Sunday, January 13, 2008

13 January 2008, Sunday

8:30 AM - I woke up and stayed in bed till 9. I didn’t want to get up. I played Spider Solitaire on the blackberry.

9 AM - I got dressed. I looked for $2 for the newspaper. Miguel need the classifieds to find a job. I kinda woke him up. He asked “where are you going?” I said, “Sunday’s paper.”

I walked down to 7/11. The weather is so nice today. I went home. I opened the door. Miguel fixed his bed. I gave him the paper. He told me to put it on the table. I did. We watched some TV. The weather girl was on; today’s high is 80. He fell back asleep.

11:45 AM - Miguel woke up again. He fixed himself some cereal. He wanted to get some hamburger meat at the nearest store. We got into a little fight. He took off the stretch from the cart. He took what I said wrong - I used all fours; for the last time, I used them to bring the new trash can home from Target. Miguel changed his mind; he doesn’t want to get the meat from Food4Less or anywhere else.

I got upset. I pushed Miguel around. Miguel shouted, “Don’t push me.” I didn’t listen to him. I continued to push him to the ground. My anger took over. I hold him to the ground and continued to punch him till I am in complete control. He stopped screaming. He promised that he wouldn’t get on my nerves.

We stayed home. We watched the next four episodes of Survivor: Borneo. We have no ideal who was leaving. We can’t recall at all. Like NBC’s ad, “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!” Yeah! That’s okay. We are enjoying the show the second time around too.

We watched regular TV. We saw the last part of I Love Lucy. We watched the news. Miguel fell asleep again.

After 7 PM - I took a shower. Miguel used the restroom, then he fixed a salad for us. We watched more TV.

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