted like a jerk again because Randy's other friends doesn't like their friendship.

Marc admitted the truth to Betty that she was the token latino. Betty doesn't believed him. She checked it out and refused to be at Yeti. She gave her chance to Marc. Daniel came through for Betty; she can go to Yeti after all with Marc since Marc and Betty works for different magazines. Marc & Betty made up; they are both happy for each other.

I refreshed the page. Damn! There are 12 comments on Miguel is dead post. Some people were talking about Miguel and me. They wondered if I really kill Miguel! LOL. My writing for the videos are brillant! I'm one hell of a actor too. The acting was so damn convincing!

I posted my comment. I made a separate entry for this blog.

Miguel is dead?

Miguel is dead?

Someone asked that question on a video site. Here are some responses.


William - what the heck? the second coming of Miguel?? wow
KimOsh - eh??? wtf?

That Girl PiP - This link isn't working for me

lima - a video of scarrykatt saying he killed miguel

That Girl PiP - Can you redo the link, video doesn't show and the link don't work, thanks.

KimOsh - how can you tell if someone is serious or just blowing out BS??

KimOsh - It reminds me of that AIDS guy on YT. He posted a video saying he infected 1500 black and latino women with the AIDS virus which turned out to be bullshit.
They arrested him when he posted a video claiming to have tainted Gerber baby food...the company pressed charges because it wasn't true and it sent people into a panic.
Many people called the authorities on that guy.

lima - I was reading some of his blogs, they are pretty messed up as well, talking about kidnapping a little girl, talking about giving people the aids virus, .... it's like one of those things were we are all supposed to believe its not true, but then makes you wonder if its really true.. making you think its not true.

lea - holy fuck

Irishlluv - I have no words
lima - i hate when I spell words wrong :(
vitalfinds - I've always assumed that it was a "movie" series.

scareykatt - The truth to be known...Miguel is dead four weeks ago.

I got rid of him for good.

I covered up my tracks; no one suspect a thing at all.

The police can't do anything about it.

I'm looking forward to the second coming of Miguel, just like Jesus Christ.

11/20/08 pics

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 november 19, wednesday

breakfast - frosted flakes with milk.
lunch - butter bread during Prison Break.
supper - tv dinner, pasta

11:30 am - Young & Restless

I started to watch Y&R again on my sister's birthday. I have not seen that soap over 9 months. All I can say...the soap is getting good once again.

12:30 pm - Bold & Beautiful

I watched B&B too. I haven't seen that soap in a long time.

1 pm - Days.

2 pm - I caught up the shows I missed this week. Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons and Prison Break.

I saw Katherine's furneral on Y&R from November 17. It was heartbreaking. I had tears! It was great to see the old characters, Liz, Brock, Dina, Danny, Tracy and few others. Nina was there too! She met the real Phillip the next day!

Then, I saw this month's Y&R episodes starting with November 3. Man, this sweeps month is great so far!

All day long, I saw 8 Y&R episodes! I'm a big fan! I missed a lot this past nine months. I learned that Noah is now a teen. Noah is Nick/Sharon's son. Yesterday, I read that Victor/Ashley's daughter, Abby, will be a teen shortly. Now, I know why. Y&R want Noah and Abby to be teens together! Abby is Noah's aunt and Noah is older than Abby. We have a new Billy. This Billy I like. I hoped this Billy stays. The last one was not that good.

I have one more week....last week's episodes. I saw November 7 cliffhanger, then I will be caught up for the month. The cliffhanger was awesome. Ashley finally found Victor at a church. Nick & Sharon met up at the coffee shop; Nick doesn't know Phyllis showed up in Paris!

Jill talked to Gloria and Jeff at the coffee shop. They told Jill that Kay was drinking again. Jill told Nikki to meet them at the bar. Everyone showed up at the bar. No one could believed she is drinking again. Amber called Kay on the cell phone. The bartender mentioned she wasn't there. Jeff showed Kay's picture to the bartender. He admitted she was there. Everyone was shocked. The bartender put Kay's cell phone on the bar; "please give her that." Nikki grabbed the phone and looked at it. She claimed the cell phone is Kay's. Nikki believed Kay fooled them all.

