Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 november 17, monday

I haven't had breakfast & lunch; I had a salad for supper.

I left home after 9:30 am. I was planning of going to some stores on Vermount & Hollywood. Instead, bus 4 came first. I thought of going to the 99 cent store on western, near McDonald's. I changed my mind. I went to Kmart. I didn't have to wait that long for the bus on Fairfax. It was coming toward the light. I ran across the street. The light changed. I ran to the bus stop. Bus 217 came. I noticed the rapid bus was behind bus 217. Nah, I don't have to take the rapid. I was in no rush.

I got off 3rd and Fairfax. I went to Kmart. I looked around. Nope, Kmart didn't have the cart. I went to Ross4less. They didn't have it either. I went to Farmer's Market for a little while. I checked out a store. No luck.

I went toward the Grove. Oh, man! Santa's Workshop is there in the middle of the street. I was about to leave for the bus. I changed my mind. I had my camera with me. I might as well to take pictures. Last year, I saw them to build the workshop. I believed I have some videotape. I wanted to go back few days later. Sadly, I didn't went back to take the pics.

I took lots of pics of the new workshop. I will post the pics in another post and make a video with the pics. I realized there was a Apple Store close by. I have been wanting to look at the iphone and the itouch for the longest time. I'm interest of getting either one of them. I checked out the iphone. The camera looked awesome! I took a pic of me. It turned out great. I was about to go upstairs. I looked at the left. I noticed the itouch. I checked them out. I didn't like the web on the itouch. The web was so tiny. The font was too small to read. A worker asked if I need some help. Nah. Not right now.

My legs and feet was getting tired. I walked back to the bus stop. Yes, the bus was coming! I came at the right time. I got on the bus. Off we go. I noticed that some store have the cart I need. No way! I won't get off the bus for it. My legs and feet was still tired. I decided to go with the original plan - Vermont & Hollywood. When I arrive there, I won't be that tire.

I got off the bus. I went to RiteAid. No luck again. I tried to use the restroom, but it was locked. I went to Jons. SUCCESS! Jons have the cart in three colors - red, blue and black. I tested out a cart. The wheels was so so. I checked out a second blue cart. Not so bad. I brought it. I went home on bus 4.

All right! I still have time for Days Of Our Lives. I don't want to miss my soap. I was home at 12:43 pm. Few minutes later, Miguel called me. We talked for a while. I taped the conversation too. We hung up the phone. The time was 1:08 pm. I turned on the TV for Days.

2 pm - I turned off the TV. Miguel didn't call me. He mentioned he would call me about 2. An hour passed, no Miguel at all.

3:08 pm - six episodes of Three's Company! Man, that show was funny. I laughed big time.

5:55 pm - Done with Three's Company. I checked the mail.

6 pm - Family Guy. I ate a salad.

7 pm - Extra.

7:30 pm - Access Hollywood

Miguel called me. He was working in the kitchen. That's why he didn't call me at 2. He wanted me to open up the letter from the lawyers. I read the letter. Man, he have an appointment this Wednesday at 3:30 pm. He must go to the meeting. If he don't show up, they will dismiss his bankrupty case, then he have to pay all the money! Sorry, guys. Miguel can't afford to pay or miss the appointment. I hoped the center will let him go for the meeting. We hung up the phone. I noticed in the letter that Miguel need to take his ID and SS number. Oh, m an! Miguel doesn't have a SS card. I hoped he can do without one.

8 pm - Dancing With The Stars.

9:30 pm - Samatha Who?

10 pm - KTLA 5 news.

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