Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 december 1, monday

I paid my rent after Days Of Our Lives. Gaberial asked me about Thanksgiving. I mentioned I just stayed home; I hardly celebrate the holidays. I watched Married With Children.

2:33 pm - Falcon called me on the phone. I haven't talk to him in a long time. He is homeless for a long time. It was good to hear from him. I did nothing for thanksgiving. He wished he have known that; he would have come over and cook thanxgiving for me. Aaahhh, that was sweet of him.

I told him he need to pay a bill. He missed it last month. Now, the bill is $158. Sadly, he doesn't have the money again. Once again, I offered to pay the bill. I wondered when I can see him. We haven't spend some time alone in a while. He couldn't right now; he must follow the rules and do the buddy. We continued talking for a while. We hung up.

Hmm, a great ideal came! Maybe, I could suprise him at the library. He can fill out the paper work for me. That's a great excuse to see him. I got dress and put the papers in the fanny pack. I grabbed the water. I zoomed out the door. I hoped he haven't left the library with his friend.

I went to Lucy's for a money order. I walked in Lucy's. I noticed no one was in the line. I ran up to the window. Damn! Some lady was already there. She took a while. Hurry up, lady! I don't want to miss him. I looked at the front door and the side door back and forth. Don't let the bird fly by. Falcon must sign the papers for me. I got my $158 money order. I went through the front door. Nope, I didn't see him in the street. Hopefully, he was at the library.

I walked fast. I wondered if I should go through the back door. I decided to use the front instead. This is my first time to be at this new libary. It opened up few years ago. I walked in the library. I looked around. Hmm, this one guy look familiar to me. I could be wrong thou. I slowly walked up to the person. Yes, it's my old friend, Falcon! He looked quite different since the last time I saw him.

I gave him the papers to fill out. I have no ideal how to fill out the papers. Falcon is the expert. I didn't want to mess up the papers. He was very suprise to see me. He was NOT expecting it. I wanted to suprise him. It was so good to see him. He was looking much better now. He offered me to sit down. I sat across from him. There was two old guys at the same table. One old guy use his laptop. He hugged me.

Falcon mentioned he was with his friend. He was looking at some books; he was close of getting his GED. He dropped out of school long time ago. I think his finals is next week. He can't wait to graduate. The friend have been at the same homeless shelter. over eight months.

I wondered if he need some money. I was about to give $20. He only watch some change to use the phone. I looked at the fanny pack. I grabbed some change. I put the coin purse on the table. Falcon noticed some dollars in the purse. He took all the dollars and the change.

He finished the paper work and the money order. It was all set for the post office. I told him I would mail it tomorrow morning. He mentioned his friend is in black clothes. I saw him coming toward us. He seems like he is ready to head back to the homeless shelter. Falcon and I hugged again. We parted ways. I walked by his friend and wave at the friend. I walked out the library. I walked up the street. I put the papers in the fanny pack. I looked back; they were walking the same way as me. I noticed the bus was coming. I wanted to yell at Falcon; taking the bus to the post office. The bus turned the corner. I ran to the bus stop. I hopped on the bus.

The bus stopped by Vons. The bus driver got off the bus; a new bus driver took his place. I got off the bus. I walked to the post office. It was a long line. More people got in line behind me. Now, the line was at the door. I waited for a while. I gave them the mail with the one dollar. Stamp please. I paid for the stamp. She gave me my change. I went outside for home. Falcon's mail was on it's way. It was a very long walk home. I got home about 3:51 pm. I was very tired and sweating. I sat on the couch with the fan on me.

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