Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 november 19, wednesday

breakfast - frosted flakes with milk.
lunch - butter bread during Prison Break.
supper - tv dinner, pasta

11:30 am - Young & Restless

I started to watch Y&R again on my sister's birthday. I have not seen that soap over 9 months. All I can say...the soap is getting good once again.

12:30 pm - Bold & Beautiful

I watched B&B too. I haven't seen that soap in a long time.

1 pm - Days.

2 pm - I caught up the shows I missed this week. Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons and Prison Break.

I saw Katherine's furneral on Y&R from November 17. It was heartbreaking. I had tears! It was great to see the old characters, Liz, Brock, Dina, Danny, Tracy and few others. Nina was there too! She met the real Phillip the next day!

Then, I saw this month's Y&R episodes starting with November 3. Man, this sweeps month is great so far!

All day long, I saw 8 Y&R episodes! I'm a big fan! I missed a lot this past nine months. I learned that Noah is now a teen. Noah is Nick/Sharon's son. Yesterday, I read that Victor/Ashley's daughter, Abby, will be a teen shortly. Now, I know why. Y&R want Noah and Abby to be teens together! Abby is Noah's aunt and Noah is older than Abby. We have a new Billy. This Billy I like. I hoped this Billy stays. The last one was not that good.

I have one more week....last week's episodes. I saw November 7 cliffhanger, then I will be caught up for the month. The cliffhanger was awesome. Ashley finally found Victor at a church. Nick & Sharon met up at the coffee shop; Nick doesn't know Phyllis showed up in Paris!

Jill talked to Gloria and Jeff at the coffee shop. They told Jill that Kay was drinking again. Jill told Nikki to meet them at the bar. Everyone showed up at the bar. No one could believed she is drinking again. Amber called Kay on the cell phone. The bartender mentioned she wasn't there. Jeff showed Kay's picture to the bartender. He admitted she was there. Everyone was shocked. The bartender put Kay's cell phone on the bar; "please give her that." Nikki grabbed the phone and looked at it. She claimed the cell phone is Kay's. Nikki believed Kay fooled them all.

Kay & Marge was on the way to rehab in the rain. The rain was getting worst. Marge mentioned she can go tomorrow. Kay refused to take her home; Marge "may change her mind tomorrow." A bright light showed up. Marge grabbed the wheel and Kay crashed the car!

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