Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miguel is dead?

Miguel is dead?

Someone asked that question on a video site. Here are some responses.


William - what the heck? the second coming of Miguel?? wow
KimOsh - eh??? wtf?

That Girl PiP - This link isn't working for me

lima - a video of scarrykatt saying he killed miguel

That Girl PiP - Can you redo the link, video doesn't show and the link don't work, thanks.

KimOsh - how can you tell if someone is serious or just blowing out BS??

KimOsh - It reminds me of that AIDS guy on YT. He posted a video saying he infected 1500 black and latino women with the AIDS virus which turned out to be bullshit.
They arrested him when he posted a video claiming to have tainted Gerber baby food...the company pressed charges because it wasn't true and it sent people into a panic.
Many people called the authorities on that guy.

lima - I was reading some of his blogs, they are pretty messed up as well, talking about kidnapping a little girl, talking about giving people the aids virus, .... it's like one of those things were we are all supposed to believe its not true, but then makes you wonder if its really true.. making you think its not true.

lea - holy fuck

Irishlluv - I have no words
lima - i hate when I spell words wrong :(
vitalfinds - I've always assumed that it was a "movie" series.

scareykatt - The truth to be known...Miguel is dead four weeks ago.

I got rid of him for good.

I covered up my tracks; no one suspect a thing at all.

The police can't do anything about it.

I'm looking forward to the second coming of Miguel, just like Jesus Christ.

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