Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008 november 8, saturday

Today was very pleasant and hot day.

I took the new cell phone back to Tmobile. It IS a huge waste of money with the two year contract. I still have 915 minutes on the prepaid phone. Those minutes are good enough for me. I really don't need a monthly phone bill. I hardly talk on the phone that much. The prepaid suits me better. I won't have to worry about the monthly bills.

I had 10 minutes to kill till Tmobile open at 11 PM. I waited at the bus stop on Western. I noticed a guy was waiting at the front door. I forgot some stuff on the phone. I quickly turned on the phone. I deleted all the pictures. There were some naughty ones! LOL. Then, I closed down all my email accounts on the phone. Now, no one can look at my emails.

The latino went into Tmobile. I climbed over the wall and went straight to the store. A lady worker saw me coming to the cashier. I explained I need to return my phone because I lost my job. She took care of me. She couldn't payu me back in cash. They didn't have any cash in the back. They will send me a check.

I went to Best Buy to look at the prepaid phones. One prepaid phone costs too damn much. Sadly, it was the phone I want. Oh well, Blackberry can't fail me now. I really need it! I looked at the game and the DVDs. There was any TV shows I want.

I went to Target for the prepaid phones. They don't have a good collection from tmobile. I looked at the tv shows and movies. I was tempted to get some movies, but I don't want to spend any more money. I spent a lot this month and it was only November 8. The xmas stuff was already up. They have some halloween stuff on the back wall, near xmas stuff.

I came upon some alarm clocks. I want another one for the livingroom. Miguel took the old one when he moved to the motel for a week. Sadly, he lost everything, including the alarm clock. I missed having a clock in the livingroom. I can tell time easy. I brought me the new pink clock. This clock have different colors for the time. It was pretty neat.

I took bus 4 home. I was about to get another cart for the groceries. I could do that later this week. I really need a new cart. I throw away the last one few months ago; the wheels were messed up.

I watched 3 episodes of Hole In The Wall on Hulu. That show was so so. I don't like it that much. My neighbor stopped by during the beginning of the third episode. He wanted to use my patio for his plants and trees; they told him that it was getting crowded by his place. I mentioned that I hardly use the patio. He was welcome to use it.

I watched the first ever episode of Barney Miller. Man, I don't think I ever saw his family on that show. The producers dropped the family in the second season. I made some kool-aid and lemonade. I was hungry. I didn't eat lunch. I had frosted flakes and milk for breakfast. I used the meat the lady gave me few days ago. I used the knife and cut me a thich meat. I made a sanwich. The meat was quite good. I watched Casper The Friendly Ghost. I finished the sandwich.

For the rest of the day, I relaxed and the web. That was basically my day.

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