Sunday, November 16, 2008

2008 november 16, sunday

Breakfast - cheerios with glass of milk
lunch - peanut butter sandwich
supper - popcorn

I watched All In The Family and Taxi in the afternoon.

A neighbor wanted me help with another neighbor. I went upstairs. Dear lord! It was the fat woman with the wheelchair. Damn! She need help to get in her wheelchair. Why me? She is too damn fat. I can't lift her. It's not her fault. I am NOT that strong to do things like that. It's always best to get someone with muscles. I am not muscles. I am such a weakling.

Any way, I lifted her up. I could barely hold her. The lady suggested the other neighbor to grab her legs. It was some help. I couldn't do it all by myself. We placed her in the wheelchair. Her place was a big mess. No biggie. She couldn't clean that often. Oh, man! She had a big flat screen TV. Her TV was much bigger than my two TV together. I don't want a big screen TV. I'm quite pleased with my small TVs.

I made a video, I killed miguel. That video is one of my personal best. Yet, it's very disturbing too. Oh well. The police won't show up.

I watched The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, Desperate Housewives and Fox11 news.

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