Kay & Marge was on the way to rehab in the rain. The rain was getting worst. Marge mentioned she can go tomorrow. Kay refused to take her home; Marge "may change her mind tomorrow." A bright light showed up. Marge grabbed the wheel and Kay crashed the car!

happy birthday, oldest sister

happy birthday, oldest sister

11/19/08 pics

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Days Of Our Lives - John & Marlena

I read Perez Hilton. I clicked next couple times. I noticed Marlena And John Get Axed From Days at #3 on most emailed list. Man, that is BIG NEWS in the soap world. Marlena have always been my favourite and I remembered John as Roman Brady in the late 1980's. Yes, guys, I am THAT old. I can't believed it.

Days of Our Lives stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are getting the axe, victims of the show's recent massive budget cuts.

That's right, they've been laid off!

Famous for their portrayals of the popular Marlena and John, the tempestuous lovers will "be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time," according to exec producer Ken Corday.

John and Marlena have been the top couple forever. They have lots of history together. They shared a child and a grandkid together. John recently returned from the dead and they got a divorce. Marlena and any Days fan does not like the NEW John. We like the old John better; the new John is too much like his half brother, Stefano DiMera, but John gave up his power, the mansion and the DiMera money to win back Marlena!

11/18/08 pictures

2008 november 18, tuesday

I went grocery shopping early in the morning. About time too. I have food to eat. I had nothing in the icebox. I brought enough TV dinners. Also, I got some soft drinks, fruit in the can, eggs and bread. I saved lots of money. I was hot. I relaxed for a while on the couch.

I decided to watch only B/W TV shows on DVD. It was kewl. I like B/W shows. I watched The Honeymooners, Hazel and Gilligan's Island. I still can't get over it; I thought all Gilligan's episodes was in colour. I don't remember seeing it in B/W as a lad.

Miguel called during Hazel. He told me that he is coming over for his mail. We hung up. I stopped the DVD. I went outside to look for him. I walked down the block. I looked down the street. Miguel wasn't coming. He supposed to be coming. It only take about 5 minutes from Dream Center to my place. Maybe, he called again. I went back inside. There was no message. I went outside again. I looked down the street again. Not yet. I went up to the next block. Nope. I only saw Dream Center. The place is one block from my place. It was getting hot. I went inside.

I ran into Gaberial. He was leaving his apartment and going to the office. I told him that Miguel is coming over for his mail and Miguel is in rehab. He wondered where. I mentioned Dream Center. He hopes it will work for him. Me too. He wants no more drama from Miguel. I mentioned he should know about Miguel; he would want to know.

Miguel came over with this guy; he can't go anywhere without a guy. You know the buddy system. That's a great ideal. They can keep an eye on each other. I gave him the mail. He read the lawyer's letter. I mentioned he need his ID and SS card. Miguel wondered about the red folder. He checked the bag and the grey box. It wasn't there.

Miguel called Michael about the red folder. Yes, he is pleased that Michael have it; he need it for tomorrow at 3:30 pm. He will pick up the folder at Michael's. Michael may go with him. He looked at his black folder. He saw the class reciepts. He mentioned he won't go to the class. He is taking the computer class at Dream Center. That's great. With the computer class, he can work in the office somewhere. Thank God! He won't work with alcohol any more.

Miguel was about to leave; he wanted some socks and underwear. The guy waited outside. Miguel wanted a brown bag. I grabbed one for him. I gave it to him. Miguel looked for the clothes. He put down the black bag on the bed.

"Where are the small socks?" he asked.

"At the bottom," I said.

I looked outside. The guy was against the rail. I told him that Miguel was getting some clothes. I went back to Miguel. He put the three underwear and some socks in the bag. We went to the restroom. He need some scissors and a new toothbrush. I gave him my last toothbrush. He put them in the bag. He need a nail clipper. I gave it to him. He was off till he remember about the money. I gave him $50. He refused. He wanted something smaller; two $20. I gave him $40; one $20, one $10 and two $5. We said goodbye. I walked out and told them to take care.

I haven't talk about Miguel. Man, he was looking good. He haven't look that good in a long time. His appearance is awesome. I like his hair. He is really getting his life back in order. God and Dream Center is taking good care of him. I haven't seen Miguel before Halloween. I'm quite proud of him.

I finished watching Hazel. Then, I watched Gilligan's Island. I ate a peanut butter sandwich. It was couple minutes till 4. I debated to watch Ellen at 4 pm. I figured I will only watch B/W shows today. I decided to watch Ellen. I saw enough B/W episodes. I put it on Ellen.

