Saturday, November 15, 2008

2008 november 15, saturday

Slow Day.

I edited a video. I posted beating up miguel on the web this morning. I even blogged about it. Tom took down the blog from vloggerheads. Huh? I was speaking my mind in the blog!

I have a feeling that the police/the fbi would pay me an visit about the video. They won't get anything out of me. My lips are sealed.

I watched DVD all afternoon. There is nothing to watch on the weekends, except the DVD. I saw Animaniacs, The Jeffersons and Three's Company. Those shows was my DVD fix. LOL

Breakfast - frosted flakes with milk.
Lunch - four butter breads.
Supper - pasta with barbercue sause.

I saw new video, Kitty opens the show. Stacey mentioned that someone wondered why she still lives at home. She moved back home because of a bad relationship, then her mother got sick. She wanted to take care of her mom with her dad.

I left a comment for dreamer72fem.

Hello, sweetie Stacey.

You gave me new perception about belonging and family. I have never saw it that way before.

1999 - sister moved into her boyfriend's place with her kids.

mom and me ended up roommates at my sister's old place.

i was against of living with mom. I won't be happy and i can't be myself. I didn't want to live with her.

sadly, i ran out on my mom.

Yes, guys! I ran out on my mom. Really, I secretly snucked out at night in the hard rain. I didn't want to live with her. I wasn't happy during the TWO months I lived in White Settlement. There was nothing to do. I didn't have any friends. It was the family and me. I felt like my mom wanted to control my life. No thanx.

I didn't left a Dear John letter for mom. I ran out on my mom to Hollywood in 1999. I haven't talk to them since then. I lost contact with them.

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