Wednesday, January 9, 2008

9 January 2008, Wednesday

For some reason, I always woke up after 7 AM. I am not a morning person at all. I would rather stay in bed about 9.

This is my morning routine. I wake up after 7. I turned on to watch the news for a little while, then watch some videos on YouTube. Miguel will cook some eggs for us. Sometimes, he had some cereal.

I jumped back in bed. I played Spider Solitaire on the Blackberry. Miguel woke up about 10. We missed I Love Lucy at 9. We always watch that show at 9 and Noon, two full hours. Miguel cooked some eggs. He had some cereal.

11 AM - We watched the news, then Lucy at Noon and a part of Perry Mason; someone shot a police officer aka breaking news..

1 PM - We watched Days Of Our Lives on NBC. Marlena went gun happy on Stephano and Rolf. They got a warning shot from her. As she about to leave, she felt John’s presence, but he was hiding. Earlier, Stephano told John that he can’t go out; he is a wanted man. Truthfully, John died last October and Marlena thought Stephano killed him. Really, it was a hit and run accident. Everyone thought he was dead for good. In turn, Stephano brought John back to life again.

2 PM - We got dressed up. We took Miguel’s clothes to the dry cleaners,. We missed the first 704. The cars kept on turning left; we wasn’t able to catch the bus. We waited for the bus. Suddenly, Miguel went back to the dry cleaners to check on something. Two 704 came and went. Miguel noticed we missed those buses. Bus 4 was already there. We caught bus 4 instead.

We got off the bus on La Brea. We got a roll of quarters for the laundry. Then, we went to Target. Miguel looked at some lotion over THIRTY minutes as I played Spider Solitaire. We got more stuff. We looked at some DVDs. Wonder Woman was on sale for $14.99. I wanted to get it. I have the first two seasons. I won’t buy it today. We looked at some shoes for me. Miguel think I need new shoes. There was no shoes for my size. We checked out. I paid the stuff with the ATM card. Miguel gave me $30 for his share.

We saw Bus 4. We ran down the stairs to catch it. No way in hell. He was about to leave. We caught 704 to Silverlake. Miguel checked out AA Meetings around the corner. They start at 7 AM. A bus was coming. Miguel ran back to me. We caught bus 4. We got off at 7/11. We got some thai tea. I always love thai tea so much. We went home.

We ate the leftovers from last night. I finished off the shrimp fried rice. He had the soup.

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