Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008 december 3, wednesday

7 am - I woke up. I turned on the computer and the tv.

I have to pick up my money and cash a check today. I may probably leave about nine. I'm low on cash.

I haven't been to the post office in couple of weeks. I bet I have lots of crap now.

I left about 8:15 am. I took the rapid to the post office. I was right. I had lots of mail. Some of them was junk. I got a xmas card from my friend in the UK. I need to send her one back. I may buy a new one or use a old one from Miguel. He still have some leftovers.

I waited about the bus stop. I was thisclose of getting some bread and lettuce at Pavilions. I didn't want to take it all over the place on the bus. I will get them later. I caught bus 4; I was no hurry to go home. We came upon Fairfax/Santa Monica. I was tempted to catch Fairfax bus; it was a change from Vermont. Like always, I took the bus to Vermont. I took the bus to Sunset. I got off the bus and walked to the bank. I cashed a check.

Then, I went to Jons for the bread and lettuce. I noticed a sign inside saying all backpacks goes to the front desk. Something like that. I kept my backpack. I believed the lettuce was on sale for 79 cent. I think at Vons it was a little higher. I looked at the bread. Damn! The bread are very expensive; over $2 and higher. It's best to get it at Vons. I brought the lettuce. I took the bus back to Santa Monica. I noticed I was on the same bus I got off; the same small cap was on the floor, near the exit door. I took bus 4 home.

11:03 am - HOME. I turned on the news.

11:30 am - I ate rice krispies with milk.

noon - I Love Lucy

1 pm - Days Of Our Lives

2 pm - I watched Soap on dvd.

4:48 pm - I watched news 7 again.

I caught up on some videos.

5: 30 pm - I ate a salad for supper.

6:30 pm - King Of Queens.

7 pm - Everyone Loves Raymond.

7:30 pm - That 70's Show.

8 pm - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

9 pm - Get Smart

10 pm - KTLA news.

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