Monday, January 14, 2008

14 January 2008, Monday

8:30 AM - I woke up. I played Spider Solitaire for a little while.

9 AM - I watched some videos on YouTube. I had two bagels and milk for breakfast.

10 AM - I watched The View.

10:45 AM - Miguel finally woke up. He asked, “Do you want some breakfast?” I said, “I had breakfast.” Miguel washed the dishes, then his face in the bathroom.

1:51 PM - I txt Peter; “Do you remember what month I got the prepaid phone??? I can’t recall. I may have two months left.”

2:35 PM - Miguel and I went to Food4Less with the small cart on the bus 2. Peter called me on Sunset Blvd. He thought I have till July 2008. I can check the last month on the phone. I told him I am using the blackberry again. Txt on the prepaid phone is hard to do. I like the blackberry for txt. Pete offered to pay for my prepaid phone. Right now, he don’t have the money. Peter asked, “is Today of all days was special?” I couldn’t think of anything special or big. He revealed to me that Today was his ninth anniversary with Brian! Wow! Nine years is a long time. Peter turned on the speakerphone. I congrats them both. I told Miguel about their good news. Peter hung up on me.

We arrived at Food4Less. We made a killing on the meat. Most of it was on sale! It was a good thing we went. We didn’t have that much meat left in the freezer. We brought Pork Chops, Beef Ribs and ground beef. Also, Malt O Meal, Bologna, Crab Meat and Hot Cocoa. We did great on the groceries. It cost $63.50. We went outside. Miguel checked the receipt. Everything was clear.

We waited for the bus. Miguel tried to pull a fast one on me. He claimed the I didn’t get the exact change from the cashier. We counted the money again. Yeah, we was right on the money. The bus came. We didn’t get on the FULL bus. We decided to take to subway to Santa Monica. We went across the street. Two more buses were coming down Sunset Blvd. Nah, forget about it. The subway was best for us.

Miguel said he was hungry. He didn’t ate all day. We walked to the subway. We waited over thirty minutes. The subway ran late. For some reason, the subway came on the wrong rail. Dear Lord! Every cart on the train was so pack. The subway moved along. This time, another subway came on the right track. Once again, it was going the other way to North Hollywood. Our subway finally came. We got on the first cart. We stood up.

We got off at Santa Monica. We took an escalator upstairs. Lots of people came down for the subway. Hmmm, bus 4 was already here. We made it to street. We were late to get that same bus. It left. Another bus 4 came within a minute. We sat in the middle on the bus. This guy mentioned that the side doors doesn’t work. We moved to the back. We got off the bus. Miguel stopped by 7/11 for a quick snack. I waited for him by the street. He came out with a cupcake. He tried to give me one. I can’t eat it. My teeth! We got home by 5:35 PM.

I ate my cupcake! Hostess made delicious cupcakes. Miguel packed the meat in the plastic bags. I watched some videos for a while. I put up the meat in the freezer. He cooked hamburger helper. We ate during Wheel Of Fortune, the game show Miguel ALWAYS lose! I made some Kool Aid. We watched more TV.

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