Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 november 7, friday

Today was a great day.

I picked up my mail at the post office.

I went to Target to kill some 20 minutes till Best Buy open at 9. I tried the barcode on the phone. I couldn't make it work for the Target stuff. I looked at the DVDs. Hmm, the first and second season on Saturday Night Live is on sale for $24.99 each. I was tempted to buy them. Even the first season of Prison Break is on sale for $19.99. I was tempted to buy that show too.

I went to Best Buy. I looked at the DVDs. Saturday Night Live was not on sale. I checked Amazon on the phone. It wasn't on sale on the site. I looked at Norton 360. My anti virus expired 15 days ago. I checked the other virus programs. Norton is the better deal. I paid for the stuff. I didn't want a bag for the stuff. I put it in the backpack outside.

I went back to Target. I couldn't pass up a great deal. I got Saturday Night Live and Prison Break. Pete called me during the checkout. I told him about SNL. He was quite pleased. He remembered Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and others. I think Pete watch SNL in those days.

I went home. I was hungry. I didn't eat breakfast. I had some Cheerios. I watched the news for a little while. I unstalled the anit virus and put on the new one on the computer. I'm glad I have Norton 360. The computer runs just fine.

I caught up on the TV shows I missed. I watched Family Guy, American Dad and Prison Break. Oops, I missed Days Of Our Lives. LOL. I was more interest in Prison Break.

I watched Oprah, Ellen and the news again.

I went to Vons for some milk, bread and shrimp. I'm glad I checked the shrimp. It was on SALE! YES!! I brought three bags! I went outside. I fixed the cart with the food. I ate a cherry pie along the way.

I was home. I was extremely hot. I left the door opened. I watched Family Guy.

I haven't watch my british comedies in a while. I put it on KOCE 50. I will watch them every friday night once again. I got to have my british humor! Waiting for God, Keeping Up Appearance, As Time Goes By and Are You Being Served.

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