Tuesday, January 29, 2008

29 January 2008 Tuesday

7:15 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I went back to sleep.

8:45 AM - I woke up. I used the restroom. I turned on the computer. I watched some videos.

9:20 AM - I can upon the new Pancakes video. Pancakes II: Pancakes for your face was pretty awesome. Those kind of videos I can’t do at all. GiR2007 does awesome and creative videos.

During the middle of the video, Peter called me. I didn’t use the speakerphone. Miguel was sleeping. We haven’t talk since last Tuesday. He told me some bad news. He was in another car accident with Brian and Brian’s mother in the new car Brian got few months ago. The mother’s back was hurt. The car is in the shop.

I told Peter about the new Pancakes video. Peter was the first guy to tell me about the first Pancakes video couple years ago. That prompted me to be on YouTube. Pancakes was the first video I ever watch on YouTube. I sent Peter and Brian a link in a email. They would watch to see that video.

10 AM - The View

Elisabeth mentioned The New Kids On The Block is back together. They were quite popular in the late 1980's. They even had a Saturday morning cartoon on TV. I loved their songs.

11 AM - ABC 7 News.

I checked my AOL email. Oh, boy! I got some messages from fabulouslove. She let me have it big time! Sadly, she have no clue about the situation. She is one stupid bra!

fabulouslove need to change her name to fabulousstupid. LOL.

Here are her messages.

Naked Miguel Is On The Floor.

What the hell? Did you find some person who isn't english to pick on to make you feel all mighty. Too bad retards like you end up DEAD! Treat others the way you want to be treated. Miguel would probably be a great person if it wasn't for YOU. YOU are probably why he drinks. Fat, retarded, bastard.

You don't know what u are talking about, dumbass!
I am NOT forcing Miguel to drink.
HE is doing it on his own!
HE have the problem!
Not me!

Bloody Miguel.

I think the best thing would be for you two to be over. He can't live like this. I wish I could rescue him. He doesn't to live under a retard who beats him.

fat chance.
u can't rescue him!
miguel will NEVER EVER leave me!
he is stuck with me!

Miguel's Phone Call.

I hope he can move on. He deserves more.

move on?
he likes living with me!

I Could Have Been Murder.

Make you feel powerful to toture someone?! JERK!

being powerful is the key to SUCCESS!

11:40 AM - I used the restroom. I grabbed the jell-0 from the icebox. it is my breakfast. I went to my bed. I put on my socks. Miguel woke up for a minute. He asked, "What are you doing?" I couldn't speak. I had jell-o in my mouth. I sat in my chair. He saw I was eating jell-o. He went back to sleep.

Noon - I Love Lucy.

I uploaded I am an artist video on LiveVideo. I hardly use that site for my videos. I have 23 videos on LiveVideo. I have 394 videos on YouTube. YouTube is the one for my videos. YouTube is much better.

1 PM - Days Of Our Lives

1:25 PM - I finally finished the jell-o. I used the restroom.

1:51 PM - Miguel woke up.

2 PM - Hawaii Five-O

2:15 PM - I muted the TV. Miguel called someone about the W2 form from his old job. He called another old job.

Miguel sliced up a pear. He served it on the plate for me.

2:38 PM - Miguel turned on the volume of the TV. We watched Hawaii Five-O.

Miguel washed the dishes. He put the second pack of Twizzles in the cookie jar. I finished off the rest. He made some strawberry jell-o.

3 PM - Maya & Miguel on KCET 28.

3:15 PM - Miguel started to bake a butter pecan cake. 4 PM is the time.

3:30 PM - Maya & Miguel on KOCE 50.

I showed Miguel the new pic of Chris Crocker. He hated it. Chris is so sleazy in that pic. It is so tacky of him! I agreed with him.

Miguel finished off the last two pieces of cakes. Yes, guys. He is such a piggy. Oink! Oink!

3:45 PM - I played Warcraft 2. It lasted till 5:40 PM.

4 PM - ABC 7 news

4:25 PM - Miguel changed the channel to Reba. We watched the second episode too. Miguel fell asleep.

5 PM - King Of The Hill.

5:45 PM - I played another Warcraft 2 game. It lasted till 7:36 PM.

6 PM - The Simpsons.

6:15 PM - Miguel woke up. I checked the mail. He got something.

6:30 PM - TMZ

6:40 PM - I looked for a address on the MTA. Miguel noticed I wrote about him. He claimed I don’t respect him! Hello, Miguel! I can write about anyone and anything in my diary! He wrote down the directions to the place. I returned to my game.

7 PM - Malcolm In The Middle.

7:30 PM - The Simpsons.

8 PM - American Idol.

We ate barbecue chicken and pasta. The supper was very tasty. Miguel pigged out on the butternut cake. He had three BIG pieces! I only had one. I am not a pig like him, but he always call me piggy!

I uploaded a video on YouTube.

go to hell, you creep

Go to hell, you creep.
You was my living nightmare.
You deserve to die.

9 PM - Mork & Mindy

Miguel called the tax people again. He forgot what time they open. It was 10 AM. He was surprise it went up from $40 to $60. H&R Block cost more than they do. I asked, “Do you have the money?” He said, “You have it. I gave you $40.” I will give him the rest.

Mork & Mindy was messing up. It kept on going back and forth to the black screen. I was about to tape it thou.

9:30 PM - Get Smart

10 PM - FOX 11 News.

10:42 PM - Miguel changed it to The Twilight Zone. A commercial came on. He switched it to Seinfeld. It was a recap episode. I brushed my teeth.

11 PM - George Lopez

11:10 PM - I went on myspace. I saw that Matthew Lush is doing a LIVE cooking show on Stickam. I signed on Stickam and went straight to his chat room.

Miguel came back from the restroom. He ate another piece of cake. That’s his forth piece!

11:18 PM - I saw Matthew Lush wear a black t shirt. It said, “Fur Is Dead.” I said something in the room - “I agreed with Matthew…Fur Is Dead…let’s all wear the FUR!” Some dude, British, kicked me off the room. He can’t do that. I was speaking my mind. That fool got some nerves!

I checked out his profile. There was nothing at all. I left him a comment on his profile.

You got some nerves for kicking me out Matt's room!

I was speaking my mind.

After all, I agreed with Matthew Lush.

Fur is dead.

Let's all wear the fur!

11:30 PM - South Park.

I haven’t see that show in a few months.

Midnight - Bed time!

1:45 AM - I woke up. Miguel was still awake. He watched Will & Grace on KTLA 5. I used the restroom. I slept again.

3:30 AM - I woke up again. Miguel watched Spanish TV. I told him to turn it off. He need to get up early. He turned it off. I used the restroom again. I grabbed an ice cube. I jumped back into bed. I used BB for the diary.

Good night!

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