Monday, November 10, 2008

2008 november 10, monday

7 am - I woke up and watched the KTLA news.

9:45 am - It was an adventure of searching for a cart. Man, I went all over Sunset, Santa Monica and Sunset again.

The first stop was Echo Park. I looked at Walgreens. They didn't have it. I came upon a rubik's cube key chain. I brought it. I went to the next door of the grocery store. I didn't knew it exist till Miguel and I went there last month or two. It was a really nice grocery store. They didn't have it either.

I went to the .99 cent store, the same one where I think I brought the cart. They only have one on the wall. No thanx. I went to the smally crappy God awful grocery store across from the new spanking one. No luck.

I waited for the bus. I thought about going to the REAL .99 cent store in silverlake. Bus 2 came. I stayed at the bus stop. Rapid 704 picked me up. I decided to look for the cart at Smart Final. I played the cube. I got off the bus on Western/Santa Monica. I realized there was another .99 cent store on the left side of Western. I crossed the street. I walked down the street. I came upon the store. I saw them on top. I took one down. I felt like it wasn't that strong. I didn't buy it.

I went to Smart & Final. I noticed a red cart by the exit. It was someone's else. I looked around. They didn't have any. I walked up to Western/Santa Monica. Hey! Home Depot was close by. The bus came. Forget it. A lot of people got on the bus. That bus was pack! I waited for the next bus. I got off at Sunset. I walked down to Home Depot. I looked everywhere for it. Suprisedly, there was none. I went to OSH down the block. Nope, I struck out again. I went to Food 4 Less. I looked around. I went to the frozen section. There were a role of carts on top. I took one down. I didn't like the feel of the handle. Even those wasn't that strong. I just went home.

12:35 pm - I was so damn hot. I looked at the time. 12:35 PM. Good. I didn't miss Days Of Our Lives. I ate frosted flakes and some milk.

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives. It was a good episode. Sami was nude and stuck in the bathroom. She didn't want to be nude in front of the FBI agent. She stayed in the bathroom, complained out loud and make noises. Bo and Hope discussed the murder case. They felt like Nicole is innosence; the prime suspect is still Max's sister, Melanie. Nick and Melanie celebrated her birthday. At the end of the show, Melanie wanted some cake. Nick went to get a knife and FLASHBACK! We learned that Melanie and Trent was fighting at the graveyeard. Trent pushed her down. She was black out. Nick saw everything. He got the knife from the ground and stabbed Trent in the back.

I saw Family Guy online. Pretty funny stuff. Stewie hates the new dog. I decided to send Marisela an email about Miguel. I told her that Miguel is no longer staying with me and I haven't seen him over two weeks. Few minutes later, she sent an email. She is sorry about Miguel and wished we will be friends no matter what. That is so nice of her.

3:30 pm - Maya & Miguel. Love that show. Miguel loves that show too.

4 pm - Ellen. I cooked tuna helper during the show.

5 pm - King Of The Hill. I ate the supper during the second episode.

6 pm - Family Guy.

6:35 pm - Pete called when I was in the restroom. I would call him later.

7 pm - Extra

7:30 pm - Access Hollywood.

8 pm - Dancing With The Stars

9:30 pm - Samatha Who?

10 pm - KTLA news.

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