Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 november 21, friday

breakfast - cheerios with a cup of milk.
lunch - crackers
dinner - two hamburgers.

Another slow day. I think I do nothing today, except web and TV. The weather is great today. It's sunny!

10:40 am - I posted beating up miguel on lisanovalive; linked to i beat up miguel.

i noticed a comment on my post, i killed miguel.


are you kidding me? I come over here from another site to find out you killed your boyfriend?

This is my response.

It was worth it.

Miguel is not in pain any more.

I won't have to put up with OUR alcohol problem.

The nightmare is dead and buried.

One of these days, i will see him again. This time, it will be HEAVEN!

11 am - ABC 7 news.

11:30 am - Y&R

12:30 pm - B&B

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives

2 pm - Hawaii Five-O

3 pm - I watch some videos.

4:50 pm - Shower time. I forget to put the towel on the shower pole. I stepped out. I grabbed the towel and put it on the pole. The shower pole accidentally came down! I think I pulled it down! Oops! I tried to fix it. It wasn't in the same spot. oh well. I can't fix it. I was dripping wet. I took the shower.

I dried myself off. I had trouble of fixing it. I realized what I went wrong. I screwed it the wrong way; it was quite tight. I fixed the pole. I watched the news for a little while. I muted the TV; I was busy online and watching videos.

6 pm - Family Guy.

The TV was still muted from 6 pm and beyond! I listened to the music videos on youtube.

7 pm - Two Men And A Half.

8 pm - Keeping Up Appearances.

8:35 pm - I checked my email. I deleted few of them. I got some email from vloggerheads. Kewl! More response from the Miguel Is Dead post. I went to vloggerheads.

Wouldn't you know it?


9 pm - As Time Goes By.

10:05 pm - Five minutes late for Are You Being Served; I finished listen to New Order.

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