Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 november 3, monday

It was a very slow day.

I didn't do much.

I watched some TV.

I messed with the phone for a little bit.
I discovered that there is no way to rename my pictures on the cell phone.
That sucks big time.
I was hoping I could do it.

They need to put a FORWARD button on the phone for the web; it has a back button.
They might already have a forward that I don't know about.

They have no other choice for the clock; only the old fashioned clock.

I txt my long time friend, Milton, during I Love Lucy. I haven't talk to him in ages. I called him. It went to voice mail. I recieved a txt. He was busy, beating a deadline at work. He mentioned to call him after 2 pm, which I did. He haven't met the deadline yet. He would call me later.

That pretty sums up my day. It is now 6:20 PM.

Tonight, Dancing With The Stars, Samatha Who & the local news.

Talk to u later.

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