Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 november 13, thursday

Boring day!

I rested from grocery shopping at Vons. It's getting hot now. I brought 2 orange juices, pasta, cherry pie, lettuce & bread. Both cherry pies was crushed! I ate one on the couch.

I was getting cold. I turned off the fan. I continued watching KTLA news.

I watched TV throughout the day. I Love Lucy, Days Of Our Lives, Hawaii Five-O, Maya & Miguel, Oprah and more shows. I should put down my TV schedule in a separate blog. I won't have to repeat myself with the TV shows.

This afternoon, I checked my email. This fag sent me a nasty email. This morning, his screen name, TexasBoyWest, caught my attention. Hmm, why? I'm from Texas too. I sent him an email.

What part of Texas are you from? I gave up my cowboy hat for a hollywood star.

That's all I say. I noticed his hateful email.

TexasBoyWest: Fucking gross dude. Read my profile.

What the hell? I have no ideal why he was being so damn hateful. I was being friendly in my email.

I sent the bitch another email.

Why are you giving me attitude? Please stop giving me attitude. I asked you a simple question. What part of Texas are you from?

I just wondered what part of Texas. We may come from Dallas or Fort Worth. Oh well. I hoped he don't respond back. With attitude like that, who wants to be friends with the low life? Not me!

After 6 PM - Miguel just called me. He is staying at Dream Center. He will stay for couple more months for rehab. That's the best news I heard. I'm happy that Miguel is getting the help he needs. The rest is up to him. I hoped Miguel stick with the program. May God guide him through his recovery to a successful sober life. Also, he is going to class there too. All right!

"Are they treating you right?" I asked.


He asked about his ID and his papers. I don't think I have them. He wondered if Maricela call. Nope. I sent her an email few days ago; I explained Miguel does NOT live with me any more. I'm glad he finally call me. I haven't seen Miguel in three full weeks. It was good to hear his voice. He will call me again tomorrow at Noon. I was planning of going somewhere, but it can wait. I mentioned he have some mail. I told him what mail he has.

No, I didn't videotape the conversation. I wished I had thou.

I had a salad. I watched the last fifteen minutes of Family Guy. I watched Extra.

Great News!!! I found Miguel's ID. I don't have SS card thou. He need a new one.

I looked for the card. Nope. He need to get a new one. At least, he have his ID. That's good enough for right now.

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