Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 January 2008, Tuesday

Miguel told me to put my teeth in. I said, "No" Once again, Miguel got upset with me. I still refused. I don't know why Miguel is upset.

HELLO! My teeth is already in my mouth. I was playing with him. He wasn't too pleased.

We didn't have any breakfast. He wanted me to go with him to pick up his check and go to the barber shop . I didn't want to. I have plans for the day; I need to pick up my own check, cash it at the bank and pay the water/power bill.

I gave him the cell phone outside our apartment. I won’t need it at all. He would probably be out all day. We went straight to the bus stop. I offered to give him $10 for "giving me some shade from the sun." He took the money. We waited for 704. We got on the bus.

We traveled on Santa Monica Blvd. The bus was getting full at each main stop. Miguel wanted to give me back the cell phone. I have no need for it. I will call him when I get home. I would be gone for a couple of hours. He mentioned he will get off on La Cienega. He could have get off with me at San Vicente to catch 105. He figured he can’t catch 705 at the post office. Instead, he got off at La Cienega. Miguel crossed the street as the bus took off. I waved at him.

I got off at La Cienega. I went to the post office. I looked through my mail. I throw up the junk mail. I waited for the bus. I got on 704. Then, I got off at Fairfax and caught the rapid bus to Vine. I walked to the water/power building. I paid my bill. I walked down to the bank on Sunset and Vine. I put my money in the account. I caught the bus. A neighbor, Ken, sat in the back on the same bus with his lady friend. They got off at Rosemount. I didn’t want to get off with them. I got off on Alvarado. I brought some eggs at the local market. I was home few minutes before Noon.

I ate a peanut butter sandwich and some cheetos for lunch. I was so hungry. I reinstalled the webcam on the computer again. The webcam works just fine.

I called Miguel over three times. The no good son of a mother fucker cunt did NOT answer my calls! Miguel FINALLY returned my call at 5:47 PM. Damn him!

He was very hungry; he didn’t eat all day. He wanted to grab something from Subway. I showed up at Lucy’s Laundry Mart. I noticed he had a new bag with him. I thought the bag belongs to someone else. It was his new clothes.

I persuaded him to get some Chinese food for supper. We walked to the restaurant and ordered the food for home. I got extra shrimp for my shrimp fried rice. He got combo dinner plate, which is chowmein noodles, beef and broccoli and orange chicken. He brought himself a soup too. He went ahead to 7/11 without me for some milk and Dr. Pepper. Our order was done. I waited for him outside of 7/11. We went home and ate the food. It was tasty.

We watched some TV. Miguel modeled his new clothes. He looked great in the clothes. He is quite pleased with them. He even looked great with his new hairdo too. He got a haircut this afternoon.

That was our day, separately! We accomplished what we set out to do.

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