5 pm - NBC 4 news.

6 pm - Family Guy.

I read Perez Hilton. I clicked next couple times. I noticed Marlena And John Get Axed From Days at #3 on most emailed list. Man, that is BIG NEWS in the soap world. Marlena have always been my favourite and I remembered John as Roman Brady in the late 1980's. Yes, guys, I am THAT old. I can't believed it.

Days of Our Lives stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are getting the axe, victims of the show's recent massive budget cuts.

That's right, they've been laid off!

Famous for their portrayals of the popular Marlena and John, the tempestuous lovers will "be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time," according to exec producer Ken Corday.

John and Marlena have been the top couple forever. They have lots of history together. They shared a child and a grandkid together. John recently returned from the dead and they got a divorce. Marlena and any Days fan does not like the NEW John. We like the old John better; the new John is too much like his half brother, Stefano DiMera, but John gave up his power, the mansion and the DiMera money to win back Marlena!

7 pm - Two Men & A Half.

8 pm - 90210

9 pm - Dancing With The Stars.

10 pm - KTLA news.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 november 17, monday

I haven't had breakfast & lunch; I had a salad for supper.

I left home after 9:30 am. I was planning of going to some stores on Vermount & Hollywood. Instead, bus 4 came first. I thought of going to the 99 cent store on western, near McDonald's. I changed my mind. I went to Kmart. I didn't have to wait that long for the bus on Fairfax. It was coming toward the light. I ran across the street. The light changed. I ran to the bus stop. Bus 217 came. I noticed the rapid bus was behind bus 217. Nah, I don't have to take the rapid. I was in no rush.

I got off 3rd and Fairfax. I went to Kmart. I looked around. Nope, Kmart didn't have the cart. I went to Ross4less. They didn't have it either. I went to Farmer's Market for a little while. I checked out a store. No luck.

I went toward the Grove. Oh, man! Santa's Workshop is there in the middle of the street. I was about to leave for the bus. I changed my mind. I had my camera with me. I might as well to take pictures. Last year, I saw them to build the workshop. I believed I have some videotape. I wanted to go back few days later. Sadly, I didn't went back to take the pics.

I took lots of pics of the new workshop. I will post the pics in another post and make a video with the pics. I realized there was a Apple Store close by. I have been wanting to look at the iphone and the itouch for the longest time. I'm interest of getting either one of them. I checked out the iphone. The camera looked awesome! I took a pic of me. It turned out great. I was about to go upstairs. I looked at the left. I noticed the itouch. I checked them out. I didn't like the web on the itouch. The web was so tiny. The font was too small to read. A worker asked if I need some help. Nah. Not right now.

My legs and feet was getting tired. I walked back to the bus stop. Yes, the bus was coming! I came at the right time. I got on the bus. Off we go. I noticed that some store have the cart I need. No way! I won't get off the bus for it. My legs and feet was still tired. I decided to go with the original plan - Vermont & Hollywood. When I arrive there, I won't be that tire.

I got off the bus. I went to RiteAid. No luck again. I tried to use the restroom, but it was locked. I went to Jons. SUCCESS! Jons have the cart in three colors - red, blue and black. I tested out a cart. The wheels was so so. I checked out a second blue cart. Not so bad. I brought it. I went home on bus 4.

All right! I still have time for Days Of Our Lives. I don't want to miss my soap. I was home at 12:43 pm. Few minutes later, Miguel called me. We talked for a while. I taped the conversation too. We hung up the phone. The time was 1:08 pm. I turned on the TV for Days.

2 pm - I turned off the TV. Miguel didn't call me. He mentioned he would call me about 2. An hour passed, no Miguel at all.

3:08 pm - six episodes of Three's Company! Man, that show was funny. I laughed big time.

5:55 pm - Done with Three's Company. I checked the mail.

6 pm - Family Guy. I ate a salad.

7 pm - Extra.

7:30 pm - Access Hollywood

Miguel called me. He was working in the kitchen. That's why he didn't call me at 2. He wanted me to open up the letter from the lawyers. I read the letter. Man, he have an appointment this Wednesday at 3:30 pm. He must go to the meeting. If he don't show up, they will dismiss his bankrupty case, then he have to pay all the money! Sorry, guys. Miguel can't afford to pay or miss the appointment. I hoped the center will let him go for the meeting. We hung up the phone. I noticed in the letter that Miguel need to take his ID and SS number. Oh, m an! Miguel doesn't have a SS card. I hoped he can do without one.

