Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 november 1, saturday

7 am - woke up. I watched some videos.

I remembered I have one week left to use the best buy coupons. I better use them pretty soon. I may use it on the anti virus. The anti virus expired last week or so. I looked for the virus on Best Buy and Norton sites. I need to use the coupons virus wisely. Once I used them, I can't get them back.

I think I go to best buy in person in the rain. Really, scattered showers.

9 am - shower time.

9:20 am - i finished the shower. I opened the front door. It was sprinkling. the raindrops to the ground. I took some pictures and videos of the clouds. Don't you love the clouds?

9:42 am - I went back inside. I turned off the radio in the restroom. I need to get ready and leave for best buy. hopefully, it won't rain while I'm out. I haven't had any breakfast. I will eat when I get back. I;m kinda hundry right now, but it can wait. The sooner I get back, the sooner I can eat. I won't be out all day.

10 am - I went to best buy reward site. I made sure I don't have any more coupons to print out. I only have $20 and $5. Both expired on November 8. Few days ago, I looked through my old papers. I found 3 coupons worth $45 from last year. DAMN! I didn't use them on time. I completely forgot about it. Two were $20 each and the other one was $5. I could have save $45. They expired on August 25, 2007. Damn! Double damn!

best buy reward certificates

10:35 am - Pete called me. He wanted to know what I was doing today. I told him that I was going to Best Buy. He invited me to a bakery on Brand by the Glendale Gallerie. They will be in the area for a oil change because they reached 10,000 miles on the car.

10:49 am - Bus stop. I realized I forgot the address at home.

11 am - I caught the bus.

11:03 am - I called Pete. I told him that I am on the bus and txt me the address. He didn't txt me the address. He mentioned to call him when I get off at the mall.

11:30 am - I arrived at the last bus stop behind the mall. I asked where Broadway is. The bus driver told me it is at the light. I got off the bus and walked to the corner. I called Peter. He wondered where I was. I was behind the mall on the corner. He told me some directions. I didn't know where EAST is. I wasn't sure which way to go either. I walked beside the mall. They were on the way to the bakery.

11:36 PM - I got near Nordstroms on Broadway and Central. We were still talking on the phone, then the phone died on me. DAMN! I was a boat without paddles. Now, I won't be able to find my way out of the storm. I walked down Broadway.

I came upon Macy's. I went into the mall to look at their directory. DAMN! They didn't have the streets on the map. I got a bright ideal. I cut across the new shopping center. I didn't have a chance to enjoy the new place. It was exactly like The Grove with trolly and the water fountian. I got lucky. On the other side was Brand. I walked down Brand on the right side. I stopped at 200 block. I didn't want to go any futher. My legs was getting tired. I walked for a while. I thought the bakery was on 100 block.

I headed back to other way. There was no sign of the bakery on this other end either. I didn't want to look any further. I was wasting time. I had no address. DAMN ME! I thought I brought it with me. I walked back across the new shopping center. I walked across the street.

12:13 pm - I waited for the either 180 or 603. I thought about taking 180 to Vine, then catch another bus to Best Buy. Instead, 603 is by Vons. I didn't eat breakfast yet.

12:28 pm - Bus 603.

12:59 pm - Vons.

The black guy was there. I went inside. I stopped by the bread. I looked for some dollars. I had enough to give the guy some money. I went outside and give him $3. I went inside. I got the bread. Hmm, the apple pie and cherry pie was on salel fifty cent each. I looked at the ice cream. Nope, it was not on sale. I looked at the shrimp. No sale either. I went back to the pies and I got two of both apple and cherry. I paid for the stuff. I went outside. The black guy shook my hand and thanked me for the money. I walked away and opened the apple pie. It was tasty! I walked home.

1:23 pm - Home.

1:30 pm - I called Brian. Hmm, some lady answered the phone. Oops, I think I dailed the wrong number. I looked on the phone. Well, it looks like Brian changed his cell number that I forgot to changed it on the phone.

1:35 pm - I looked for his number on the blackberry. I wrote it down. I called him. Damn! The cell number was not in service. That couldn't be right. I went back to bed. I wrote the number down right. I saw Pete's txt with a pic. HE took a pic of what they were having to eat at the bakery.

1:40 pm - I called him again. Double damn! That cell phone is not in service! I don't have his new cell phone any more. I txt Pete.

4:59 pm - Pete called. He wanted to to know if I want some company. Sure, why not! It's always good to have company. They mentioned they will be there in a little while. Kewl! I will still have some time to look at the cell phones. I looked at some on numerous sites this past hour or two. It came down to two. G1 phone and the Blackberry Storm. The Storm was coming out later this month. G1 was out few months ago.

A minute later, a strange voice called me. I thought it was Miguel, who returned from the dead. Nope! It was dear old Pete and Brian! They got me good. I stopped the webcam. I mentioned I looked at the phones. Pete sat down on the couch and Brian sat in the chair.

I gave Brian the laptop. he mentioned it was his first time to use it. True. I forgotten that. Only Pete use it couple of time. We played Chess on the laptop at McDonald's few months ago, That day I won't forget. This one homeless guy was so fucking drunk that he pestered me! I complained to the Mcd's workers, "KICK HIM OUT!" I was about to deck him one with the laptop! LOL.

Brian did some research on the G1 phone. He was impressed. It was a pretty good phone to get. I was so ready to get a brand new phone. The backberry was on its last legs.

"What took Hollywood Video's place on Western? Guess," I said.

Both couldn't guess at all. I showed them a pic from the camera. Drum rolls please! It was Tmobile! I'm there is one close by. The last time I took the phone back, Miguel and I went all the way to the valley. It took us an hour.

We made another decision. McDonald's, Tmobile or Tmobile, McDonald's. Pete mentioned Tmobile. We will look at the phone at McDonald's. We took the highway to Santa Monica. Damn! It took over 10 minutes to get off the highway. Man, lots of people was exiting the same way. Pete found a spot on the right side of the street. Man, this car couldn't back up for Pete; another car was already behind the driver. Instead, we parked in the parking lot. I put the camcorder in the trunk. We walked to Tmobile. Brian mentioned he felt like we were going to Hollywood Video; that felt very strange! HV was there forever.

The first thing was look at the phone. Briain pointed out that the display was in front of us. D'oh! Pete looked at the phones; Brian waited in line; I went back and forth to the displace and Brian. Yes, I was THAT EXCITED! We waited a good 15 minutes. Brian talked on my behalf. She mentioned she will be right back; she checked to see if the phone was in stock. Brian explained the phone was in stock; we called from my place earlier.

She was great; she went through everything and did an excellant job. I brought the phone. I picked 323; I always do. 323 is my number. Brian brought a brown case for his phone. It was the perfect size for his cell. Then, we were off to the car. We were undecided where to eat. Pete had some coupons. I didn't mind where we eat. We settled on McDonald's. It was down the street.

We went into McDonald's. Man, they really did amazing job; they changed the place big time. I haven't been to that McDonald's in a few years. It felt like school again! I waited at the booth. Brian came back. Pete talked to this black guy at the other end. Brian decided to wait for him. You guys already know what I was doing. That's right. Looking at my new phone.

Brian noticed Pete sat at the guy's table. They had a heavy conversation about something. Brian made up his mind; he will order for the both of us. I gave Brian $30 and wanted the big mac combo. Pete was still talking. Brian ordered the food.

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