Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 november 23, sunday

scareykatt Debating of where to go. DVDs at Target or milk at Vons. I have TINY milk left. I want That 70's Show 6-8. I saw 6 & 7 is on sale yesterday.

9:25 am - I left for the bus stop.

9:30 am - Bus 4 came. No thanx. It's a good thing I waited. Rapid 704 came couple minutes later. I was on the way.

I arrived at Best Buy. Yes, Best Buy. I checked out the TV shows. There was nothing I want.

Now, for the moment of truth. I ended up at Target! I checked out the TV shows. Family Guy was no longer on sale. Man, they have lots of second season of Family Guy. Yesterday, there was none. I looked at my list. I don't have That 70's Show 2, 6-8. I got 6 & 7. Season 8 was not on sale. I have two more seasons to get. Seasons 2 & 8. I might as well get 8. I didn't give the new guy, Randy, a chance in the original run. I thought Randy was a poor replacement for Eric &Kelso; I didn't find him to be that funny the first time around.

I checked the $5 movies. Superman Returns was there. I haven't see that movie. Therefore, it was a blind buy! ROFL. I heard it was good. I looked at the cups. I need one when I brush my teeth. I want a cup with a handle. I was on the way to the cashier. I heard a lady mentioned toothpaste. I realized I need to buy some toothbrushs. I gave my friend my last toothbrush last week. There was four in a pack; I got two of them! I paid for my stuff. I waited for the bus. I sat down for a while. My foot was killing me. I caught rapid 704. I went home.

11:24 am - HOME! I put up the dvds. I put a new toothbrush out and throw away the last two ones in the trash. I took off the shoes. I turned on the laptop. I was getting hungry. I haven't eat breakfast.

12:30 pm - I left for Vons.

1:10 pm - HOME.

1:50 pm - Toast for lunch. I missed breakfast.

1:53 pm - Family Guy on dvd.

I fell asleep couple of times during Family Guy. I was that tired. I watched Seinfeld first season. Love Seinfeld! I believed I fell asleep one time.

I checked the TV guide. 24 movie is on tonight at 8. I forgot about it. 24 wasn't even on last season because of the writer's strike. I had time to watch an episode of Saturday Night Live. Richard Pryor was the host. He was pretty funny. I love the Exorcist skit the best. The demon girl landed the bed on Richard's foot. Richard screamed, "The bed is on my foot!" That was classic.

7:13 pm - I put it on Fox. King Of The Hill was on. I already watch those episodes. I muted the TV till 24 comes on.

I ate a peanut butter sandwich for supper.

8 pm - 24.

10 pm - Fox 11 News.

11 pm - TMZ.

all evening long, I felt like I'm catching a cold. I don't feel that great either. I will go to bed soon. Hopefully, the cold would go away. Then again, the rain is coming tomorrow night. It may get worst before it gets better.

good night!!

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