8 pm - Dancing With The Stars.

9:30 pm - Samatha Who?

10 pm - KTLA 5 news.

11/17/08 pics

webcam again......this is my third time in a row. I may use the webcam from now on.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

2008 november 16, sunday

Breakfast - cheerios with glass of milk
lunch - peanut butter sandwich
supper - popcorn

I watched All In The Family and Taxi in the afternoon.

A neighbor wanted me help with another neighbor. I went upstairs. Dear lord! It was the fat woman with the wheelchair. Damn! She need help to get in her wheelchair. Why me? She is too damn fat. I can't lift her. It's not her fault. I am NOT that strong to do things like that. It's always best to get someone with muscles. I am not muscles. I am such a weakling.

Any way, I lifted her up. I could barely hold her. The lady suggested the other neighbor to grab her legs. It was some help. I couldn't do it all by myself. We placed her in the wheelchair. Her place was a big mess. No biggie. She couldn't clean that often. Oh, man! She had a big flat screen TV. Her TV was much bigger than my two TV together. I don't want a big screen TV. I'm quite pleased with my small TVs.

I made a video, I killed miguel. That video is one of my personal best. Yet, it's very disturbing too. Oh well. The police won't show up.

I watched The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Desperate Housewives and Fox11 news.

11/16/08 pictures

The webcam again!

I Killed Miguel

i killed miguel

Enough time has passed.
I haven't seen Miguel over three weeks.
I got rid of him for good.
Miguel is dead, dead and dead.
What a dream come true!
Now, I can reveal the truth.
I killed Miguel.
You heard me right.
Yes, I killed Miguel.
It felt so damn good.
It does not matter how I kill him.
The police can NOT do a damn thing about it.
I won't have to put up with his alcohol problem any more.
That life is over with.
Dead and buried.
The nightmare is gone from my life.
We can start anew.
I can't wait for the second coming of Miguel, just like Jesus Christ.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

11/15/08 pictures

I didn't use my regular camera, just the laptop webcam.

2008 november 15, saturday

Slow Day.

I edited a video. I posted beating up miguel on the web this morning. I even blogged about it. Tom took down the blog from vloggerheads. Huh? I was speaking my mind in the blog!

I have a feeling that the police/the fbi would pay me an visit about the video. They won't get anything out of me. My lips are sealed.

I watched DVD all afternoon. There is nothing to watch on the weekends, except the DVD. I saw Animaniacs, The Jeffersons and Three's Company. Those shows was my DVD fix. LOL

Breakfast - frosted flakes with milk.
Lunch - four butter breads.
Supper - pasta with barbercue sause.

I saw new video, Kitty opens the show. Stacey mentioned that someone wondered why she still lives at home. She moved back home because of a bad relationship, then her mother got sick. She wanted to take care of her mom with her dad.

I left a comment for dreamer72fem.

Hello, sweetie Stacey.

You gave me new perception about belonging and family. I have never saw it that way before.

1999 - sister moved into her boyfriend's place with her kids.

mom and me ended up roommates at my sister's old place.

i was against of living with mom. I won't be happy and i can't be myself. I didn't want to live with her.

sadly, i ran out on my mom.

Yes, guys! I ran out on my mom. Really, I secretly snucked out at night in the hard rain. I didn't want to live with her. I wasn't happy during the TWO months I lived in White Settlement. There was nothing to do. I didn't have any friends. It was the family and me. I felt like my mom wanted to control my life. No thanx.

I didn't left a Dear John letter for mom. I ran out on my mom to Hollywood in 1999. I haven't talk to them since then. I lost contact with them.

I got away with murder

beating up miguel

The police have NEVER arrest me for beating up Miguel.

I got rid of him before he could report the crime.

He went missing.

In other words, I got away with murder.

Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14/08 pictures

2008 november 14, friday

7 am - washed the clothes. I was about to go out today, but Miguel is calling me at Noon. That's why I did the laundry.

I checked my email. Brian gave me one free hour wifi at McDonald's. He won it in monopoly. That was sweet of Brian. I told him about Miguel.

8:05 am - drying the clothes.

8:40 am - I took out the lynch and restarted the dryers.

9:05 am - folded the whites.

9:30 am - folded the colours.

10 am - The View

11 am - ABC 7 News

Noon - I Love Lucy.

