Tuesday, January 15, 2008

15 January 2008, Tuesday

9 AM - I woke up. I played Spider Solitaire for a little while.

9:30 AM - I got dressed. I watched some videos on YouTube.

10 AM - I watched The View. Miguel woke up soon after.

10:30 AM - Miguel asked, “What do you want for breakfast?” I said, “Scrambled eggs.” He got the eggs and the milk from the icebox. He opened the first egg in a bowl. He got excited about something. He called me over there. He was happy that the cracked egg had TWO yolks. They was attached to each other. I videotaped and took some pictures. I have never saw an egg with two yolks. I went back to the computer. I put the pics on the computer. Miguel made some hot cocoa for me. He cooked the scrambled eggs. He brought the cooked eggs over to me. I ate my breakfast.

11:30 AM - Miguel decided to wash the curtains from the walls. I told him that no one wash the curtains. He claimed everyone does it, even the dry cleaners! Yeah, right! He used to work at the dry cleaners in the 1980’s. He knows what he is doing! He took down the curtains. I washed the curtains and the bathroom rugs.

12:30 PM - There was a community meeting at the apartment building. I hardly go to the meetings. They are boring as hell. I don’t bother with them. I was there for a while, then I excused myself to check on the laundry. The curtains was done. I gave them to Miguel. I went back to the laundry room. I put the beach towel in the dryer. I went to the meeting again. It was done at 1 PM.

The Afternoon - Miguel took it upon to make new curtain out of my green curtains! Hello! What the hell! He didn’t ask for permission. He only response was TRUST ME!

He cut my green curtain in half. Say what! The nerve of him! He want to make a curtain for the small kitchen window. Truthfully, he did quite good with both windows. It took him all afternoon, plus my help. He measured the windows and the curtain. He fold the curtain, put some pins at the ends, and cut it in half on the iron board. He sewed the ends for the string. He put the curtain on the windows. They looked God awful terrible absolutely fabulous!

Miguel cleaned the bathroom floor and the kitchen floor too. Tomorrow, we would see a rug for the kitchen floor. I want a good size rug to cover up most of the floor by the sink.

We had the leftovers for supper tonight. I had the last hamburger helper. He had the Fettuccine Alfredo and the chicken leg. I had the crab meat too.

8 PM - We watched the seventh season premiere of American Idol. They are off to a good start. Once again, some of them were quite bad. They don’t take their chance serious. I went on Stickam during the show. Stacey was in her room. There was few others I didn‘t know. Most of the time, Stacey chatted with LordLargo37. They showed each other their desks. I didn’t thou. I used my laptop at that time. Probably, the next time. Hmmm, or make a video and put it on YouTube. I finished off the hamburger helper. It was getting late for Stacey; she signed off. Her time was 1 AM.

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