Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 november 18, tuesday

I went grocery shopping early in the morning. About time too. I have food to eat. I had nothing in the icebox. I brought enough TV dinners. Also, I got some soft drinks, fruit in the can, eggs and bread. I saved lots of money. I was hot. I relaxed for a while on the couch.

I decided to watch only B/W TV shows on DVD. It was kewl. I like B/W shows. I watched The Honeymooners, Hazel and Gilligan's Island. I still can't get over it; I thought all Gilligan's episodes was in colour. I don't remember seeing it in B/W as a lad.

Miguel called during Hazel. He told me that he is coming over for his mail. We hung up. I stopped the DVD. I went outside to look for him. I walked down the block. I looked down the street. Miguel wasn't coming. He supposed to be coming. It only take about 5 minutes from Dream Center to my place. Maybe, he called again. I went back inside. There was no message. I went outside again. I looked down the street again. Not yet. I went up to the next block. Nope. I only saw Dream Center. The place is one block from my place. It was getting hot. I went inside.

I ran into Gaberial. He was leaving his apartment and going to the office. I told him that Miguel is coming over for his mail and Miguel is in rehab. He wondered where. I mentioned Dream Center. He hopes it will work for him. Me too. He wants no more drama from Miguel. I mentioned he should know about Miguel; he would want to know.

Miguel came over with this guy; he can't go anywhere without a guy. You know the buddy system. That's a great ideal. They can keep an eye on each other. I gave him the mail. He read the lawyer's letter. I mentioned he need his ID and SS card. Miguel wondered about the red folder. He checked the bag and the grey box. It wasn't there.

Miguel called Michael about the red folder. Yes, he is pleased that Michael have it; he need it for tomorrow at 3:30 pm. He will pick up the folder at Michael's. Michael may go with him. He looked at his black folder. He saw the class reciepts. He mentioned he won't go to the class. He is taking the computer class at Dream Center. That's great. With the computer class, he can work in the office somewhere. Thank God! He won't work with alcohol any more.

Miguel was about to leave; he wanted some socks and underwear. The guy waited outside. Miguel wanted a brown bag. I grabbed one for him. I gave it to him. Miguel looked for the clothes. He put down the black bag on the bed.

"Where are the small socks?" he asked.

"At the bottom," I said.

I looked outside. The guy was against the rail. I told him that Miguel was getting some clothes. I went back to Miguel. He put the three underwear and some socks in the bag. We went to the restroom. He need some scissors and a new toothbrush. I gave him my last toothbrush. He put them in the bag. He need a nail clipper. I gave it to him. He was off till he remember about the money. I gave him $50. He refused. He wanted something smaller; two $20. I gave him $40; one $20, one $10 and two $5. We said goodbye. I walked out and told them to take care.

I haven't talk about Miguel. Man, he was looking good. He haven't look that good in a long time. His appearance is awesome. I like his hair. He is really getting his life back in order. God and Dream Center is taking good care of him. I haven't seen Miguel before Halloween. I'm quite proud of him.

I finished watching Hazel. Then, I watched Gilligan's Island. I ate a peanut butter sandwich. It was couple minutes till 4. I debated to watch Ellen at 4 pm. I figured I will only watch B/W shows today. I decided to watch Ellen. I saw enough B/W episodes. I put it on Ellen.

5 pm - NBC 4 news.

6 pm - Family Guy.

I read Perez Hilton. I clicked next couple times. I noticed Marlena And John Get Axed From Days at #3 on most emailed list. Man, that is BIG NEWS in the soap world. Marlena have always been my favourite and I remembered John as Roman Brady in the late 1980's. Yes, guys, I am THAT old. I can't believed it.

Days of Our Lives stars Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are getting the axe, victims of the show's recent massive budget cuts.

That's right, they've been laid off!

Famous for their portrayals of the popular Marlena and John, the tempestuous lovers will "be happily reunited after a long period of angst and separation and will be off-screen after January for an unknown period of time," according to exec producer Ken Corday.

John and Marlena have been the top couple forever. They have lots of history together. They shared a child and a grandkid together. John recently returned from the dead and they got a divorce. Marlena and any Days fan does not like the NEW John. We like the old John better; the new John is too much like his half brother, Stefano DiMera, but John gave up his power, the mansion and the DiMera money to win back Marlena!

7 pm - Two Men & A Half.

8 pm - 90210

9 pm - Dancing With The Stars.

10 pm - KTLA news.

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Hey what about I LOVE LUCY. That is a great show! I still watch it.