Miguel didn't call me. Maybe, they didn't let him to use the phone or eating lunch. That's okay. He will call me later.

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives.

3 pm - Oprah

4 pm - ABC 7 news.

5 pm - King Of The Hill.

Eating a salad.

6 pm - Family Guy

7 pm - Saturday Night Live - all 3 episodes on the second disk.

10:25 pm - Are You Being Served

11 pm - The Simpsons

Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/13/08 pictures

2008 november 13, thursday

Boring day!

I rested from grocery shopping at Vons. It's getting hot now. I brought 2 orange juices, pasta, cherry pie, lettuce & bread. Both cherry pies was crushed! I ate one on the couch.

I was getting cold. I turned off the fan. I continued watching KTLA news.

I watched TV throughout the day. I Love Lucy, Days Of Our Lives, Hawaii Five-O, Maya & Miguel, Oprah and more shows. I should put down my TV schedule in a separate blog. I won't have to repeat myself with the TV shows.

This afternoon, I checked my email. This fag sent me a nasty email. This morning, his screen name, TexasBoyWest, caught my attention. Hmm, why? I'm from Texas too. I sent him an email.

What part of Texas are you from? I gave up my cowboy hat for a hollywood star.

That's all I say. I noticed his hateful email.

TexasBoyWest: Fucking gross dude. Read my profile.

What the hell? I have no ideal why he was being so damn hateful. I was being friendly in my email.

I sent the bitch another email.

Why are you giving me attitude? Please stop giving me attitude. I asked you a simple question. What part of Texas are you from?

I just wondered what part of Texas. We may come from Dallas or Fort Worth. Oh well. I hoped he don't respond back. With attitude like that, who wants to be friends with the low life? Not me!

After 6 PM - Miguel just called me. He is staying at Dream Center. He will stay for couple more months for rehab. That's the best news I heard. I'm happy that Miguel is getting the help he needs. The rest is up to him. I hoped Miguel stick with the program. May God guide him through his recovery to a successful sober life. Also, he is going to class there too. All right!

"Are they treating you right?" I asked.


He asked about his ID and his papers. I don't think I have them. He wondered if Maricela call. Nope. I sent her an email few days ago; I explained Miguel does NOT live with me any more. I'm glad he finally call me. I haven't seen Miguel in three full weeks. It was good to hear his voice. He will call me again tomorrow at Noon. I was planning of going somewhere, but it can wait. I mentioned he have some mail. I told him what mail he has.

No, I didn't videotape the conversation. I wished I had thou.

I had a salad. I watched the last fifteen minutes of Family Guy. I watched Extra.

Great News!!! I found Miguel's ID. I don't have SS card thou. He need a new one.

I looked for the card. Nope. He need to get a new one. At least, he have his ID. That's good enough for right now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11/12/08 pictures

2008 november 12, wednesday

This will be another slow day. If there is nothing to write about, there may not be a blog on that day.

I checked my account. I noticed that LADWP haven't take out the money; $5.16. I looked at the web site. The water bill was paid few days ago; it was my first time to paid online. I think it will be couple more days it will show up on the account.

I ate some cinnamon toast for breakfast with a glass of milk.

I did the same thing I did yesterday - TV and the web.

I watched Prison Break and American Dad online. Prison Break was so intense. It was a great episode. American Dad was too funny.

I had some pasta for supper.

I watched a interesting program on PBS 28. Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work was the Queen's visit to celebrate the 400 Anniversary of Jamestown, the first English settlement in the Americas in 2007. The second hour was the white house with The President and the First Lady. The queen stopped by for the Kentucky Derby.

I couldn't stop watching that program. It caught my attention. My eyes was on the show! LOL.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

slow boring day

I watched TV and the web all day long.

That's all I did.

There is nothing to write when life is boring.


I need more friends.

Then, I could visit them.

I only have Brian and Pete.

I haven't see Taylor in ages.

Miguel is long gone.

I got rid of Miguel.

No one will hear from him ever again.

I have never been to Pete/Brian's new apartment since they moved earlier this year to the valley.

It is hard to meet new friends in person.

I don't think I will get more friends any time soon.

I am quite shy and complicated.

Lost 1.5 lb in a year

Both pictures for this date...November 11, 2007 AND 2008.

Yes, you read that right.

I lost only 1.5 lb in a year.

11/11/08 pictures