Thursday, November 20, 2008

2008 november 20, thursday

breakfast - frosted flakes with cup of milk. I finished it off.
lunch - peanut butter sandwich.
supper - salad.

This morning, I watched all last week's Y&R episodes. I missed the first thirteen minutes of Y&R. That's okay. I figured I won't make it on time with last week's episodes.

Man, Y&R is pretty awesome this month. I hoped it stays that way. Sadly, it won't.

12:30 pm - B&B.

1 pm - Day Of Our Lives.

I unstalled yahoo messenger, aim, webcam, aol and norton from the laptop. I restarted the computer. I installed everything again except Norton. It's nothing but trouble for the laptop. Norton is a huge waste of money. I should have listen to Brian few months ago. I will wait for a while till I install Norton again. The laptop runs smoothly without it.

I watched some TV and videos on the web.

I read on Perez Hilton that Kelly Osbourne gave a homeless guy some money. I know that HOMELESS GUY! No kidding!

I left two comments on Perez.



I know that homeless guy.

I saw him many times before.

He carried two HUGE BAGS everywhere he go.


As long I saw him around, he have been HOMELESS for a long, long, long time.

Probably, over ten years.

Most times, i see him on the bus with his bags.

8 pm - Ugly Betty.

Another great episode!

I noticed a blog post, Miguel is dead? There was no comments yet. I wanted to be the first one with a comment. I carefully thought about what I wanted to say. As a writer, I need to word it right. You know, make it believable. That is a great way to get everyone's attention with the writing. All artists must do that always.

I didn't want to miss Ugly Betty. I put off my own response till the show was over. I had tears again. Ugly Betty does that. Justin wanted to see a broadway show with his friend, Randy. At school, Randy acted like a jerk again because Randy's other friends doesn't like their friendship.

Marc admitted the truth to Betty that she was the token latino. Betty doesn't believed him. She checked it out and refused to be at Yeti. She gave her chance to Marc. Daniel came through for Betty; she can go to Yeti after all with Marc since Marc and Betty works for different magazines. Marc & Betty made up; they are both happy for each other.

I refreshed the page. Damn! There are 12 comments on Miguel is dead post. Some people were talking about Miguel and me. They wondered if I really kill Miguel! LOL. My writing for the videos are brillant! I'm one hell of a actor too. The acting was so damn convincing!

I posted my comment. I made a separate entry for this blog.

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