Friday, November 28, 2008

police & bloody pants

police & bloody pants

I have a message on November 24, 2008, my birthday.

He said, "You killed Miguel, You are going to prison forever. The police have been called and they have all of the information and all the videos. They will be coming to get you soon. Good bye Kazz, have fun in San Quentin..."

Man, I don't believe that.
The police will not arrest me.
It have been a few days since November 24.
By now, the police would have come to my place.
Have they?
That tell me one thing.
The police does not have any evidence.
I'm in the clear of any wrong doing.
Then again, I must get rid of the bloody pants before the police stop by.
See all the blood.
Man, I can not let the police get their hands on the bloody pants.
I will throw them away.
I can toss the pants in the ocean.
They will sink down to the bottom of the ocean.
Man, that is a great ideal.
Then, the police can not arrest me.
I will be free, free, free forever.
This pants right here.
I need to throw them away soon before the police come here.
Man, this is the only thing I need to get rid of.

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