Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 november 22, saturday

All morning long, I worked on the next phase. Since vloggerheads blocked me, I have to go to a different direction for the time being. Craig is a likely choice. I got a new yahoo account, then I signed up for Craig. We need a email to post on Craig. I don't want to use my regular email.

Do you know what so damn funny? Vloggerheads convicted me as a murderer and banned me from the site. Man, what happen to innocense until proven guilty?? It's the opposite for Vloggerheads. Vloggerheads is the judge AND the jury, all role up as one.

All I can say...Vloggerheads made a BIG mistake! It will bite them in their ass! Of course, I will use it as my advantage. Vloggerheads won't get away with it. I promised!

1:23 pm - I left my place. I waited for the bus for a little while. I caught bus 4. I got off on Los Palmas. I went straight to the cybercenter. Oh, no! It was close. The hours was 9 to 1. Huh? I checked the web site before I left. the hours was 1-5 pm on Saturday. I didn't stick around. I left the building. The trip wasn't wasted. Target was an ideal! I need something from them any way.

This black guy asked for some change to buy something to eat. Nope! I don't carry any money on me. I looked down the street. It looks like the bus was coming. I sat at the bus stop. I got on rapid 704. I got off the next stop. I went to Target.

I looked TV shows. They got good deals. Some prices was $12.98. The O.C., Friends, The Simpsons, and others. Hmm, Family Guy is on sale too! I thought about getting some shows. I checked out the keyboards. I got a cheap one. I really don't need an expensive one. Hopefully, the keyboard can fix the monitor! For some reason, the old one can't fix the monitor. I tried lots of times. I decided a new keyboard may do the trick.

I went back to the tv shows. I saw the price tag. It was a good thing I came to Target. Today was the last day for Family Guy dvds. I got the first and third volume. The second volume was already sold out. I got in line. The cashier caught my attention. She scanned my stuff. She asked if the lipstick was mine. Nope. The lipstick was already there. I got my stuff.

I went outside for the bus stop. I noticed the bus was coming. It was the rapid. The other bus was still far away. I was planning to walk up the next block to catch it; lots of people was waiting for the bus. I started to walk. Rapid 704 stop and let the people off. KEWL! I was the first one on the bus. I wasn't expecting that. Everyone walked up to the same bus too.

I got off the bus on Alvarado/Sunset. I got the crackers out of my bag. I ate them on the way home.

3:20 pm - HOME! I turned on the laptop. I was still eating the crackers. I listened to the music videos from Nirvana, Guns N Roses and REM.

5 pm - Youtube Live!

7:05 pm - TV supper.

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