Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 november 30, sunday

It was a NOTHING day again. I did nothing.

I didn't feel like going to church. I haven't been to this gay church in a long long time. That was few years ago when Pastor Nancy gave up the church took over and another pastor took over. I wouldn't say Pastor Nancy gave up; she got an promotion within the church orginization. I forgot what the promotion was.

When my old friend, Milton, visited me on the Barrack winning election day, I learned the church moved to a new location in Hollywood, near me, about 15 minutes on the bus. All this time, I have no ideal MCC moved to Hollywood. I figured they will stay in the gay neighborhood. They was right by the main clubs on Santa Monica Blvd.

I like Pastor Nancy very much. It wasn't the same with the new pastor. It didn't felt right. Pastor Nancy brought so much to the church.

Here is Rev. Nancy talking at the 40th Anniversary on October 6, 1968.

I did the same thing I did yesterday - watch videos! Ooohh! Very exciting!

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